Adventures in Blogging: That Time I Cut off The Tip of Finger Making Homemade Potato Chips

By Brittni • posted on 08/24/2016

Adventures in Blogging: That Time I Cut off The Tip of Finger Making Homemade Potato Chips

Last week, I was cutting up tiny purple potatoes with my brand new mandoline (that I was way too excited about – slicing stuff is fun, especially when its NOT your own finger), and got a little over zealous with the slicing action…ended up cutting a pretty descent chunk out of the back of my middle finger. As in gone. No skin flap. Just gone!

I was creating a recipe for homemade potato chips, which I am still totally going to share, so stay tuned for that…I mean I bled for that recipe, so I better put it out into the world, right?!

Sure, it’s funny that it was middle finger because now I can (very festively) show people exactly how I feel if they piss me off. 🙂 But it’s also kind of crazy to me that it happened with a common kitchen item.

I mean really?! I always knew that at some point, I would injure myself while at work. BUT…

I also always thought it would be using one of my power tools. In fact, nearly every time I use my saw (like with this project), I half-jokingly ask Amelia if she remembers where the nearest hospital is, just in case. 

But instead, I’m having a hard time putting my contacts in every morning because of a freakin’ fruit and veggie slicer! Not exactly the cool(ish) ‘war story’ I was hoping to be able to tell here today.

In all seriousness though, the reason why I’m telling you all of this is not just for laughs. Though the laughs at my expense are more than welcome. I didn’t cut my entire finger off or anything, so I can still the see the humor in it myself. But the real reason I wanted to share this story is just as a quick reminder to always be careful when you’re working on projects – especially ones of the sharp variety.

I think we all get kind of get accustomed to doing things that aren’t the most safe because it’s the easier or quicker way. Especially bloggers! Standing on the tippy top step of the ladder (the one that says ‘this is not a step’) to get a shot, not wearing those oh-so-cool safety goggles while you’re using a sawdust-wielding power tool, slicing up veggies without using the protective hand tool that comes with the mandoline because it’s faster not too, etc, etc. So consider this my PSA to you, to remember to do things the safe way from now on, not necessarily the ‘easier’ or faster way.


Now that I’ve shared my embarrassing story, it’s your turn…

Have your own crafting gone wrong stories to share?! I would REALLY love to here ’em if so. Let me know in the comments below.

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Ouch! I also recently picked up the hobby of woodcarving and managed to cut myself one within the first one weeks. The first time was the worst!

Nancy Juliet

Brittni, Can I sign your finger? I always use the attachment that goes in the food because I am afraid of the blades. I have seen chefs on TV that just use their hand to hold the food. Did you need stitches? Pat S

Pat Schwab

I know exactly how you feel. I cut a piece for my left little finger while cutting cabagge with the mandoline. I was preparing salad for a Family Sunday Lunch and I was really stressed about it. I was in a hurry and I cut my finger. Lunch was cancelled and I spend the rest of the day at the local hospital. I haven’t used the mandoline since …


One of my fave stories now, but awful at the time. I was kneeling on my living room floor, photographing brownies for my blog, when I thought I knelt on a staple. I sat down to pull it out and a fish hook was lodged in my knee! It couldn’t get it out to save my life, it was barbed! I had to wait for my boyfriend to get home from work, he took my to emergency where they had to cut my jeans off at the knee to get to my dumb leg and cut the hook out!… I then went back home and finished getting my brownie shots!


Ouch! That sounds pretty painful – so happy to hear you’re taking in stride and maintaining a positive attitude!

I can definitely relate to embarrassing work-related injuries, though! I was snapping product photos for a gorgeous mid century candle holder that I’d adorned with six or seven colorful birthday candles and was trying to get a good overhead shot – when my hair caught on fire! Not like smelly smoldering, but like, I could see flames in my peripheral vision! I ended up getting a much shorter haircut than I’d planned when I went to visit my stylist, but I survived! 🙂

Hope you heal quickly!


I had a very similar experience with my brand new Ninja Blender! Still a little trigger shy when I make smoothies.


omg i did this on the first day of design school to my thumb! i was THAT girl!

joanna // jojotastic

Seriously, guys, get yourself a cut resistant glove or two! It’s the only way to use a mandolin without fear.


When I was sculpting with clay I accidentally squirted some slip (liquid clay) in both of my eyes! I was near the sink, filled it with water, put my head in, blinked – got the stuff out of my eyes – which worked, thankfully. Hope your wound heals quickly!

Anne Rita Taylor

I got a new pair of sewing shears recently, really sharp. I also got a delviery of some craft stock that I opened up using the nearest pair of scissors – I was careful to use them away from myself to slice the box open but also missjudged how much force i would need and over shot the box into my other had and since the blades were so sharp it sliced straight into my thumb! I exclaimed to my OH that ‘that was lucky, its not even bleeding’ not realising it wasnt bleeding because it was one of those cuts that is a bit deeper than usual so take a few seconds to bleed…I had to get the medical kit out and steri strip it!


I’ve done the same thing, and now I’m too scared to use a mandolin….


Ouch! I recently picked up the hobby of woodcarving and managed to cut myself three within the first two weeks. The last time was the worst, putting enough fear in me to go slowly and invest in a good set of gloves!


YIKES! Mandolins are great, but terrifying! I sliced my finger too once with one. Not as bad as you, though. Looking forward to that potato chip recipe!



Ah! I’m so sorry! My dad is a general contractor and works with saws and power tools everyday, no accidents yet! The day we had to take him to the ER was the day he sliced a part of his finger off with a mandoline! He got some finger guard thing after that. I’ve been terrified to use one ever since!


i think the same thing about power tools.
my mom banned me from using power tools because i didnt have insurance up until recently.
..but im still a bit afraid.

eek! hope you heal soon!!!!


I didn’t mean to scare anyone with my story haha ! It sounds way more painful than it was, it was just skin and it just went through and out in a second. But I’m extra careful now. 😉


My friend cut herself on her mandolin, I gave mine away after that. I was afraid to use it.


Right Emily?! That sounded like a pretty bad one…eeek! And oh no about your curling wand injury. Ouch!


Oh my gosh – reading the comment about the sewing needle going through a finger just made my guts clench… Fortunately for me, I injure myself more in “normal life” than I do while crafting. Lately I’ve been trying to get the hang of this new curling “wand” where you use a gloved hand to wrap it around… I’ve burnt my shoulders/neck a few times, and with a 450 degree wand, it’s awful. Needless to say I’ve had straight hair for a long time in a row lately.


Well, I feel a little better about the fact that I’m not alone on this one, Danielle. Sorry that you had a similar fate with a mandolin though. Those things are SO much sharper than I thought (obviously). 🙂 The doctor said it was a really common injury / they see it all the time. But usually it’s the thumb that people end of slicing…so we’re unique with our middle fingers. Go us. Haha.


That’s rough. I’ve been maimed by the mandoline, too. Same finger. I can still see the dent years later. I wish I could say I always use it carefully now, with the guard. Someone should take that thing away from me. I hope your bird finger heals quickly!


Oh my goodness, Delphine! A sewing machine needle through your finger? That sounds like a serious ouch!


First of all I love your blog.
Then for your finger : Ouch ! It must have been so painful and scary at the same time ! I did burn myself a few time with a glue gun but the worst was definitely when the needle of the sewing machine went through the tip of my finger. That wasn’t pleasant…
Hope you get better soon !

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