Click. Click. 8 Photography Tips (Part III)

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

I have a million things to do today because (surprise!) Jeff and Luna and I are moving into a place back here in Jacksonville. Weeks ago I mentioned, we were moving but I didn’t want to tell where just yet. And I am glad I held my tongue because the plan has changed since then my friends…We were headed to San Francisco and I had already started telling people that we were moving there (including my dad and grandparents who live in Cali), but long story short, it didn’t work out. And we’ve decided to move back to Florida for a while.

So, when our stuff finally gets here from Seattle (we have clothes, our computers, and some of my craft supplies with us from our visit but that’s pretty much it), I’ll take some photos. And speaking of photos, I have Part III of the popular series, Click. Click. Photography Tips (over 2,000 tweets on the past two posts from series alone – thanks for tweeting!) for you…

1. (above) photography tips for beginners from Stars for Streetlights

2. how to make a homemade photo filter from A Beautiful Mess

3. tips for taking photos for blogs by Sarahdipity Photos for Create Like Crazy

4. how to look good in photos from Nicole’s Classes

5. tips for developing film from Besotted. yep, film

6. product photography: window light or shade? from Nicole’s Classes

7. how to take candid shots by Mike Bullock for Camille Styles

8. taking better photos by Helena Mueller for Breanna Rose

Here are the links to Part I and Part II of the Click. Click. series in case you missed ’em.

Have your own photography tips (or links) to share?

Leave “˜em in the comments below and Ill check “˜em out.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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thank you so much britney, great great great resoures


As a cake decorator these tips will be very usefull! Thank you!


Great collection of photography tip articles via papernstitch. Most really apply to product photography!

(@Laura_C_George) (@Laura_C_George)

Oh yeah! That one is a video Melanie. Pretty cool. P.S. You look great in photos already. 🙂


Awesome. Can’t wait to check out these links! Especially how to look good in photos. I hate photos of myself. 🙂


Click. Click. 8 Photography Tips (Part III) from @papernstitch

Tiffany Gholar (@tiffanygholar)

Being new to photography, I find your collection of resources very helpful. Thanks for sharing!


This is a wonderful round up. I am always looking for photography tips! I recently posted one on my blog too 🙂


Thanks Tristan for adding a link! I love Besotted. 🙂


RT @papernstitch: RT @papernstitch: more #photography tips and tricks on the blog today read this before snapping pics w/ your camer …

(@iam_artisan) (@iam_artisan)

I love these, Tweeted right away and adding as a link in our class. What a wonderful + sweet surprise to see Besotted included, thank you!

Tristan B.

RT @papernstitch: RT @papernstitch: more #photography tips and tricks on the blog today read this before snapping pics w/ your camer …

Tophatter (@tophatter)

RT @papernstitch: RT @papernstitch: more #photography tips and tricks on the blog today read this before snapping pics w/ your camer …

(@ckelso) (@ckelso)

Of course! See you tonight Jordan. Looking forward to it.


Click. Click. 8 Photography Tips (Part III) | papernstitch

sweimer (@sweimer)

love this round up. i’m always looking for great photography tips!

thanks for including sarah’s CLC post! i enjoyed it too 🙂

see you tonight, yaaaaaaaay!!

Jordan Brantley

RT @papernstitch: RT @papernstitch: Click. Click. 8 Photography Tips (Part III): I have a million things to do today because…

(@thriftcore) (@thriftcore)

What a great resource. Thanks!

Seriously Sassy Mama
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