6 Ideas for Turning Your Bathroom into a (Much Needed) Spa-Like Oasis

By Brittni • posted on 10/08/2020

Home spa ideas you can try right now!

Things are crazy in the world right now. And we could probably all use a little less anxiety and a little more relaxation.

So, today I’m sharing 6 simple tips for turning your bathroom into a spa-like oasis without any major changes. Just minor stuff that will (hopefully) add up to a tranquil escape at the end of the day.

Home Spa Ideas: 6 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Oasis

1. Switch out your textiles (if possible).

If you don’t have the budget to buy any new items right now, shop other parts of your home for another option. Maybe you have some really nice towels in the guest bathroom that aren’t being used…or a cool shower curtain, etc?

My shower curtain is from The Citizenry, in case you’re curious…and so are the towels and bath mat is this pic above.

2. Bring in a candle…or ten candles!

Find a candle from another part of the house and bring it into the bathroom and start using it!

I know many of us have the tendency to buy pretty candles and then not want to use them for some reason (I’ve been guilty of this in the past too), but there is no better reason or excuse to burn that pretty candle than right there is right now. So, get to burning – safely of course.

And once the candle is all burned up, you can use the container for something else…like a planter with my easy planter hack.

3. Make a DIY bath scrub or body balm.

I have a DIY bath scrub and a couple of bath salt recipes (rose petal bath salts and a big list of DIY bath salts here), even a couple of DIY lip balms that are super fun to make.

But whether you use one of my ideas or someone else’s, give it a try! There is magic in doing something small like this for yourself.

And you might even be able to recruit your older kids to help you make it, if you’re feeling ambitious or just need a simple craft project for your littles (probably 8 and over – use your best judgement and supervision on this one) to help.

4. Try some aromatherapy.

Do you have a diffuser? I am obsessed with ours and have been thinking about getting a second one, since our old one was discontinued.

I have my eye on the Vituvi diffuser because it’s super minimal and pretty (and comes in 5 colors). But a more affordable and still cute option would be something like this vitality capsule diffuser (which is small and super cute) or the Zeigga diffuser.

5. Hang some cute things.

This one is easy enough. Just find a few cute items in your bathroom already (or maybe another part of your house – like the brass mobile I snagged from my office) and hang them on a simple shelf or simple DIY wall organizer.

I added my favorite towels and a sisal dry brush to my rail shelf with S hooks and it helped so much to make the space feel cute and happy.

6. Make it a jungle – add plants.

Plants are one of those most calming / grounding items you can add to any room, imo. But it’s not just me! Studies have shown that having plants in your home can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Who could use a little mood booster / stress reducer that in their life rn?

So maybe grab a few plants from another room and bring them into your bathroom – even if it’s just temporarily. Bonus! They’ll be super close to the shower already for their weekly watering.

Alright! That wraps it for my spa-like bathroom ideas. But if you have any ideas that you want to add to the list, please let me know. I’m sure there are more little things we could all do to take away some of the stress at the end of the day, and I’m pretty sure we all want to know about it. So be sure to share!

Looking for more bathroom inspiration?

Check out my teeny tiny yellow bathroom reveal for a colorful (yet still spa-like) alternative to the black and white bathroom I shared today.

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