Making Waves: (Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

(Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less

The faster I can get through my morning routine and out the door, the better these days. And maybe the same goes for you?

If so, this quick hair hack / tutorial may be a match for ya…Click through for the 10 minute or less hack to beachy waves (big or small).

(Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less


You can try this hair tutorial with clean hair or day old hair, as a refresh. Spray hair with a little bit of strong hold hair spray. Then, separate your hair into sections and braid. For larger waves, do larger sections and for tight small waves, do small(ish) sections like the photos.

Next, run a hair straightener over each braid several times, on regular heat. Don’t leave the flat iron on the braids for too long (just a couple of seconds, running all the way down the braid, starting at the top, 2-3 times for each braid). Once all the braids have been flat ironed, unravel the braids, starting with the first braid you flat ironed, to give the more recent braids time to cool down. Run your fingers through and add more hair spray if desired.

Easy, right?

(Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less

(Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less

(Hair Hack) Easy Waves in 10 Minutes or Less

Model Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Photography (and hair) Rachel Anne Brewer
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Are you up for a 10 minute hair hack like this one? I’m really curious to try this on myself, with larger sections for bigger waves. What about you?

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This is a very good hair tutorial. I love the photos!


That’s a beautiful outcome, thanks for sharing this!


Love this! I usually french braid my hair when it’s wet and then sleep in it, but this is so much easier and more comfortable!


This is so smart. What heat protectent do you use?


So easy! I love the end result 🙂 x

Jessica — NinetyCo 


I love this! Must try 🙂


How had I never thought of this before? I’ve been wanting to spruce up my hair recently but curling with a flat iron always looks a bit weird on my hair

– Natalie

Natalie Harney

Oh i love these waves, I must give this a try!

Rachael xx.

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