Make This: Hanging Holiday DIY Display Shelf

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Holiday decor DIY

It’s not often that I play around with a pull saw. In fact, I pretty much NEVER branch out into the wood department when it comes to DIYs. But I recently broke free from my no wood/ saws policy and made this DIY Christmas tree shelf from scratch. Here’s the story…

I was trolling the internet looking for a new mirror for our bathroom and stumbled on this circular shelf from Ferm Living, which is not a mirror at all – I totally fell down the rabbit hole. For some reason, the first thing that popped in my head when I saw it was ‘Christmas tree’. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Make This: modern wood Christmas tree hanging shelf

Anyway, I started thinking about how I would make something like this and realized it actually wouldn’t be THAT difficult. Turns out, with some help from family (I would recommend an additional pair of hands for holding sides upright while glueing, etc), I was able to pull it off.

Check out the full tutorial, with step by step instructions, right here on Curbly.


Christmas DIY // modern wood shelf from scratch

Holiday Wall Art Project // Wood Storage Shelf

I have to admit, I am feeling all kinds of official right now. Somebody point me towards their next wood project! I’ll bring my tool belt (filled exclusively with bottles of wood glue) and a hand saw.

Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Curbly

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AMAZING! OBSESSED! You always ROCK out the Christmas DIYs, my dear! I need this shelf in my life. Stat!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

This is fantastic! It would be a great landing spot for all the festive trinkets I have.

Colleen Pastoor

Such a cute and easy way to decorate for the holidays! And it would actually provide storage for all those Christmas related nic-naks you want to display for all your friends and family to see.


Love it, and love the dala horse too.


I am completely laughing at your comment about falling down a rabbit hole. The internet has a crazy way of doing that to us.

Serendipity though…Great project – you totally owned that tool belt!


Thanks Marlene! Really appreciate that.


Brittni, I LOVE this! It’s so cute and exactly the kind of understated Christmas decor I go for. Feel free to come help me with my woodworking projects! 😉 Also, I really really want a dala horse…


Totally Jenni! Definitely something about wood projects that is different. And I like it.


There is something so freeing about building something out of wood with your own hands, hey? I, too, have been incredibly fearful of saws my whole life, but once I got past that fear (kind of), it was such a fun experience!


Thank you Sarah. There were a lot of high-fives involved when this thing was finally finished.


This is adorable! And good for you for tackling a wood project!! That’s big stuff:) It came out awesome, I love that it creates a little spot to showcase holiday trinkets as well.

Sarah LoCascio

Thank you! And oh my goodness…isn’t that Ferm Living shelf great, Chels? If I got some bendable wood, I guess I could try to make one on my own…For now, I think I’ll stick to straight lines though. Haha.


I know the shelf you’re talking about and I have been in love with it for the last couple of weeks. This thing is rad, B.

Chelsea C.

Thanks Becca. It’s funny because I totally would have filled the whole tree up with trinkets, but I guess I don’t have that many small ones at the moment (we donated a bunch of stuff before our last move in an effort to consolidate). Guess I’ll have to start collecting again! 🙂


This is darling! I would love to make something like this. I think I would probably end up filling it up with all sorts of tiny trinkets!

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