Make This: DIY Salt Water Taffy Cocktail Stirrers + Cupcake Toppers

By Brittni • Updated on 02/09/2014

DIY // taffy drink stirrers + cupcake toppers

I bought some salt water taffy candies at the store over the weekend, and after eating a few, I realized they would be fun edible additions to party foods and drinks. So I put together a quick little Monday morning tutorial for making stacked taffy cupcake toppers and candy kabob drink stirrers.

They’re insanely easy and would be a good last minute solution for Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, etc.

DIY Candy Kabobs for Cupcakes

Here’s how to make your own…

You’ll only need three supplies: wood skewer sticks, salt water taffy candies, and scissors or wire cutters to cut the skewers down to size.

To Make: Unwrap candies and poke them through the wood skewer (through the pointed side). Keep pushing them down to add multiple candies in a row. Once done, cut the bottom end of the skewer to size (long for drink stirrers and pretty short for cupcakes). That’s it.

If you want to go the extra mile though, you can make your own homemade taffy beforehand. This recipe is my favorite.

yum! salt water taffy as DIY cupcake toppers

salt water taffy drink stirrers + cupcake toppers

And if you’re really in a hurry, you don’t even have to unwrap the candies. They look just as cute with the wrappers on. It really only works for the cupcake toppers though. Drink stirrers would probably look a little crazy with the wrapper on – unless it was just one candy on the end of the stick.

yummy little DIY cupcake toppers

DIY cupcake toppers and drink stirrers / made with salt water taffy

yum! salt water taffy cupcake toppers

DIY salt water taffy party edibles

Naturally, kids will love these, but they’re good for adults too…The drink stirrers would be perfect for party cocktails and guest could eat them like dessert when they’ve finished their drinks.

What do you think? Is this easy enough for you to try at home?

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

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Oh these are just darling! 🙂


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Thanks Jenna.

And Kim – I totally agree…all about the little touches.


So clever! Little touches make a big difference!

Kim Byers @ The Celebration Shoppe

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Ahhhh everything looks so pretty!

Jenna ||


They do kinda look like watercolors don’t they, Chels? I was thinking that too.


I love these! They kind of look watercolor-y, which is so pretty!

Chelsea Foy

Aw, thanks Kel. 🙂


AMAZING. Genius. This is why I love you!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Becca and Kelly! Hope your weeks are off to a great start.


Such a cute, easy touch! I love this idea.

Becca | Ladyface Blog



Kelly Smith

Haha. Thanks Ash. Speaking of love…I love the ‘LOVE’ fringe cake topper you have on the blog today, from Molly. I’m shooting a letter cake topper today, but it’s not nearly as cool.


Shut your mouth right now! I love these!!!

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth
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