Yay or Nay: The Plywood Trend

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

The plywood trend just keeps on poppin’ and for good reason – it looks cool, it’s affordable, and it’s totally DIYable. Like any trend though, its not for everyone. So I’m curious to know where you stand on this one – yay or nay?

If you’re on the fence, maybe this roundup will sway you one way or the other. Here are 8 ways the plywood trend is still going strong…

1. (above) Plywood accents in the kitchen. Via Tribe Studio.

Plywood and mint green

2. Love the pop of color with these plywood walls. Via Interior Design.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

3. DIY plywood shelving and seating (with instructions)

Plywood in the bathroom

4. Plywood in the bathroom. Via Nordic Design.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

5. A plywood-centric residence. Via Dezeen.

Plywood in the kitchen

6. Love this kitchen. Via The Design Files.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

7. Plywood counters AND cabinets. Via The Style Files.

Plywood kitchen cabinets and copper handles

8. Claire’s kitchen is a dream! Love the plywood cabinets and copper pulls. Via Claire Zinnecker Design.

Plywood accent wall

9. A plywood accent wall. Via Bolig Magazine.

So what do you think of the plywood trend? Here to stay or on it’s way (out)?

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My instinct is to move against the prevalent “upgrade” fever (granite, etc.) and go with the plywood and inexpensive ceramic tile squares on the wall and maybe a waterproof floor (concrete, or ceramic floor.. maybe. and perhaps and old style farm sink or one of those stainless steel monstrosities that can fit a 2 year old for their bath.

Kathleen G

We opted for diy plywood flooring as was an affordable option . The only draw back is the yellowing to it. still am happy


Plywood is great, but it really isn’t supposed to get wet. So the countertop idea is a real no-no for me. Maybe in a woodshop, yeah! The look is nice, but you can achieve the same aesthetic with maple, so why not? Cool post 🙂


Polywood is just great! Really transforms the room and fits with everything! I like all the pictures!

Epipla Koyzinas

Natural material always looks cool! Plywood, in combination with the white color is just great! I would like this interior!


I think this is gonna be a yay! At least for the time being 🙂


I am still on the fence but was pleasantly surprised by a few like number 8.

Via B Design

I think it has it’s winners, and losers. I like it used as an accent, as many people have mentioned already – or in that bookshelf as kind of a rough-looking piece. But to do cabinets in it, or entire rooms/walls? That’s too much for me. It’s too Ikea-Modern – and I love Ikea!


YAY, YAY and YAY! I just Love the trend.

Anna María

I actually agree Kiersten….in small spaces or spaces that don’t have much natural light, it can feel overwhelming. But if you have a large space with tons of light, I think it can really work.


I like the small details, but I definitely think the all-plywood can be overwhelming. I love the bathroom shelves. I think it’s the perfect pop!



Isn’t that accent wall awesome, Michelle? Love that one.


I don’t find it too bad if it’s just a few details. Really like the accent wall in the last picture!


Haha. Gotcha Karen. 🙂 It’s so fun to hear everyone’s opinions on this.



Karen B


Karen B

Haha. I hear ya, Melody. I happen to really like the look, but it’s not for everyone. 🙂


Some of these look really cool. #8+9 specifically but the rest just look unfinished. I think it would drive me crazy if I did this in my home

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