Bring it! Business Card Inspiration from Alt (Part I)

By Brittni • Updated on 02/13/2024

It’s been far too long since the last post in the Bring It! Business Card Inspiration series. So today, it’s back! And there is more to come too – I have a HUGE stack of cards waiting to be shot. Let’s jump in…

Well branded biz cards…When you see one of these cards, you instantly know what you’re going to get when you visit the website. And I appreciate that! A lot.

And Then We Saved / Creature Comforts / Roundhouse Design / Ampersand Design Studio / Frock Files / Gather and Hunt / The Artful Desperado / Scout / Vintage Whites Market

Going the extra mile to deliver your message. This is a great way to get someone’s attention quickly. Ashley from Sugar and Cloth is a DIY blogger, so she included a few of her favorite craft supplies with her letterpress business cards.

Have fun with it! Showcase your personality with a unique design element or add on. Ex: Use a non-standard size, shape, or material / attach a special gift (like a small charm, cookie, cutter, etc).

One Charming Party / Confetti Pop / Fashion Loves People / Mariah Danielsen / Blurb / Kristen Krason / The Style Hatch

Color pop! Remember, color is your friend. The days of dull black and white business cards are over. There are exceptions to this, but color is more memorable, and that is the whole point of networking. Isn’t it? You want people to remember you. Melissa from Lulu the Baker used her signature yellow color in her business cards, which had a miniature paint-dipped spoon attached.

Additional awesomeness… Design Crush / Ampersand Design Studio / Creature Comforts /  The Artful Desperado / Frock Files / Alexandra HedinScout /

Want even more business card inspiration? Visit my biz card board on Pinterest.

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I like how most of the business card look vintage! Real nice work 🙂

Chris Berry

Glad to hear that Dusty. Thanks for stopping by!


This is so cute and inspired me in so many ways I particularly like all the little keep-sakes and fun bits attached to the business cards. So adorable!


Bring it! Business Card Inspiration from Alt (Part I) via @sharethis

(@EshanasCraft) (@EshanasCraft)

Of course Danae. Love your business cards. And so glad we were able to hang out at Alt. I had a great time.


@justcallmeALLEN Check out these business cards, thought you might appreciate this.

Childish Lambino (@chickenb00)

RT @IndieMade: Need some business card inspiration??


Need some business card inspiration??

(@IndieMade) (@IndieMade)

Thanks Brittni! It always amazes me how many cards are at Alt- I feel like I have an enormous stack, but I don’t have half of the ones you featured here! Love this series.


RT @papernstitch: Business Card Inspiration from Alt (Part I): It’s been far too long since the last post in…

(@mariahdanielsen) (@mariahdanielsen)

Business Card Inspiration from Alt (Part I): It’s been far too long since the last post in…

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)
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