I Like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie: A Peek into What’s in My Bag Right Now

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

I like big bags and I cannot lie

Do you ever go searching for something on Instagram, and then fall down the rabbit hole, for…oh, I don’t know…WAY too long? I try not to let it happen. But let’s face it, sometimes, it’s unavoidable.

Case and point, the #whatsinmybag hashtag. I am so fascinated by what people carry around with them in their purses.

So, I thought I would join the party! I partnered with my friends at Tic Tac to share all of the things that I (honestly) have in my big, giant bag right now. I even included the things that I probably shouldn’t have in my purse, but do. If it was in there, it was fair game.

The only thing I didn’t include? Receipts. As in piles and piles of receipts that are always, ALWAYS, in my bag. Why do I hold onto to all of these?!

What's in my bag, right now / Paper & Stitch

Jeff bought me this Clare V. bag for my birthday earlier this year and I love it. Do you remember me talking about it on Insta?

It’s pretty large, so I can fit tons of stuff inside. Some necessities, some luxuries, and some absolutely random items (like that yellow velvet ribbon and lilac purple yarn).

bag Clare V. // sunglasses case Anthro // sunglasses Celine

DIY llama keychain

My little llama keychain… I actually just recently found my DIY ‘party animal’ ornament in a random box of supplies, so I removed the string and added a keychain loop. Viola. Llama keychain.

What's in My Bag / Madewell Jewelry

I’m always forgetting where I last put this ring or that necklace. So, I keep some of my favorite jewelry pieces in my bag. That way, I always have them with me.

necklace (the back is showing in the photo FYI) Madewell // two smaller rings Madewell // raised ring (old) Forever 21

Bag Essentials #tictacpack

I like to keep a handful of items in my bag to keep me entertained. Just in case I’m stuck in a long line at the post office or find myself out to lunch alone.

So, I keep a notebook with me (I DIYed this one) and a pen, my phone, and a book. I just bought #Girlboss a couple of days ago, so I’m a little late for this train. But oh well.

I also keep Tic Tacs in my bag as a little snack / candy / breath freshener. Freshmints and Spearmint are my fave flavors…Jeff likes the orange ones. So, usually I have those too, for him.

green mini notebook DIYed by me // super awesome pen (that I bought for Jeff, but then stole because I loved it so much) CW&T // Tic Tacs // iPhone // #GIRLBOSS

What's in your bag? Beauty products, jewelry, etc

I usually carry a handful of beauty products too. Nail polish, dry shampoo (Is that normal to carry around in your purse?), hair ties, powder, lotion, my favorite lipstick, and mascara. And don’t forget the other random accessories…like scarves and polka dot hankies.

sunglasses Celine // nail polish // hand lotion Barr-Co // eucalyptus dry shampoo Alder // hair ties // hankies Madewell // lipstick // mascara Smashbox // powder Bare Minerals // mobile charger Bando

What’s in your bag right now? Better yet, what’s the most random item you have in your bag right now?

Don’t be shy. I want to know.

This post is in partnership with Tic Tac. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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I love these posts and that bag!!

At the moment I have a collection of restaurant’s business cards
that I’m dying to try – so handy for the next time I am thinking of somewhere to go x


That bag is so great! I’m dying to read Girl Boss. Let us know how it is! I generally have an assortment of scissors, sunglasses and approximately 1,000 receipts in my purse. Classy, I know.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

That bag is adorable!


A roll of scotch tape and a pair of my son’s socks. God only knows!!!????


I love getting a sneak into what’s in everyone’s bag. Every week I share what’s in my bag on Instagram using the hashtag #whatsintaysbag It’s been so fun!



Ha – I love Llamas! I’ve had that book for over a month now and still need to start reading it!


Amen. What is it about receipts that they just pile up like that? I definitely need go through mine and toss the ones I don’t actually need.


i always have piles of receipt in my bag/purse as well! i usually forget to clean them out



That’s a good one, Susan. At one point, I carried a full size measuring tape with me at all times. You have me beat with the allen wrenches though. 🙂 Love it.


Two Allen wrenches

Farmer Susan

Thanks for the link, Samantha. Your friends bags are awesome. Love the tote and clutches.


I love those sunglasses!

If you love big bags you should check out my friends new hand made leather beauties! They’re amazing.


Samantha Swope
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