Oh My, Dip Dye! Watercolor Stationery DIY

DIY // Dip Dyed Stationery

This Friday is National Handwriting Day and I couldn’t be more pumped to whip my handwriting skills into shape. What about you?

So, I’ve partnered with Pentel of America to bring you a DIY video tutorial that is geared towards this super fun holiday. Make these dip dyed watercolor notecards and stationery sets, as gifts for friends and family and/or snail mail that you can stock up on to send out for special occasions, etc.

As part of the project, I collaborated with local designer, Erica Loesing from Yes Ma’am, to hand letter all of  the dip dyed cards. And Erica is sharing her top 3 tips for better handwriting today, as well. Yay!

But first, the (video) tutorial. Here’s how to make dip dyed watercolor stationery with hand lettered greetings…

One of the things I love most about this project is the accessibility. All you need are a handful of super basic supplies, along with a watercolor set and a simple marker. 

How to make dip dyed stationery

How to make dip dyed stationery

Here’s the full supplies list, in case you missed it in the video…

Supplies List:

  • Blank Notecards
  • Pentel Arts Watercolors
  • Pentel Arts Color Pen
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Towels or a Rag
  • Heavy Books (for stacking)

The whole process of mixing the paints, and dipping the cards takes almost no time at all (it took an hour to dip dye 25+ cards in 3 different colors). Then, you let the cards dry flat overnight, underneath a stack of books (and in between paper towels), and you’re ready to letter the front of each card with custom messages and send them out. Piece of cake!

Note: During the dip dying process, when you lay the cards flat for drying (which you’ll see in the video), the designs created in the inside of the card are much different than what is created on the outside. So when the cards are dry, if you like the design that was created in the inside better (which will look more like inkblots than a dip dye pattern), just fold your card over the other way, so that the inside becomes the outside.

DIY // Dip Dyed Notecard Stationery

Dip Dyed

Can't Touch This

If you’re like me, you may need a little assistance in the handwriting department before tackling a dip dyed stationery set on your own. So, I asked Erica to outline her top 3 tips for better handwriting and lettering to give everyone a push in the right direction.

1. Embrace your style. Love the way your hand writes rather than always trying for it to look like someone else’s.

2. Be mindful. Being present while writing allows you to appreciate the subtleties of how each letter connects to the next, the spacing, how the scale of each letter compares to it’s neighbors. And as handwriting becomes a bit of a lost art, enjoying it is pretty special.

3. Each pen, pencil, or nib allows your hand to move a little bit differently. Find the right tools for you.
Time to write some seriously awesome snail mail to friends. Right? Here’s how the finished project turned out…

DIY // Dip Dyed Stationery with Hand Lettered Messaging

You Got This

Dip Dyed Paper Goods

DIY // Dip Dyed Stationery with Hand Lettered Messages

Creative Direction, Production and Styling // Brittni Mehlhoff
Craft Production Assistant // Linda Jednaszewski
Photography and Video // Kimberly Murray
Hand Lettering // Erica Loesing from Yes Ma’am

Think you’ll give this dip dyed project a try? How are you planning to celebrate National Handwriting Day?

This post is in partnership with Pentel of America. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site possible.

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Hi there Brittni, I really love the idea of dip dying handwritten stationery. And also like the way yo make it look easy to make them. The final product is just awesome. It’s such a great way to display talent and creativity on paper. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I should try it one of these fine days.


Cindy Hoffman

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Hi Sara. The did not use watercolor stationery. I just regular stationery from Paper Source, like these http://www.papersource.com/color/A6-Folded-Cards/2505.030/302.html in white. With this particular watercolor technique, it takes more paint than you might think. But its hard for me to know exactly what direction to steer you in with the concentration without seeing it, unfortunately. If watercolors aren’t working for you, you can also create a wash that will work with acrylic paint and water. I’ve done this before ad well, with the same type of paper I linked to above and it also worked really well. Hope that helps.


Did you use special watercolor stationary? The white stationary I have on hand is not picking up the color and I’ve tried different concentrations of watercolor to dip it in. TIA.


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Oh my gosh… this is perfect! So much talent here… I’m going to see how I can do making my own!

Colleen Pastoor

Thanks Chris. The pitcher is from Crate and Barrel.


Beautiful project. I have to confess I was a bit distracted (in a good way) by the pitcher you used for water. Where can I find one?? Thanks!


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Centsational Girl » Blog Archive BOTB 1.25.15 - Centsational Girl

Thanks everyone for all of the kind words. 🙂


What an awesome and beautiful idea!


Love these! So simple, yet so eye-catching.

I like calligraphy and still need to practice on keeping a steady hand!! (slightly distorted and uneven)

Thanks for sharing

Emma Jayne x

Emma Jayne

Can’t wait to try this one out, those turned out gorgeous! And right in time to make and mail to loved ones for Valentines Day! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial.


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Let's DIY! - DIY Mama

your tips! I love them, it took me so long to realize I should just stick to my own handwriting. But I needa find myself that pen! 🙂


Beautiful craft! I’m definitely going to have to try this out today!


i just adore these! and the better hand lettering suggestions are great, it makes me want to practice practice practice! quick question – where are those clips from??


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Friday Faves - Always Me Blog

I love these!! The colors are beautiful! I have a mess of blank folded cards. I’m totally gonna try this. Thanks Brittni!


Thanks Charlotte!


These are absolutely adorable! Will definitely be making some!

Charlotte Sophia Roberts

Erica from Yes Ma’am did the handwriting, Yoanna. 🙂 So I can’t take credit for that. But agree that she did an awesome job.


BEAUTIFUL! Love your handwritting.



Thanks so much Kate and Gemma.


This is gorgeous!! What a great idea and really adaptable for any occassion!

Can’t wait to try this one out!



These are so gorgeous! I love all of the different shades of blue. So pretty! What a great idea x

Kate ~ Beak Up Crafts

Thanks Hannah. Isn’t the lettering great? Erica did such an amazing job!


These are so pretty!! The lettering is gorgeous too. I going to have to add this to my HUGE craft to do list! ♥


Thanks Kathy and Wild Heart! Making me smile.


swoon! these are so dreamy!!

wild heart collective

I love the subtle shades of blue, gonna try it! Thanks for the inspiration and tips.


Thanks Kelly! The hand lettering was all done by Erica from Yes Ma’am, so I can’t take credit for the handwriting. But I’m glad you liked the project. 🙂


They are adorable. And so easy to make! Pinned! 🙂
By the way, your hand writing is fantastic!

Kelly Brito

Awesome Sarah! This project would be even faster with a couple of friends. You could create a mini assembly line. 🙂


What an adorable idea! I might have to gather some friends together and make these!

x Sarah


Thanks Emma. I’m really into blues and greens right now. So I’m glad you like ’em too.


LOVE this stationery idea! The blue you’ve used is beautiful too 🙂


Thanks Ash. 🙂


Sooooo cute, B!!

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth

Thanks Kristin.


Cute, cute, cute! Great idea!

Kristin C
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