DIY Gingerbread Man Decoration

By Patty • Updated on 02/12/2024

I just need a cardboard gingerbread house to go with little DIY gingerbread man.


This contributor post was written by Patty of P.S. it’s in the details.

I could just eat him up! He is so sweet and fun to make.

Meet Mr. Gingerbread Man – he looks like the real cookie, but he’s made from recycled cardboard. The ‘sugar’ coating is actually coarse crystal glitter.

I make similar gingerbread people decorations for my Etsy store using kraft paper.

We’ll be using cardboard here (some creative recycling!) for a sturdier body.

I’ll be showing you how to make the boy, but you could also make a girl (add a fun bow to her head!). Or, you could go traditional red and green or even all white! The decorating possiblities are endless!

Here are the materials you’ll need

  • cardboard 
  • brown ink 
  • three assorted buttons 
  • glitter glue and coarse crystal glitter 
  • white pen 
  • sequin trim 
  • common crafting supplies: scissors, pencil, small paint brush, mini glue dots 
  • the gingerbread man template (provided in post)

How to Make a Gingerbread Man of Cardboard

1. Trace the gingerbread man template onto cardboard.

gingerbread man template

2. Cut him out.

3. Ink around his edges with the brown ink. It adds depth and makes him look like a perfectly baked cookie.

4. Use a white pen to add the ‘icing’. Draw a line around his body and add eyes and a big smile. (I used a broad tip uni-ball Signo pen.)

5. Add his buttons with mini glue dots.

6. Add mini glue dots to his wrists and ankles and add the sequin trim.

You could also use a ric-rac trim or a ribbon.

7. Use the paint brush to add glitter glue to his feet, hands and body, up to his neck. Stay inside the white lines.

8. Sprinkle with the glitter, and then shake off the excess.

9. Let him dry. The glue will turn clear once it dries completely.

Isn’t he cute? Just remember – you can’t eat him, no matter how good he looks!

But you can use him to decorate your home for Christmas.

Or, make a bunch and give them as gifts, use on tags or add to a present as a great little detail.

Make him into an ornament or a refrigerator magnet – be creative!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

About Patty: Patty Schaffer is the owner of P.S. it’s in the details, an Etsy shop where you can find creative paper things that will make you ooooo and ahhh! Her shop specializes in paper accents for scrapbooking, card making, gift giving and home decor. Patty also shares DIY and craft projects, news on upcoming shop releases and other fun things on her blog, Capture the Details.

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That’s totally fine, Melissa. Thanks for asking.


Over the moon cute! Can’t wait to make one!!!
Hugs from The Villages, FL


Good morning, hope that all is well. My name is Melissa and I’m writing to ask for your permission to use your gingerbread man template as a craft activity to do with my daughters’ pre-k class. I think they would really enjoy doing this for the holiday. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much and hope you have a wonderful day!



Maybe a little late, but nonetheless: Beautiful! Such a nice idea!

Additionally, I can say that I had to improvise because I neither had brown ink nor a white pen. I used transparent nail polish for the edges and white acrylic paint. It looks awesome because it is not as “flat” as a pen 🙂


I’ll bring the ink and glitter Carole. If you think Coleson can wait that long to make these. 🙂 See you in a week!


WOW, I actually believed it was a gingerbread! great idea 🙂

Natalia Veneziani

That is so cute! It looks so good that I can’t believe he is made of plain cardboard,

Loulou Downtown

Seriously Patty, these guys are adorable!! The brown ink around the edges brings out the ‘cookie’ in the gingerbread boy – would never have thought of that. And the glitter makes him look delicious!

Have been looking for a fun craft project for my grandson this year and have found it!!

Still going to do the real thing this year but…. I’ve got the cardboard Brittni – you bring the ink and glitter;)


Aren’t they great Jamie? My family and I bake gingerbread cookies every year and the cardboard base Patty is using here looks so similar to the real thing – its crazy! Thanks for stopping by.


Cute little guy! 🙂

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