Singing in the Rain: Cute Kids Rain Boots

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

Cute kids rain boots in an easy-to-follow guide.

Kids rain boots in various neutral colors for boy and girls

It’s been raining way more than expected this year and my toddler loves jumping in puddles. So I started searching around for cute kids rain boots he might like.

I ended up finding quite a few cute options and since I’m only buying one pair, I put together a roundup of all the cool kids rain boots I found.

There are so any adorable ones! Most of the ones I found come in additional colors AND nearly half the list is under $25!

Check ’em out if your kiddo needs a pair of rain boots for the season.

10 Cool + Cute Kids Rain Boots

1. Liewood Thermo Rain Boots in Tuscany Rose $74

These kids rain boots are so cute with the ears.

Plus, they look really warn with the faux fur interior of the boot.

2. Sticky Lemon Apple Rain Boots $41

Sticky Lemon is a dutch brand known for their spunky patterns and fun color combos.

Love the apple pattern on these and the signature lemon on the back.

3. Bobo Choses Orange Faces Rain Boots $58

Bobo Choses is one of my fave kids brands. Also available in pink (rain boots).

4. Brown Oslo Rain Boots $18

Love this color!

5. Gusset Gumboot $19.99

These kids rain boots come in 6 colors and they’re really affordable.

I think the steel blue is my fave.

6. Boxbo Graphic Print Rain Boots $59

Not sure if its the color combo or the bold animal face on these kids rain boots that I love most.

But whatever it is, these are pretty cool!

7. Brown Dots Caracas Rain Boots $20

Another pair of brown rain boots, but these have a cute pattern on them.

8. Fashion Gumboots $24.99

These come in three colors and are a little taller than some of the other rain boot designs.

9. Sticky Lemon Purple Rain Boots $41

Another cute pair of rain boots from Sticky Lemon.

They’re handmade and the perfect height for comfort without any water splashing in.

10. Rylee & Cru Rain Boot, Olive $52

These kids rain boots are made of natural rubber. Great color too. Also available in a flower print.

Kids rain boots in different colors with blue graphic

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That’s it for now. Hope you can find a pair of kids rain boots on this list that your child will love splashing around in.

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