Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

By Brittni • Updated on 10/11/2023

Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

I’ve been living on flatbread pizzas and I wanted to share a few that I’ve been making lately, in case you’re as ‘pizza forever’ as I am at the moment.

Here are 3 recipes for insanely easy naan pizzas. Including the pizza I’m most obsessed with rn. Click through for all the details.

Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

What I love most about these flatbread pizza recipes is that they’re literally the easiest thing on the planet to make.

You could be the worst cook on earth and still rock this recipe with a quickness.

And being as though I can (occasionally) be pretty clumsy in the kitchen, this idea has been at the top of my list lately.

I used Opal apples as one of the ingredients in each of the three pizzas because they’re so perfect for these little guys. If you read my apple coleslaw recipe post with Opal, you already know the drill on why I love them so much.

But if you need a refresher, I can be persuaded to share one more time… They’re naturally non-browning (kind of a dream for someone who takes pictures of food), they’re delicious (of course), and non-GMO certified.

These little guys would be pretty great for kids too, if you have little ones. Since I’m not sure anyone had ever met a kid that doesn’t love pizza.

Maybe as an after school snack where they can help pick out the ingredients? What do you think?

Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

How to make your own naan flatbread pizza at home…

Basic Instructions

No matter what you add to your pizza, the prep work is the same.

You’ll start with drizzling each naan with olive oil.

Then, add your toppings, and bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes (or until cheese is melted).

Remove from the oven, let cool, and add a few more toppings if desired (this is really just for looks). That’s it.

So, now that you know how to make ’em, here’s the 3 ingredient combos I love most right now…

Buratta and apple flatbread pizza recipe

1. Buratta and Apple Flatbread Pizza

  • Opal apples (sliced)
  • caramelized red onions
  • buratta (my favorite cheese ever)
  • naan
  • olive oil
  • baby kale (dressed with lemon juice and a little s + p)

This is my savory take on caramelized apples – in pizza form of course. And it’s my absolute favorite pizza of the three.

I’m literally hungry just talking about it.

Blue cheese and apple naan flatbread pizza recipe

2. Blue Cheese and Apple Flatbread Pizza

  • blue cheese crumbles
  • handful of baby kale (dressed with lemon juice and a little s + p)
  • caramelized yellow onion
  • candied walnuts
  • Opal apples
  • naan
  • olive oil

This one is perfect for blue cheese lovers. I also love the addition of the candied walnuts for a little something sweet and crunchy.

Mascarpone cheese and apple naan flatbread pizza

3. Mascarpone Apple Flatbread Pizza

  • naan
  • Opal apples (sliced)
  • olive oil
  • caramelized yellow onion
  • baby kale (dressed with lemon juice and a little s + p)
  • mascarpone cheese

This one tastes a little bit like a cross between dinner and dessert / sweet and savory.

Not mad about that! Yum!

Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

Naan Flatbread Pizza 3 Ways

These mini naan pizzas are perfect for picky eaters (because you can change out the ingredients easily) and they’re FAR healthier than your average pizza.

So I don’t feel as bad eating these for dinner multiple nights in a row. 🙂

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I am pizza lover and Now i could eat pizza daily, as this is yummy and also not harmful for stomach. Thanks for sharing this great recipe with us which is yummy and healthy both in one.

Eva Johnson

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I like to make meatloaf with snap peas and mashed potatoes.


Mascarpone apple!


We love making these ahi tuna salads with a soy lime wasabi dressing!! yum yum yum.

Steve Weber

I love apples in salads in spring and summer, but I’ve never had it on pizza or a naan – these look incredible

– Natalie


Thanks Michelle and Rosie. 🙂


All these versions sound good, I like the Mascarpone Apple Flatbread Pizza best of all!


They look so gorgeous and delicious, I have to try this pizza version!


It’s pretty delicious, right Jessica. I have to admit, it took me a couple of tries to really get into naan. But now, I LOVE it. 🙂


Love eating the naan with my butter chicken dish.

Jessica Mcfarlin

Yum! That sounds like a good combo, Cat.


Loveee naan pizzas! Regularly make pear, spinach, goat cheese ones and now burst cherry tomatoes. So quick and yummy


I hear ya, Jeffrey. I’m not a big blue cheese person, but I do love that combo, with the onions and the candies walnuts. Yum!


I’d like to try the Blue Cheese and Apple Flatbread Pizza, absolutely love the bite of blue cheese!

Jeffrey Lammers

I totally hesitated at first too, Stephanie. But once I was onboard, I was FULLY onboard. 🙂 Love it now.


Naan is becoming a favorite way for me to eat pizza. I hesitated on it for a long time but I really like the texture of it for pizza.


Totally Caroline! It’s SO easy to make, it probably one takes a couple more minutes than a frozen pizza, and is way more healthy (and delicious).


My fiance and I have pizza Wednesday every week when I’m home from yoga… we should probably switch out the frozen stuff for a healthy option like this!
x0x0 Caro

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