Bring it! Best Business Card Inspiration this Week

By Brittni • posted on 02/12/2024

After the last business card roundup, I realized that I should make this a regular thing here on the blog. Well as regular as I can make it – based on the business cards that I collect at local meet ups and conferences.

I still have quite a few from Alt that I never shared and I kept some of my favorite cards from a few other conferences I have attended as well. So here’s this week’s inspiration…

Good use of color. Red Boots Design – I’ve been holding on to this card for close to a year now (we met at CCE last year at one of the break out sessions). Her card is beautiful. Letterpress again, of course. But I really love her color choices because the items in her shop are very colorful as well. So it works well with brand.

The Stationery Place – Lindsey is a Seattle blog buddy! We met at Alt this year and thanks to her, I found a Seattle blog group that meets up once a month. I love it. Lindsey is in charge of the group of over 100 members now.

Try vertical. Twig Creative – I met the folks at Twig through the 15 Friends project I participated in earlier this year. And I really like their business cards. Great, simple design in a vertical format (as opposed to the traditional horizontal). And of course, I love the letterpress.

No info overload. House of Brinson – William and Susan taught a class about prop photography at Alt that I attended. It was awesome! What I love about their business card is that there isn’t a whole lot of information on it, just their names and email address. This is a smart way to do it. Anyone who wants to contact them has their email address and web address from just that one line. Here’s an article about the cards they had made (shows the process + everything) that I found on their blog.

Add personality. Alexandra Hedin – I met Alexandra briefly in the prop photography class at Alt. I love the illustration of her playing hostess in a party dress. All her contact info is on the back of the card.

Use a unique format. Barral Creations – And probably my favorite card from this bunch is this one from Fabien. He graciously sent me an amazing letterpress calendar earlier in the year and this coaster-sized business card was in the package. I love it! The gradient colors are awesome and the design is one that pops up with his brand often.

Looking for biz card inspiration? Check this out.

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Some of these are amazing! I wish mine were as good as that 🙁

Totally agree that the Barral one is the best. I just love the colours and the indentation of the logo. So cool!

Thanks for the post.

Sam Barnes

tI’m always so amazed by how creative designers and shop owners get with their business cards! I’m not gonna lie: it makes me a tad jealous.anyway thanks can i add this design to my web design company in kerala pls this is my mail pls let me know


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Bring it! Business Card Inspiration from Alt (Part I) | papernstitch

Those are beautiful business cards. I love the barrel creations one.


I love when there’s a business card post! Great finds!


Glad to hear that Sasa. I should have another post ready soon.


Awesome post, I’d love to see more business cards inspirations here.


Business card inspirations. @PaperNStitch

Mixed Kreations (@MixedKreations)

Thanks for the feedback Nancy, Lisa, and everyone else! Glad you like it.


I love when there’s a business card post! Great finds!


I looove business cards! I even have a couple of design books here in my studio that are full of them! Great post!

Lisa Russo

thanks to brittni @papernstitch for the business card shout out!

S&M Hunt // Twig (@twigcreative)

I love all those cards. Such a neat way to do your business cards. Any tips on how to make some like those? I would love to make mine look like that.


lovely business card inspiration from @papernstitch:

(@discoverpaper) (@discoverpaper)

Oh I love a pretty business card so you just made my day Brittni! Lots of lovely things to be inspired by.

Moxie Lisa

Gorgeous inspiration RT @papernstitch: Best Business Card Inspiration this Week:

(@CWBusiness) (@CWBusiness)

Fun letterpress post @paperlyndsey: @papernstitch! @themandatepress made them 🙂

KC (@letterstobetsy)

hooray, thanks for including me! i looove business cards and i am quite looking forward to the rest of this series 🙂 i’ve got an ongoing collection of biz card posts on my blog too if you need more inspiration:

lyndsey @ the stationery place

hooray, thanks for including my turquoise business card in your roundup @papernstitch! @themandatepress made them 🙂

lyndsey payzant (@paperlyndsey)

Totally my pleasure Michelle and Alexandra. Love both of your business cards (obvs). Take care!


What a nice surprise to pull up your site and see our card! Thanks for the shout out; you have such a lovely collection here.


Hey! It’s my business card!

Alexandra Hedin (@alexandrahedin)

Thanks for including me!

Alexandra Hedin

My pleasure Susan. You and William taught the best class at Alt!


RT @papernstitch: did you see this earlier? –> Bring it! Best Business Card Inspiration this Week

tueymeaw (@tueymeaw)

Thanks so much for mentioning us! Such an honor!

Susan Brinson

I’m always so amazed by how creative designers and shop owners get with their business cards! I’m not gonna lie: it makes me a tad jealous.

Naomi Anselmo

What a fun post! I love unique cards too. Love the look of uncommon sized cards but I find them to be a hassle when attending busy events, so wouldn’t go that route personally.

Keridwyn - Seattle Pockets

I truly have a soft spot for letterpress cards – I love the way they feel! The Twig Creative and Barral Creations cards are gorgeous. Thanks for posting – this was a nice way to start the week.

Dara R
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