Last Minute Holiday DIY to Try: 4 Unique DIY Gift Topper Ideas

By Brittni • posted on 08/30/2023

4 Unique DIY Gift Topper Ideas for the Holidays

Somehow its already Christmas week and while I’m almost done with wrapping all of our family gifts at this point, I still have a trick or two up my sleeve in the present department. Because lets face it, I’m far more into the wrapping portion of gift-giving than I should be.

Here are 4 unique DIY ways to create holiday gift toppers for presents this year…

4 Unique DIY Gift Topper Ideas for the Holidays

1. Holographic Garland Topper: I used some leftover garlands from this New Year’s Eve tutorial and just wrapped them around a few packages. The star one is my fave. Which one do you like best?

4 DIY Gift Topper Ideas for the Holidays

2. Giant Fabric Bow Topper: Cut several large square pieces of fabric (all the same size – roughly 16 inches), then cinch them in the middle and wrap a smaller strip of fabric around the cinches area to create the bow. Attach to presents for a bold statement.

3. Disco Garland Topper: I found this garland at CB2 and cut it up into smaller pieces that can be wrapped around presents.

4 DIY Gift Topper Ideas for the Holidays

4. Spray Painted Tree Trimmings Topper: I picked up some (free) tree trimmings from a home improvement store that sells Christmas trees (they keep the excess trimmings from the trees in the front in giant bins that anyone can take home). Once you have the tree trimmings, spray paint them and then attach them to your packages and presents, just like you would a ribbon, etc. You can even make little bows out of it, with a wood bead in the middle for the knot.

4 DIY Gift Topper Ideas for the Holidays

 Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

How are you wrapping up your gifts for the holidays?

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I love the Spray Painted Tree Trimmings Topper! I have some garland that I haven’t used for 2 christmas already since I have one that already has ornaments on it. I should try this! it looks very doable and easy! Thanks for these ideas!


I love how minimalist and easy everything is but it doesn’t look hurried and unkempt. My favourite is the spray painted tree trimmings topper!


Sounds fun, Hannah. I bet super bright colors look great with the toppers you’re describing.


These are all so fun! I absolutely love wrapping presents and this year I’ve gone with super bright colours and incorporated paper fans, big bows, pompoms and photo tags! 🙂
Hannah x


Thanks Paige. The wrapping paper is from Britt Bass.


I love this wrapping paper. It’s too cute.



Thanks Silke and Ashlyn.


Love these ideas! Great post!


ooh they’re all so cute!


Thanks Michelle. I think that one is my favorite too.


Love the ones with the glitter garland!

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