Hair Brained: Easy Reverse Crown Braid in 15 Minutes

Easy Reverse Crown Braid in 15 Minutes

If we’ve ever met in person, chances are you’ve seen me with my hair in a bun. Admittedly, it’s been my go-to hairdo for WAY too long. So, to kick off a new series of easy hair tutorials, I thought I would start with something slightly outside of my comfort zone: an easy reverse crown braid.

Ironically, there is still a bun involved in this do, but it’s hardly visible, so it doesn’t count if you ask me.

Side note: I’ve recreated this reverse crown braid on my own twice since we shot it for this post. So, I think its safe to say I’m into it. Which probably has something to do with the fact that it’s really, really easy (my favorite kind of up do). If you know how to braid (completely normal braids – nothing fancy), you can do this in about 15 minutes!

easy reverse crown braid hair tutorial


1. Start with curled or wavy hair for texture. Section hair into three sections and braid each loosely.

How to create a (super easy) reverse crown braid in 15 minutes or less

2. Sprinkle each braid with texture powder (we like Sexy Hair Volumizing Texture Powder) and spread each braid apart so that they are loose and slightly messy.

3. Twist the middle braid and pin into a low, loose bun.

How to create a (super easy) reverse crown braid in 15 minutes or less

4. Cross each side section over the back bun section and pin. Finish with hairspray if needed.

How to create a (super easy) reverse crown braid in 15 minutes or less

How to create a (super easy) reverse crown braid in 15 minutes or less

I’ve discovered that this is one of those hairstyles that will look good on pretty much anyone (your hair will need to be at least a little past your shoulders in length though) AND doesn’t look like you’re trying to hard. Which I’m always partial to.

Reverse crown braid in 15 minutes (hair tutorial) #hair

Reverse crown braid tutorial

 Photography and hair by Rachel Brewer
Styling and modeling by Brittni Mehlhoff 

Even more fall hairstyle ideas can be found here. Think you’ll give this reverse crown braid a try?


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I really liked this braided hairstyle.


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Awesome wellwellgirls! Happy to hear that.


i tried this yesterday when i am hanging out with my friends.
my friends said that it was pretty
and i just love it


Thanks Monique. Glad you like it.


Absolutely beautiful!

Monique | WritingMonique

Thanks Paige. 🙂


This braid looks gorgeous! I can’t wait until my hair grows out a little longer so I can start doing more fabulous braids like this!



Thanks Chelsea!


I love this! Can’t wait for my hair to be long enough to get into these braids!

Chelsea F.

Awesome, Michelle. I think this braid would be great for curly hair!


Wow, I love it! I am always searching for ways to tame my curly hair on bad hair days, and your idea seems perfect for that. Thank you!

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