The Coolest Coffee Tables Under $1,000

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Talking coffee tables on the blog today. I love this glass top table from Emily Henderson.

I’ve whined talked about finding the perfect coffee table plenty of times here before, and I’m 99% sure at least a few of you felt my pain.

It’s HARD to find a coffee table that 1) fits your style AND price range 2) works with the couch / seating area you already have. So, I put together a whole bunch of coffee tables that I really, really love (in different styles, so you can find one that works for you). And they’re all under $1,000 (in fact, more than half of them are under $500!).

(above) I am super into this glass coffee table, spotted on Emily Henderson.

A chunky coffee table from Amber Interiors

I love the chunkiness of this wood coffee table from Amber Interiors.

Such a unique space...and that coffee table!

This marble top table with a triangular base is so interesting. Via The Glitter Guide.

Click any of the images below to shop my fave coffee tables under $1,000.

I may already have a coffee table for the studio, but I reserve the right to change my mind. PLUS I’m still on the hunt for a coffee table for our apartment. Any suggestions? Most of these are serious contenders, so let me know which ones you like most!







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The one with the triangular base is very cute. I prefer oval or circle ones usually because they fit every room much better than the rest of them. Very nice models.

KMP Furniture Blog

I love your selection
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Yay. Thanks Paige.


I love all of these! They’re so pretty!


Paige Flamm

Oh no Shannon. Maybe in your next place, than?


I love the marble one with the triangular bottom. I’m also into any of the ones with hairpin legs – they look so light and airy! This post makes me sad that my living room is literally too small for a coffee table, and there isn’t really anywhere else in my apartment where I can put one/need one.


Glad you like the picks, Michelle. Lots of good ones in the mix, for sure.


Love the selection, especially the one with the basket underneath looks so interesting!


Yes, those are fun right?


Those coffee tables are so cute. I love the marble ones, and the ones with geometric bottoms.

Courtney Hardy
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