Dessert for Breakfast: Hot Chocolate Pancakes

(Semi-Homemade) Hot Chocolate Pancakes Recipe! #pancakes #chocolate #hotchocolate #breakfast #smore #recipe #dessert #dessertforbreakfast

Hot chocolate is cool and all, but hot chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup and marshmallows?! Even better!

This pancake recipe may be a little decadent for day-to-day breakfasts, but it’s just right for special occasions… like Saturdays. It’d be really fun for Valentine’s Day brunch too. Click through for the recipe (super easy and only takes a handful ingredients to make).

Ingredients (makes 10 medium pancakes)

  • your favorite pancake mix
  • any additional ingredients listed on the packaging of pancake mix (varies by mix)
  • 3-6 tablespoons of your favorite (powder) hot chocolate mix*
  • cooking spray or butter for greasing pan / griddle

*For 10 medium-sized pancakes, use approximately 6 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder. If you are making a smaller batch, I would recommend cutting back to just 3 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder per 5 pancakes.


Combine all dry ingredients (pancake mix, additional dry ingredients listed on the mix packaging, hot chocolate powder) then any wet ingredients (if any eggs, oil, water, etc is called for based on your pancake mix instructions) to a large bowl. Mix until smooth.

I used the Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix from Trader Joe’s. Do not add water or milk to the hot chocolate mix tough. Just the powder itself.

Add butter or cooking spray to a nonstick skillet or griddle over medium-low heat. Scoop the batter into the pan or griddle (1/4 cup of batter is what is most commonly recommended). Brown on both sides.

Top with mini marshmallows and chocolate syrup, if you’re feeling crazy.

(Semi-Homemade) Hot Chocolate Pancakes Recipe! #pancakes #chocolate #hotchocolate #breakfast #smore #recipe #dessert #dessertforbreakfast

(Semi-Homemade) Hot Chocolate Pancakes Recipe! #pancakes #chocolate #hotchocolate #breakfast #smore #recipe #dessert #dessertforbreakfast

Recipe Cori Maass / Photography Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give these hot chocolate pancakes a try?

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omg what an awesome idea. And so easy!!! I made pancakes this past sunday and would have loved to make em chocolate!


Wowww looks so yummy

The pink pineapple

Haha. Glad to hear that Michelle. 🙂


They look sooooo mouth-watering, I definitely want some right now!


Thanks Courtney. Cori did an awesome job on this recipe.


Those look so good!!

Courtney Hardy

Yay! Happy to hear that Zoe and Ailyn.


looks good! I’d be loving it

Ailyn Koay

Ahh these look so good! And so easy to make! Definitely trying these out after I finish exams as a reward! Loved this post! xx

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