Behind the Scenes: Canyon Themes + Concrete Dreams for Summer

This color palette
Yesterday was packed behind the scenes, with some amazing ladies, for a fun shoot back at Providence Canyon. I was so happy to be back there again and helping out on something just for fun. Can’t wait to share the photos. Sneak peek after the jump.

As for the rest of this month, it’s been pretty adventurous too, especially with travel – I went to Jacksonville, Texas, North Eleuthera (Bahamas), and Orlando in July. So, I feel like I’m kind of nailing it for the 12 trips in 12 months series.

Canyon Dreaming

Behind the scenes of a canyon photoshoot

I’ve really been wanting to stretch myself creatively lately – especially as of late. And I had the opportunity to tag along on a shoot yesterday that Cori had dreamed up to do some wardrobe styling, a little art direction, and shoot a bit as well. The models were amazing – Jule and Kiley. I cannot wait to share more from this one!

DIY woven plant pockets

Moody mint and navy vibes, mixed with powder blue.

And since I will never fully shake the woven DIYs from my system, I recently shared a tutorial for DIY woven planter pockets on Etsy Studio, which I’ve been anxiously waiting to share for months and months. Happy it’s finally up. Maybe you remember it from a recent weekend DIYs to try too. 

Behind the scenes of a floating flower shoot.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this anywhere when it happened, but back when I did the floating flower DIY, the shoot was cut short because I fell in the pool. AND broke the flower sign. I was trying to change the direction that the flowers were floating, and fell in, right on top of the sign. 🙁

It was fine because we already had what we needed photo-wise and I had to get Amelia to the airport to catch her flight (she took all the photos for that shoot), but it was still a bummer. I wanted to keep that thing forever.

Summer vibes in North Eleuthera

I’ve had a major affinity for all things straw lately…straw bags, straw hats, etc, etc. My big straw beach bag is from Etsy and my black and white beach towel is from Mayde.

A Concrete Jungle

A longgggg while ago, I did a concrete jungle photo shoot with models in fancy dresses. I loved the photos but wasn’t able to post about it. It happens, but it was kind of a bummer, since I really, really wanted to share it with you. Here’s one of the behind the scenes shots though – Ayanna was such a great model.

And last, but not least…. a sneak peek of the Bahamas (North Eleuthera) trip. Had such an amazing time with Jeff, Ashley and Jared. Definitely a trip for the books and this day in particular was probably the one I’ll remember most. More photos to come from this trip soon! Very soon.

What have you been up to lately? How has your month been so far?

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Thanks Courtney. That was a fun DIY project to work on. 🙂


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Thanks The Pink Pineapple. Much appreciated.


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