Oopsy Daisy: A Monochromatic Centerpiece that Will Make a Bold Statement for Spring

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024

Spring / Easter Monochromatic Entertaining Idea that Will Make a Bold Statement

With Easter only a week away, I wanted to share a DIY decorating hack that I use for entertaining, that may be helpful for those that are getting their Easter on next weekend (or other spring parties). It’s a monochromatic DIY idea that is completely fool-proof, so whether you’re an experienced DIYer or a total novice, you got this! Pinkie promise.

The idea is simple, gather items from around the house that are similar in color (all yellows, all blues, etc) and create a statement tablescape or entryway welcome tray for party guests to enjoy. Don’t have many items that are all the same color? No worries, neither did I. So, I came up with a solution that solves that problem with a can of paint.

I’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at Valpsar once again, to bring you colorful content all year long – starting with this monochromatic tablescape idea. And to celebrate Ace Hardware’s 31 Days of Color campaign, I used today’s Color of the Day, Oopsy Daisy, to create this DIY bold statement for spring.

Monochromatic Entertaining Idea that Will Make a Bold Statement

Yellow monochromatic tablescape for Easter

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Oopsy Daisy


  • one quart of Valspar Optimus Paint (I used Oopsy Daisy in a flat finish)*
  • paint brush
  • old vases, containers, recycled soup cans, and small decorative objects
  • decorative tray that can be painted

*Normally, I’d say to use any kind of paint you’d like for a project, but in this case, I would specifically recommend Valspar Optimus because of the OptiColor Pigment Technology, which basically translates to brilliant color and a smooth, flawless finish (perfect for different surfaces that you’d be painting for this DIY idea).

Also… I actually bought a gallon of paint, but in hindsight really only needed a quart, since the majority of the pieces only needed one coat of paint. Paint and primer in one is where it’s at folks!

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring (before)

1. Gather up old and/or inexpensive vases, containers, and small decorative items, along with a large tray. And style them (as is) inside the tray. This will help you get an idea for the exact pieces that will work and which ones won’t, before you even get started. That way, you’re only painting the items that will look best set up in the tray. And you can save the rest for other projects, etc.

Styling Tips: Keep your tallest items in the back, but vary the heights for each piece for a well rounded display. Don’t forget to leave room for snacks and beverages too, if desired.

2. Take a picture of the tray set up, just as you like it, so you can remember where everything goes when you’re ready to reassemble everything at the end.

Valspar Oopsy Daisy Optimus paint

3. Now, it’s time to start painting! Depending on the surface you’re covering, you’ll need 1-2 coats of paint. Aside from a couple of stubborn surfaces, the majority of my vases and containers only needed one coat. If any of your items need more than one coat, however, be sure to let the paint dry according to the instructions on the can before painting a second coat.

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring

4. Once the paint is dry, arrange the objects on the tray. Use your picture guide from step #2 to quickly set everything back up the way that you like it.

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring

5. Then fill vases and containers with fresh flowers and/or wheatgrass (which I especially like for Easter or a spring get together). And lastly, add bite size treats (like macarons or cookies) and water or other beverages, so guests can grab something quickly.

Side Note: You could easily replicate this project without a tray as well, if you prefer. I like the tray aspect because it’s easy to move everything at once and you can bring it to another location if necessary (like from the entryway to the dining table or the dining table to a coffee table, etc). But I wouldn’t let it stop you from recreating the project if you don’t have one.

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring (and Easter)

DIY monochromatic centerpiece for spring (and Easter)

Spring centerpiece

How to create a monochromatic centerpiece for spring (and Easter)

Photography Amelia Tatnall and Rachel Brewer
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

What I love most about this DIY idea is the endless possibility for customization… You can get a totally different look with a different color of paint / selecting different styled objects, etc. I’m really curious to know how you would change up this idea to make it your own.

What color would you paint your objects? What kinds of things would you bring into the mix to make it uniquely your own?

This post is in partnership with Valpsar. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Sunshine mood board – Make and Tell

I love that color because it is gorgeous but mostly because of the name haha I love daisies 🙂 Such a cheery set up!


SUCH a great idea! And that yellow is perfect for spring!

Rachel | The Crafted Life

Thanks Emily and Michelle.


This is a beautiful idea, and the flowers are gorgeous as well. I need to do this!


love x 1,000 that yellow


So glad you like it, Kathy.


I don’t usually like the colour yellow but this one is oddly nice haha! Lovely post 🙂



Love the idea of taking this concept outdoors, Sierra.


I LOVE this bright yellow color! I personally think that this bright yellow wouldn’t fit inside my home, but I could see doing this outside for a Easter cookout! If I were to do something like this in my house, I would definitely paint everything light blue or white and really let the flowers be the focal point. Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!!

Sierra @ Happy Curious Life

Thanks Joanna. I could see pink working really well with daffodils. Good thinking.


I absolutely love that bright yellow, so sunny and happy! I think I would maybe use a bright pink tho and use daffodils and orange gerbera in the vases.


Joanna Stephens

Thanks Merlanne.


I just love these bright, sunny pictures and the idea to paint everything in the same color. Thanks for the inspiration.

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