Full Circle: The Definitive Guide to Circle Bags

Full Circle: The Definitive Guide to Circle Bags

The circle bags trend! Is it just me, or have you also been seeing circle bags popping up everywhere lately? I mean…EVERYWHERE. It seems like every brand on the planet has their own version, which means a range of styles, colors, price points, etc.

And since its kind of a must-have bag shape at the moment, I figured I might as well spend a solid five hours putting together a list of the coolest circle bags I could find. Kidding – it only a couple of hours. I’ve had a bunch of these bookmarked for months.

1. (above) Sara Barner tan circle bag from Bona Drag

This suede blue circle bag from Rachel Comey is perfect year round.

2. Rachel Comey baan bag from The Dreslyn

Blush leather circle bag from Mansur Gavriel

3. Blush leather circle bag from Mansur Gavriel – The priciest of the circle bags.

Full Circle: The Definitive Guide to Circle Bags

4. Baigio leather circle bag from Amazon (available in blackbrownreddark green) – Yep! It’s from Amazon…and it’s only $50!

The definitive guide to circle bags, on Paper & Stitch. This one is from Rachel Comey.

5. Rachel Comey mini circle bag from Garmentory

Love this yellow leather circle from BogaBag on Etsy.

6. Yellow leather circle BogaBag from Etsy

Neva Opet crossbody mini circle bag from Queen for Dinner

7. Neva Opet crossbody mini circle bag from Queen for Dinner

Marfa crossbody circle bag from Madewell

8. Marfa crossbody circle bag from Madewell

Lotfi arches circle clutch from Beklina - Only $65!

9. Lotfi arches circle clutch from Beklina – Only $65!

Modern Citizen cartagena leather circle bag from Spring

10. Modern Citizen cartagena leather circle bag from Spring

Abacá ticao bag from Need Supply - This would be a good one for a beach vacation and it's under $100.

11. Abacá ticao bag from Need Supply – This would be a good one for a beach vacation and it’s under $100.

C.A.B. mini lisa bag from Spring

12. C.A.B. mini lisa bag from Spring

A blush pink Vere Verto miro bag from Need Supply

13. Vere Verto miro bag from Need Supply *I have a Vere Verto bag – not this one though – and I get SO many compliments on it. Top quality stuff, I tell ya.

This Clare V alistair petite bag is perfect for spring.

14. Clare V alistair petite bag from Net-A-Porter (comes in blacknavywhite)

Always into a Mansur Gavriel leather circle bag.

15. Mansur Gavriel leather circle bag from NO. 6 Store

A minty fresh Baggu circle bag.

16. Baggu circle bag from Need Supply (comes in sea glassolive suedered suede)

Have a fave? I’d love to know which bag or bags you like most!

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Circle bags are simply amazing!! Can’t get enough of them
Corina Nika recently posted..28, i’m Ready for you!

Corina Nika

Same here, Corina. Can’t get enough!


I’m loving the trend of circle bags.

Sophie recently posted..Step Into My Week


Me too Sophie. It’s a sickness really. 🙂


I LOVE circle bags especially the cross body ones

– Natalie
Natalie recently posted..The importance of winding down, and my evening time routine


I hear that Natalie. 🙂


These bags look so cool, and they fit to anything! I think the Rachel Comey bag looks extraordinary!
Michelle recently posted..Treats | Tropical Fruit Chocolate Bark


Agree with you on Rachel Comey, Michelle. Everything she does is gold in my book. 😍


I have the Neva Opet Marina bag! I love it — it’s one of two bags I reach for these days. I also considered the Baggu version. The Vero Verto bag is beautiful.

Neva Opet is based in Atlanta, which definitely swayed my decision. 🙂


How did I not realize Neva Opet was based in ATL, Elysia?! How cool. 👍


I loved all the bags. Nice read


LOVE circle bags! Check mine out too, they can be worn as a clutch, cross-body, or fanny pack! https://mollyshaheen.com/collections/leather-fanny-packs

Molly Shaheen
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