Make This: Stitched Clutch DIY Holiday Gift

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

Make This: Stitched Clutch DIY

Hey there! Hope you’re feeling energized after a few days off for Thanksgiving….We ended up putting our tree up over the break (along with a whole lot of pumpkin pie) and it’s really feeling like the holidays around here now. What about at your house?

With it being officially December (that was quick, huh?), I’m thinking about gifts for friends and family because the next three weeks are going to fly by. Naturally, I have some DIY options up my sleeve and I’ll be sharing some of those with you in the coming weeks, starting today, with this stitched clutch DIY that I recently created for iVillage.

I teamed up with them to create a handful of DIY projects for their 30 Days of HoliDIY (a new holiday DIY everyday for 30 days). So I’ll be sharing a sneak peek for all of my iVillage projects as they are released. You can view the entire calendar here for a list of all 30 DIYs. 

DIY // Stitched Clutch for the Holidays

Anyway, back to today’s DIY…Inspired by a popular shoe makeover I did way back when, I made this stitched clutch from an inexpensive, plain zipper pouch for less than $15 total. It would make a great (semi) handmade gift for a friend and it’s really easy to customize to even your pickiest friend’s liking.

What do you think? Do you have any friends who could use one of these little stitched clutches?

Modeling by Jordan Brantley // Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

P.S. On another note, my friend Chelsea from Lovely Indeed is giving away a $250 Anthropolgie gift card as part of the 24 Merry Days event. Go here to enter! And Erin from House of Earnest is giving away a Scandi-inspired accent chair valued at $300.

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Soo cute!!!

Miss Manitas

Sure thing! Keep me posted.


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Thanks for the advice/suggestion re: the box handbag with chain! I’ll try to paint it with fabric paint! It’s worth a try, as I can’t wear it the way it is right now.


Aw, thanks Rachel.


Such a lovely touch! Your friends must get the best presents 🙂

Rachel | 52 Weeks Project

Thanks Nykita. You should definitely give it a try. It was a fun little project.


You’ve definitely upped its appeal! I would try it too. 🙂


Oh good! So glad Elliot. Let me know how it turns out. I’d love to see the finished product.


I found the perfect gift for my sister! Thank you!


If you want to cover up the stain, you could paint the clutch or create a stitched or embroidered pattern over the stain to cover it up. Good luck!


Yes, good idea! I have a small box clutch purse (light aqua taffeta/faille?) with hidden chain that can be taken out and used as a dressy handbag. It was my mom’s and has a slight water stain on one side. Any ideas to cover up that stain? Maybe a DIY for the 2014 holidays………..


Yes! That’s a good point Becca. I was originally thinking about stitching a purse (with a flap closure), around the edges but thought a clutch might be a better giftable item for the holidays. It would totally work for a larger bag or purse though.


This is darling! I love the idea of prettying up a little clutch like this. I bet it would also be really cute on a purse with a flap closure!

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