Bottoms Up! How to Make Batch Cocktails for Halloween (That Look Cool and Spooky and Stuff)

Bottoms Up! How to make batch cocktails for Halloween (that look cool and spooky and stuff). Click through for the recipe. #halloween #halloweenrecipe #halloweencocktails #spookycocktails #halloweendiy

I’m getting ready for Halloween early this year…And I’m pretty excited because this will be the baby’s very first Halloween. So, I might just celebrate with a few spooky cocktails and get him all dressed up in a cheesy costume – assuming he decides to come out anytime soon (he was due last Monday and I’m still pregnant today). We’ll see.

For now though, here’s a spooky little cocktail to get you into Halloween mode.

Spooky Halloween Batch Cocktails (makes 6 servings)

  • matcha powder (the packet I used is 1.5 grams – which 1/3 of a teaspoon)
  • 36 ounces of cream soda
  • 12 ounces of vodka
  • dry ice (do NOT consume dry ice – it’s strictly for decoration)

Whisk cream soda and matcha until match is mostly dissolved. Strain if necessary to remove any matcha clumps that didn’t dissolve. The matcha is really just for looks, not really for taste…the taste is very, very subtle in this cocktail.

Add vodka and lightly stir. Pour into pitcher and serve in a glass over a small piece of dry ice to get the smoky effect you see in the photos. OR add the cocktail mixture to a punch bowl and then in a larger bowl underneath the first (similar to this setup),  add the dry ice. That way the dry ice will never touch your drink.

Important Note About Dry Ice! Do NOT drink cocktail until dry ice has fully dissolved. This is very important….dry ice is not meant to be consumed. It’s just for looks. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for the dry ice to dissolve depending on how big of a chunk you add in – a little goes a long way. And it will sink to the bottom, so the likelihood of consumption may be low BUT better safe than sorry. Start small and always use tongs to place dry ice into the glass. And do not touch it with your hands.

Cocktail recipe for Halloween! Learn how to make batch cocktails for Halloween (that look cool and spooky and stuff). #halloween #halloweenrecipe #halloweencocktails #spookycocktails #halloweendiy

Cocktail recipe for Halloween! Learn how to make batch cocktails for Halloween (that look cool and spooky and stuff). #halloween #halloweenrecipe #halloweencocktails #spookycocktails #halloweendiy

Are you a fan of Halloween? Or did you loose interest when you outgrew trick-or-treating? Curious to hear your thoughts!

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Great job. Your post is very informative.


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Thanks so much for this post. Wowed everyone with this special cocktail during Halloween. Thanks once again.


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Halloween is my favorite holiday (with Thanksgiving coming in a close second!) I love the costumes and crazy makeup. Any excuse is a great excuse to have candy and play dressup!
I would love to make these drinks for Halloween this year and host a grownup Costume gala. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off since my apartment is so small, but it would be so much fun!

Ali Enza

Looks amazing,so interesting

The pink pineapple

Those look awesome! Drinks with Matcha? And Vodka? We love Halloween, but since our kids are grown we love seeing the little ones (even the big ones) out and about Trick or Treating! We are in a new town and I’m excited to see if we have a lot of ghosts and goblins here in this Las Vegas neighborhood. We had tons in our last home in Savannah, Georgia! Hope your little one arrives soon! Take care!


Thanks Erika! Hope your Halloween party is super fun!


This looks breathtaking! I’ll be hosting my first Halloween party and i’m looking for drinks to keep the party going. This one would definitely on my list!

Erika Ann

Thanks so much Cat! Very excited about baby’s first Halloween.


This looks and sounds amazing. Wishing you a smooth delivery 🙂 Baby’s first Halloween will be so cute!

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