6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 07/08/2021

Weekend DIY Projects to Try

Happy Saturday! This probably seems a bit out of character for me, given you can typically find me eating something with sugar sprinkled on top, BUT…tomorrow Jeff and I are getting up super early and doing the  Wanderlust triathlon, with my sister-in-law. Which, now that I think about it, will be a good way to work off some of the foods that I’ve been eating this week (one // two // three). Haha. What about you? What are you up to?

If you find some time for DIYs, I have a handful of suggestions for you…

1. coconut yogurt waffles from Minimalist Baker
2. DIY cork office organizer
3. DIY sideboard makeover from Uncle Bob’s
4. vanilla bean cake donuts with blueberry glaze from The Sweetest Occasion
5. sew a cafe apron in 10 minutes from a linen napkin
6. fresh blueberry whipped cream recipe for angel food cake

Hope you have a good weekend.


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Thanks for sharing this info. it’s really nice.

Michael Ray

thanks, I’ll try to make vanilla bean cake donuts…

Kerajinan Tangan Dari Barang Bekas

Don’t those look good Shehla? Yum!


those doughnuts, though. *drooool*
Thanks for sharing!

Shehla Ahmed

Cool Michelle. The cafe apron is SUPER easy to make. Happy sewing!


Wonderful collection, I definitely have to make that cafe apron for the kitchen! Thanks for sharing this!


It is delicious, Claire. Definitely worth whipping together, if you have a chance.


Fresh blueberry whipped cream sounds like just like my cup of tea, being the little Swede I am, and us Swedes just love our whipped cream and berries xxx


Right Cynthia?! Yum!


Vanilla bean cake donuts with blueberry glaze? Yes please!

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