(Green) Thumbs Up: 23 Unique DIY Planters You’ll Actually Want to Make

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Unique DIY planters that your plants (and your home) will thank you for. Plant lovers – this one is for you!

A roundup of 23 unique DIY planters ideas for spring / summer and beyond.

DIY planters are some of my absolute favorite projects to make because when they’re all finished up, they’re a cute home decor addition but also super functional for the plants in your home. And we can all agree that plants are one of the best decor accessories in any home, right?!

To me, plants feel kind of sculptural in a home, when done right. And with the right DIY planter to go with it, you can’t lose.

So, I’ve rounded up 23 super unique DIY planters and pots to spruce up the the plant babies you already have. Or maybe even inspire you to add a few more to your growing plant collection.

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23 DIY Planters Your Plants Will Thank You For

$5 Target Hack DIY planter project featuring pink and green hanging pots on a white wall.

1. I love a good Target hack and this DIY hanging planter is one of my favorites.

It’s simple, modern, and super cheap to make…only costs about $5 each!

A cool, three-dimensional planter in all white, finding sun in the shadows.

2. Almost Makes Perfect created an amazing 3D planter using polymer clay and a standard terra cotta pot.

Super clever and resourceful. I love how unexpected, yet minimal, the finished piece looks.

Terra-cotta totem planter by cottage front door, with fresh plants in each planter.

3. Totem planters are so in right now, so of course this DIY totem planter made the list!

It’s really easy to make on your own and costs  a lot less than the fancier versions that I’m seeing pop up everywhere these days.

Copper planter stands next to a blush pink sofa in a white modern living room.

4. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s plant stand makeover prove that there’s really nothing a little copper spray paint and rope can’t fix. One thing I really love about these DIY planter stands is that they add height to smaller plants, so they still feel tall and take up plenty of visual space.

Also, this setup confirms that I may need a blush sofa. Anyone else?

Modern concrete planters in pastel colors with succulents inside.

5. You can make these DIY concrete planters in minutes, yes, minutes. And they’re so unique!

And it’s probably not what you think…because you don’t even have to mix  up the concrete!

Modern, minimal wood planters for hanging plants on the wall.

6. A trio of simple cube wall planters like these ones from Craftifair would look great in just about any space. It turns these tiny plants into little works of art with the addition of those wood DIY planters.

Japanese string garden hanging planters over a rustic wood desk and office space.

7. I love these Japanese string garden inspired DIY planters from Designlovefest. They’re a perfect way to display orchids and other more exotic greens, which make for a nice break from the usual succulents and monsteras.

Woven yarn basket planters and storage for organizational office supplies.

8. An Ikea hack for organizational storage and DIY planters…you can kind of see the planter version of this project hiding in the background of this photo. But I think the version with all  over loops  would be even cuter for a planter, don’t you? Add a fun, playful texture imo.

Here’s the tutorial: DIY woven baskets for planters and storage.

White brushstroke pattern painted onto simple terra-cotta planter with succulents in it.

9. You really can’t go wrong with classic terra cotta, but adding a quick painted pattern keeps them feeling a little more unique. I love this simple brushstroke pattern.

Check out the DIY planter tutorial over on Designlovefest.

DIY Staghorn Fern mount on clean white wall.

10. Staghorn ferns make for amazing wall art, so of course this DIY from Oh Honey Blog is a must-try.

A simple DIY planter design with a polka dot pattern featuring a fern inside.

11. Keep it simple, with a polka dot planter with some personality from Oh Joy.

I love those little bits of terra-cotta texture peaking through from the original planter.

Boho fringe DIY planter idea with colorful fringe and lots of texture. Plant sitting by window.

12. This colorful boho fringe planter idea from Apartment Therapy makes a great home for monsteras, and is easily customizable to fit your home decor, which of course I’m a fan of.

Really love DIY planters like this that are off the beaten path from the typical planter.

DIY Plant Stands using old lampshades sitting on desk with artwork behind it.

13. Well, this is another plant stand project, not necessarily a DIY planter. But like the other planter stand I showed, this one adds great height to smaller plants. AND this idea from The Merrythought is one of the easiest (and cheapest) on the list.

Honestly, I wish I had thought of it first. Haha.

DIY colored plaster mini planters all lined up on a simple wood wall shelf.

14. This project has still got to be one of my favorite planter projects of all time.

Years and years ago I figured out how to create colored plaster (it’s probably not what you think) and then I made like 100 of these tiny little  DIY planters to celebrate. Haha.

Learn how to make color plaster of paris mini planters perfect for succulent trimmings and baby cacti. Side note: These make amazing wedding center pieces and favors!

Marbled planter that was once a candle holder, sitting on coffee table with books and other plants.

15. Convert a candle container into a planter when you’ve used up the last of it, with this easy planter hack.

I literally do this with every single candle container I get, after it’s all used up. So, I have quite a few of these.

Use corn husks for this DIY up-cycled planter project that features bright colors and cool texture.

16. Here’s another money-saver: make these upcycled DIY planters for about $2 each using a very unique material. Any guesses what these planters are made of?

Mid-Century Modern DIY Plant Stand with cool cacti for a Palm Springs look.

17. Love these midcentury modern planters from Sugar & Cloth. And all these cacti are basically a Palm Springs dream come true.

Fresh charcoal spray paint on an old tin planters that sits on a desk with books and artwork.

18. Give generic metal pots and planters a makeover with a simple spray paint enamel hack.

They literally look brand new with just a coat of  spray paint. I’ve gotta remember to look for old planters again, that need a fresh coat of paint next time I’m at the thrift store.

A simple yet decorative DIY planter idea that uses wood and string for a unique look.

19. There are a ton of wooden plant stands projects out there, but I love how The Lovely Drawer added an extra touch with the geometric thread design.

Faux copper geometric planters sitting on table, that hold succulents and flowers

20. Save yourself some serious pennies with these DIY faux copper geometric planters.

Hint: This one involves cardboard and one other supply (it’s not paint).


Green DIY plant stand and planters in a monochromatic color with artwork in the background.

21. Make an entire plant stand with coordinating painted pots for the ultimate plant display like this project from Enter My Attic.

Also, can we please talk about this shade of green? I absolutely love it. 

DIY airplant wall hangers in triangle shapes made of copper and wood.

22. Give your airplants a nice perch with this minimal but eye-catching DIY from Homey Oh My.

Leather planters with polka dot pattern embossed on them and herbs inside, on a wood desk

23. Last but not least… Leather DIY planters like this are great for small indoor plants- like herbs, cacti, and succulents. And I love the engraved pattern I was able to create too.

Make these leather planters.

And last but not least, this one is unrelated to planters BUT has everything to do with plants. If you ever have any plant trimmings that you want to propagate, be sure to bookmark my plant propagation post. It’s really easy and will help you multiply your plants without spending any money.

What plant-related projects are you planning to take on this season? And what are some of your favorite houseplants to grow?


























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I love all of these ideas! Def some great inspo as I’m collecting more plants 😍.


I’m seriously falling in love with succulents, and now all these amazing planters?! Gosh I also love that hanging one! I really have to stop myself from availing all of them. Anyways, thanks for sharing these. Love lots! xoxo

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I love this is an amazing post

The pink pineapple

These planting ideas are super cute! One thing I love to do with my planted herbs is to get out my Cricut vinyl machine and make little word labels to put on each pot. I love to customize and organize with my vinyl lettering on my plants!


Happy to hear that Esther. Thanks!


They look so beautiful and definitely worth it to give it a try. Thank you for sharing them. Cheers!

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Glad you like ’em Courtney. There are so many good ones on this list! I love planter projects.


These planters look awesome!

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