Turkey Time: 7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

By Brittni • Updated on 11/10/2016

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving is two weeks away! So, I put together a Thanksgiving dinner party to give you some DIY ideas for any upcoming hosting / entertaining you might be doing.

I’ve teamed up with Seven Daughters once again to share some DIY entertaining ideas and this time I have SEVEN projects to share! Some are more involved than others, but they’re all perfect for Thanksgiving entertaining (and any other time of year, really).

There’s a charcuterie board table runner, DIY string art, sewn denim napkins, and more. Click through for all 7 DIY entertaining ideas (and a chance to win $500 cash, plus a big prize pack that will make entertaining so much easier this year)…

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving

Charcuterie table runner DIY idea for Thanksgiving

1. Charcuterie table runner: Let’s start with an easy one. Using a pieces of scrap wood similar to the DIY cutting board project, I oiled up a piece of wood and created a long table runner charcuterie board, with plenty of appetizers for guests when they arrive.

I selected meats, nuts, and cheeses that pair well with red wine. Red wine pairs well with turkey, ham, and other meats – making it a great option for Thanksgiving. I especially like the Pinot Noir and Rich Red Winemaker’s BlendSee more wine pairing examples in DIY cheese markers post.

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving

2. Dyed DIY tablecloth: You know I’ll never pass up a dyeing project! So, I dyed a stained table cloth (the one I had already used here and here) with black dye that I only dipped the tablecloth in for a few minutes, so it would have a faded grayish coloring to it. More dyeing projects here.

Denim upcycled napkins DIY for Thanksgiving and beyond

3. DIY denim napkins: Using an old pair of jeans that I never wear anymore (too big and not the right style), I made some DIY napkins following the same sewing concept as the DIY upcycled napkins project from a while back. They’re super easy to make and are durable too. Perfect for big Thanksgiving dinners, etc.

DIY string art idea

4. Geometric string art backdrop / photo booth backdrop: This project was easy too. All you need are a bunch of pushpins or nails, and several colors of yarn or thick string.

In a haphazard pattern, start adding pushpins to the wall and then wrapping the yarn or string around the pushpins until you’ve reached a design that you like.

Hand lettered menu for Thanksgiving

5. Hand lettered menu: Just grab a giant sheet of paper and a friend with hand lettering skills, and you can whip up a menu for guests to look over when they arrive, so they know what to look forward to. Tips for hand lettering here if you need it.

DIY yarn surprise ball party favor idea

6. Yarn surprise ball party favor gifts: For a unique party favor gift idea, try using yarns skeins to hide small presents for guests. At the end of the night, toss each of them a ball of yarn and wait for them to unfurl their tiny pressies. This would be a fun idea for Christmas too!

DIY grocery store florals

7. Grocery store florals: Last, but not least, using grocery store flowers and this freeform floral tutorial, I made a simple floral centerpiece, that hung out near the charcuterie table runner. It wasn’t in the middle of the table, by any means, but florals can go anywhere – not just in the center, despite the name.

And that will do it – 7 DIY entertaining ideas for Thanksgiving and beyond. Here’s a couple more inspiration photos to round things out. Let me know if you have any questions about what you see.

Thanksgiving entertaining ideas and inspiration

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

7 DIY Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Photography Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions, when it comes to food, entertaining, etc? Do you have any unique DIY ideas that you like to throw into the mis for the holidays, etc? I’d love to hear ’em in the comments below.

This post is in partnership with Seven Daughters. Be sure to follow Seven Daughters on Facebook and Instagram for more hosting and entertaining ideas. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Awesome Megan! Happy to hear those old jeans will be getting some use for DIYs.


These are so great! I have a ton of old jeans I’ve been looking to re-purpose and now I finally have an idea! Thanks so much for the great post! 🙂

Megan @ Adventure & Home

Thanks Michelle. These tips can totally work for nay kind of dinner party year round. 🙂


Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany your tips are awesome for every kind of dinner party!

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