DIY My Fourth of July: A Firework Embroidered Jean Shorts Idea

DIY My Fourth of July: A Fireworks Inspired Jean Shorts Idea #julyfourth #fourthofjuly #diy #jeanshorts #embroidery

Keeping with the July Fourth DIY ideas, I wanted to share a quick project that is not just perfect for July Fourth, but any time of year. These embroidered firework jean shorts are a subtle way to incorporate a little flair for the holiday (or any other time of year).

How to embroider jean shorts. #julyfourth #fourthofjuly #diy #jeanshorts #embroidery

How to Make Embroidered Jean Shorts for July 4th

To make your own, all you’ll need is a pair of your favorite jean shorts and a needle and thread (I used embroidery floss because it’s much thicker and easier to see the designs).

Start with a strand of embroidery floss and thread through needle. Do a double strand of embroidery floss if you want the design to be thicker and more visible. Next, double or triple knot the end and go through the inside of the jean shorts to get started. Basically, you’re just creating a simple asterisk pattern of lines roughly the same length that go to the center and then go back underneath the jeans and pop back out for the next line. See process shot for a better idea of how this was done.

Once the design is complete, go back through the jeans with the embroidery floss to the back and double or triple knot and cut off all loose string from the inside and they’re ready to wear.

DIY My Fourth of July: A Fireworks Inspired Jean Shorts Idea #julyfourth #fourthofjuly #diy #jeanshorts #embroidery

A Fireworks Inspired Jean Shorts Idea for Summer #julyfourth #fourthofjuly #diy #jeanshorts #embroidery

A Fireworks Inspired Jean Shorts Idea for Summer #julyfourth #fourthofjuly #diy #jeanshorts #embroidery #summerdiy

Photography Amelia Lawrence // Model Emma Spear

What are your plans for July Fourth? Do you ever dress up for the occasion?

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Those jean shorts are adorable. I love the floral embroidered detail.

Courtney Hardy

Thanks Courtney. Flowers always help. 🙂


I love how cute and subtle the embroidery is, great work!


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Thanks Michelle.


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Looks so cute.Love this idea

The pink pineapple
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