Make This: 7 DIY Ways to Make S’mores Even More Delicious

By Brittni • Updated on 01/08/2016

7 DIY Ways to Make Smores Even More Delicious

Okay, okay. I swear I’m going to get s’mores out of my system. But just not today.

After last week’s s’more ice cream sandwiches, I had a handful of additional ideas that I wanted to tackle.

So, I put them all together in one post. And I may have one more teeny tiny s’mores ideas I want to share, but after that, I swear I’m done. If you’re over s’mores, though, feel free to let me know. I can stop, I swear. Haha.

Here are 7 more DIY ways to make s’mores…

Chocolate Cookie Strawberry S'more Sandwich

1. Chocolate Cookie Strawberry S’more Sandwich

The only s’more idea hat involves fruit! Toast up some marshmallows, cut up a few strawberries, and sandwich them between two soft chocolate cookies.

Caramel S'mores

2. Traditional S’mores with a Caramel Kick

These are one of my favorites. It’s just like a traditional s’more, but instead of regular chocolate, use caramel-filled milk chocolate pieces. It’s delicious!

Brownie S'more Sandwiches

3. Brownie S’more Sandwich

Okay. These are seriously decadent. The brownie acts as the chocolate ingredient..Cut a brownie in half (like when you’re slicing a bagel), add a toasted marshmallow in between and top with crushed graham crackers.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup S'mores

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’mores

This one is easy enough…Peanut butter cups, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Yum.

Biscoff S'mores

5. Biscoff S’mores

If you like Biscoff cookies (the ones that they serve on the plane), you’ll love these. Spread chocolate frosting onto two Biscoff cookies and sandwich them in between toasted mini marshmallows.

Blueberry Pie S'mores

6. Blueberry Pie S’mores

This is the strangest one of the bunch, but I love it. It’s a good summer meets fall kind of s’more. All you’ll need are marshmallows, graham crackers, and a small slice of blueberry pie. Chocolate optional.

Chocolate Chip Cookie S'more Sandwiches

Chocolate Chip Cookie S'more Pockets

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more Pockets

I love these little s’more pockets and they’re so easy. Toast some marshmallows and sandwich them between two soft chocolate chip cookies. Push down and pinch the back of the two cookies, to create a cookie pocket. You don’t need any additional chocolate since the chocolate chips are in the cookies already. Easy peasy.

What are your favorite ways to eat s’mores? I’d love to hear your fave combo in the comments below.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

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I’ll take one of each please! haha! They all look SO good!

Eden Passante

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Great now I need to eat some smores, but we are out of marshmellows. These seem all delicious.


YUM! That first chocolate chip s’more cookie looks delicious!!

xo, K

B @ BKCsquared

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Top 5 Campfire Desserts

They all look so good! Definitely going to try the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’mores♥ x
Thanks for the ideas! 🙂 xo


OMG everything looks sooo good. the chocolate cookie strawberry thing looks amazing ! 😀


Thanks Kristin.


Mmmm this looks so good!


Really? Happy to be the one to introduce you, Amber.


Being from Australia I had no idea what a s’more was, but I’m very glad to have been enlightened! Yum!

Amber Rhodes

Oh! A Ritz cracker s’more sounds delicious. I might have to try that one, Rachel.


Sweetness why would you introduce these ideas into our minds? I must try at next weekend’s BBQ. One more I’d add? The Ritz Cracker S’more. I love the idea of salty buttery crisp mixed with sweet melty marshmallow.

Thanks for sharing!
xo Rachel

Rachel from Rose Tinted Home

Yeah, that one is intense. 🙂 I’m starting to feel like it’s weird that I never had had a peanut butter cup s’more before creating this post. Apparently, it’s more common than I thought. Either way, though, it’s delicious.


Soooo that blueberry pie s’more. Woah. I’ve been a long time lover of the peanut butter cup s’more, but some of these might be edging that one out for the win! I think it’s time for a s’mores party…

Kelly @ Studio DIY

oh good gracious.

Nina @ Flowers in my Hair

Hey Chels. Now, imagine if you were the one making and photographing these bad boys. 5 pounds gained on my end too, I’m sure. Haha.


Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds reading this, B. But it’s the best 5 pounds ever. YUM!

Chelsea Foy

Good choice, Tara. Peanut butter and chocolate are always a good combo, right? Can’t go wrong.


I love to spread some peanut butter on my graham cracker before adding the chocolate and toasty marshmallow … or how about Nutella?

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