A Blogger Bunch for a Spring Brunch: Canvas, and Flowers, and Parfaits…Oh My!

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Last week, I put together a spring brunch for a handful of Atlanta bloggers and Instagrammers, along with my friend Haley from Brewing Happiness. And since yesterday was the first day of spring AND Easter is literally right around the corner, I thought I’d share some photos this morning from the event.

It was a ton of fun, and even though I managed to sprinkle some stressful moments in there (what party planning would be complete without it, right?), everything worked out great. It was so nice to see blog buddies that I hadn’t caught up with in a while and make some new friends too.

I imagine there will be more of these in the future, with more and more creatives from ATL joining in on upcoming get-togethers. But this was a great first go, with yummy homemade goodies from Haley, a parfait bar, cocktails, florals, and plenty of DIY party decor.

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Prettiest parfait

Big thanks to Flower Muse for providing all of the gorgeous flowers and Justin’sWallaby Yogurt, and Seven Sundays for hooking us up in the food department. Also…Rachel Brewer for doing all of the hand lettering and Amelia Tatnall for the photography for the event.

Here’s how it all went down…


We threw the party at Haley’s loft, which has gorgeous natural light and rustic / industrial charm. I brought over my molded plastic chairs to bring in some clean, modern lines, which worked really well as a contract to Haley’s extra long wood dining table.

Hand lettered DIY party invitations and homemade granola


To set the mood for our little shindig, we sent out a box to each attendee ahead of time, with a mini canvas that said ‘let’s party’ and a tube container of homemade granola, along with a postcard that included all of the important details. The containers are from Ikea, in case you’re wondering.

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Flower Power

Surprise, surprise, there was no shortage of flowers. I mean can you even have a spring celebration without some flowers here and there? I think not.

I made all of the floral arrangements the day before, so we could keep everything as fresh as possible. We needed up with five low centerpieces that ran the length of the table and a few additional arrangements for the food and drink tables, etc.

I’ll be sharing the exact flower breakdown and tutorial for making the centerpieces in another post later this week.

Layered canvas DIY photo booth backdrop for a spring brunch

Hand lettered canvas place cards

Canvas Time

To make things easy, I decided to use raw canvas (that we then painted in our color scheme) for the bulk of the decorations. It not only helped to tie all of the decorative elements together in a pinch, it was also super budget-friendly. I bought 6 yards of canvas at $6.50 a yard, for a total of $39 – which (aside from paint) covered the materials for the photo booth backdrop, menu, contest sign, place cards, prize ribbons, and table runner.

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Layered yogurt and granola parfait

Food Stuff

One of the main food components for the brunch was a parfait bar. We thought it would be really fun to turn it into a little contest too. So we did a ‘prettiest parfait’ contest, which was a nice ice breaker and just kind of different and fun.

Aside from the parfait bar, Haley made two kinds of muffins, overnight porridge, fruit salad, and more. All kinds of (healthy-ish) yum for everyone.

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Hand Lettering

All of the hand lettering for the menu, contest sign, place cards, etc was done by Rachel Brewer. Thanks Rach. You did an amazing job!

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Atlanta bloggers brunch

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Atlanta bloggers brunch

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

A colorful spring brunch with DIY details

Photography by Amelia Tatnall

What do you think of this DIY spring brunch? Any ideas in here that you might use for your next get together?

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Thanks Harini. I used small sample interior wall paints for the canvas backdrop. I don’t remember the exact colors, unfortunately. But we just added a little bit of water to the brush each time we applied more paint, to give it that texture and look. Hope that helps.


I absolute love love love this, so vibrant and fresh and creativity everywhere. Do you mind if I ask what kind of paint you used on the canvas? I love the watercolor feel…


Glad you found me, Erin. 🙂 The markers are just regular paint pens (since they were being lettered on painted canvas, it was a hard enough surface for the paint pens to work just fine). Hope that helps.


I just discovered this site today & I’m IN LOVE! All of the decor in this post is crazy beautiful & I’m loving the menu & place cards. I was wondering, what kind of fabric marker was used for them? Thanks!


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What a gorgeous gathering! And the decor and photography are to die for with their vivid charm 🙂


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Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST! I love that this brought you all together! Such a good way to open up and reach out to other bloggers in the community, and actually get to know one another in person!
We’d love to do something like this out here in L.A.! And I love the idea of a parfait contest. Something that’s not seen a lot and an adorable ice breaker! And also the canvas decorations! So cute and affordable! I love the whole thing!

Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland

I’d love to come to the next one!


Such a lovely DIY and your photos are amazing! Your DIY’s turned out so lovely and the colours in the room just lighten up the atmosphere 🙂



What a lovely event, I live close to Dubai, UAE and I wonder if there are any creative bloggers out there cause I haven’t heard of one. It would be nice to meet fellow bloggers in real time.

Marwa | Enthralling Gumption

I love the decoration, it’s beautiful and the color scheme is perfect!


Loooove that backdrop, B! So gorgeous!!! Looks like it was such a fun event!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I hear ya, Dani. The city I was in before Atlanta didn’t have much in way of a blogging community. But even if it’s just a few creatives to start, getting together is so nice and inspiring.


This makes me wish I lived near a city, where there were other creative bloggers and artists nearby to brunch with, or get coffee, or to just connect. Someday, I have my fingers crossed, I live somewhere with more stuff happening!

Dani @ Danielle and Co.

Thanks Kimberly. Haley’s place was the perfect spot for this meet up. You’ll have to come to the next one, if you’re free.


Beautiful venue and decor! I can’t wait for the floral bouquet tutorial. I love the idea of the parfait contest. What a fun way to get everyone involved regardless of their expertise in a particular area!

Kimberly Murray

Thanks Emily. Haley definitely rocked it in the food department and the parfait bar was perfectly casual and easy.


I love the menu – it’s perfectly simple, fresh, healthy, and yummy! I did a parfait bar at a baby shower once and it went over rather well. It definitely takes some stress off the host.

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