A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party + 3 More DIY Summer Entertaining Ideas

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party + 3 More DIY Summer Entertaining Ideas

I’m breaking out the pastels (and DIYs) for a summer entertaining pie party.

I teamed up with Edwards® Desserts to ‘bring the sweet’ and come up with colorful entertaining ideas that you can recreate with just a handful of materials. They all involve paint, pastels, and are easy-as-can-be to recreate. With bonus points for also being budget friendly. Click through for all three DIY entertaining ideas for summer.

A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party + 3 More DIY Summer Entertaining Ideas

Any quick and easy project involves a little paint, right? And these DIY entertaining ideas are no exception. All three of these pastel-inspired projects involve paint. You in?!

Pastel DIY Dessert Serving Boards + A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party

Pastel Cutting Board Serving Plates for Desserts

A little color never hurt anybody, especially for special summer occasions. So, I added a little paint to a couple of basic cutting boards (from here – only $6 each) to use them as serving tray / plates for guests. Then you just need some parchment paper and Edwards Desserts. As long as you put a little piece of parchment paper between the food and the board, you’re good to go for food use. I really like this idea for serving desserts, since it’s a little unexpected / outside the box.

Plus, they make for fun wall decorations in the kitchen after the event is over. Bonus! You can customize these to ANY color imaginable and can take it even further by adding patterns, stickers, washi tape, etc. for a bolder look.

What pies did I have on hand for the pie party? This time around, I went with Edwards Turtle Pie (which has ribbons of caramel, chunks of chocolate, pecans, and a crushed cookie crust) and Edwards singles slices (HERSHEY’S® Chocolate Crème Pie). You kind of can’t go wrong though. You can find Edwards Desserts in a freezer aisle near you. Check out the product locator for exact store locations.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop + A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party With More Entertaining Ideas

Pastel Photo Booth Backdrop

Everyone loves a good photo booth backdrop, but they can take a long time to make if you’re DIYing your own. Not this one though! It’s super simple. I painted a 4×5 ft canvas drop cloth (it was only $10 on Amazon) in a bright salmon-pink color, and hung it on the wall once dry. Then I made a couple of sweeping accordion banners by folding 16 inch wide x 120 inch long pieces of paper back and forth, like an accordion, then unfolding it, and hanging the whole thing over the painted canvas.

I also like the idea of making an accordion-folded table runner for a party, which you would mock up the same way as the hanging banner, only it would run the length of a table instead of hanging on the wall.

A Painted Pastels Summertime Pie Party + 3 More DIY Summer Entertaining Ideas

DIY Canvas Napkins

Last but not least, using some leftover canvas, I made a set of napkins to match the other entertaining DIYs. I started with raw, unprimed canvas and then watered down a little paint (you can use interiors wall paint or acrylic) and brushed on two layers of the mixture. Once dry, I cut them up into standard napkin sizes (18×18 or 20×20 are both good options) and left the edge raw. The water mixed with paint helps to keep the canvas material soft and most like a napkin.

DIY Pastel Dessert Trays for Parties. Click through for the tutorial.

DIY Party Ideas for Summertime Entertaining and Beyond

DIY Pastel Dessert Trays for Parties and Summer Entertaining

And that wraps it up for my pastel painted party projects. What do you think of these summer entertaining DIYs? Have a favorite? Let me know.

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the outfits…Sara is wearing my DIY summer shift dress and Kathryn is wearing an IGWT dress.

This post is in partnership with Edwards® Desserts. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.



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Thanks Courtney. Everything was really easy to throw together, so this would be a good option for last minute parties, etc.


I just love all the pastels. The cake looks really good, and those photos turned out really cute. I like all the confetti.

Courtney Hardy

Thanks girl. I’m all about anything that involves a sweet treat. 🙂


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