12 Rooms in 12 Months: Hayes’ Nursery Reveal

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

Hayes’ room has been one of those things that took a long time to come together. I started working on it months ago, but went back and forth on what I wanted his room to look like about 100 times. Total decision paralysis…Should I go with something neutral and calming that fit my personal style (and Jeff’s), something more colorful and quirky, or something in between?

It felt overwhelming for the longest time. But somewhere along the way, I think I figured it out and ended up with a hybrid that I really love. And hopefully, Hayes will love it too! So today I’m sharing our organic modern nursery reveal, in partnership with the awesome folks at Blinds.com. Click through for all the photos…including all the befores!

So here’s what the room looked like before / during setup…

Before. Nursery Makeover.

Before. Nursery Photos.

Before. Nursery Photos.

Before. Nursery Photos.

It’s a really simple room in terms of the layout – one big window, a standard closet, etc – which made it more challenging in some ways and less in others. For example, there were only two options for where the crib and changing table / dresser could go because the other two walls didn’t have enough uninterrupted space.

So that made it easy to decide. But then when it came to other large items, there wasn’t much room left for another big footprint item. But it all worked out and we managed to get everything we needed in a relatively small space, along with all the fun decorative stuff that I absolutely had to have for him just because.

Here’s how it all came together…

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

When I first started planning the nursery, I asked a few friends with kids what their practical must-haves were, since Jeff and I had no experience in that department.

Almost all of them specifically mentioned that blackout shades were a must-have item for helping with sleep training, so I listened! When it comes to things that might help Hayes (and me for that matter) sleep better, I’m all about it!

The organic modern nursery of Brittni Mehlhoff's (founder of Paper and Stitch) son Hayes. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

I went with a Blinds.com blackout roller shade which blends in with the rest of the house, is safe for the baby (and as he gets older), and blocks out the light when we need it. We were actually able to get the exact same roller shade as the ones we have downstairs in the dining room – just in a blackout version. They’re the same color (Interlude Canvas) and have the same look when they’re opened so it’s totally cohesive with the rest of the house. The only difference is that it’s not light filtering, so when the shade is rolled all the way down, it’s nice and dark in the room.

Just like last time, the roller shade is extremely easy to install yourself. And since we had installed them in another room already, the process was even quicker than the first time around…took less than 10 minutes!

The other great thing about these roller shades is the safety benefit. Childproofing this space has been a lot to think about / worry about to be honest. But knowing that this window covering is a safer choice for my kid (because it’s completely cordless) really helps ease all those crazy things that go through my mind. The Window Covering Safety Council (yep, that’s a real thing) recommends that only cordless window coverings or window coverings with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children. Read more about it and Window Covering Safety Month (which was last month – October) here. 

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

Furniture! Once we had the windows taken care of, it was time to move on to the other ‘big pieces’…like the crib. I had this Kalon Studio crib bookmarked way before I was pregnant and it was a bit of a splurge. BUT it can be converted to a bed once he gets older, which helped justify the cost. Plus, it’s really beautifully made and I just really, really love the raw wood.

The changing table was another big piece, and that one we kind of lucked into. I’ve talked about this before, so I won’t get into it too much here, but it’s a credenza that I got on mega sale. And it’s so much cuter than any actual changing tables I’ve seen, especially for the price. If you want to go the dresser or credenza route instead of a traditional changing table, just make sure the piece is deep enough to safely fit your baby on a changing mat on top and that it’s tall enough that you won’t have to bend down too far to use it.

Rug! With hardwood floors, I was sure to pick out a large rug that would be at least a semi-soft place for Hayes to play when he gets a little older. I still need to get a rug pad underneath for added cushion, but I’m very into it.

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

Book storage! I wanted to display all the books in a way that you can see the covers, to act as another form of artwork in the room. So, I skipped the typical bookcase, where you only see the spines, and opted for picture frame ledges instead. I love being able to see most of his books with a quick glance. Plus, it’s a good spot for small toy storage too.

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

Artwork! Artwork is always one of my favorite parts of a room and I wanted the art for the nursery to be a mix of something you’d normally see in a kids room and artwork I’d have in other rooms of the house. I may eventually have to steal one or two of these for other rooms actually because I love ’em so much. 

There’s also an extra special piece that sits on the little grey shelf under the window (the circle one with the different colors), that my dear friend Ashley made for Jeff and I when our dog died last year. I love that we have it in the baby’s room to remember Luna. I look at it everyday.

Other decorative stuff! The brass mobile is probably one of my favorite things in the room. It’s really big too! Over the changing area is a set of my DIY wall shelves and a weaving (I bought – not a DIY). And then I brought in a few plants to help soften things up.

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

A brass mobile for a little boy's gender neutral nursery.

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

An organic modern nursery makeover. Click through for the full reveal (with before and after photos). #nursery #organicmodern #interiorhomedecor #roommakeover #babyroom

Photography Amelia Lawrence

Source list: Blinds.com blackout roller shade // Caravan Crib from Kalon Studios // Mudcloth Crib Sheets from Mebie Baby //Ojalla Flatweave Rug from Rejuvenation // Santa Lucia Mobile from The Citizenry // SAMMANHANG Wall shelf from Ikea // Coldwell Sideboard from At Home // Wall Hanging from At Home // Toy Baskets from At Home // DIY Half Circle Shelves // Small Blind Contour Face Drawing from Cori Maass // Circle Artwork from Need Supply (no longer available) // All Other (Wall) Artwork is from Fine Little Day // Grey Stick System Shelving from Menu // Moon Shaped Toy Pram from Ooh Noo

Working on window treatments of your own at home? Be sure to use the code paperextra5 for an extra 5% off on top of other offers at Blinds.comExpires 11/18/18.

For more room makeovers like this one, follow along with the 12 rooms in 12 months series. And be sure to let me know what you think of the nursery makeover in the comments below. What does your dream nursery or kid’s room look like?

This post is in partnership with Blinds.com. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper and Stitch running.

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Hi Elizabeth. They’re from Ikea.


My sister loves the picture frame ledges. Can you list where those are from please?


Just curious where you got the shelves for the books from

Elle Paxman

Hi Melissa. Thanks! All the artwork is linked at the very bottom of the post. 🙂


Love the room – especially the prints, where did you get your artwork from?


Hi T! I wrote a blog post about all the wood frames I use in the house, with links and rules I use for sizes, etc. Here it is: https://www.papernstitchblog.com/modern-pre-made-frames-for-artwork/


hi – where do source all the beautiful light wood frames?


Hi Kimiko. The black book shelves are from Ikea.


I love the book storage! Where are they from?


Where did you get the little side table that is made of wood and grey details?

Brittany Margolies

Hi Nori. The rug is from Rejuvenation.


Love this precious baby room! Can you tell me where you found this rug? Love the colors and neutrality!

Nori Deatherage

Hi Devora. Yes, the soccer artwork is from a shop called Fine Little Day. Here’s the link: https://www.finelittleday.com/product/soccer-poster/


Hi there! Can I ask where you got the art above the crib from? Specifically the soccer art and the line art? thanks!


[…] source […]

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Hey! I love this nursery! I really want this rug in the picture but rejuvenation no longer sales it. Know where I can get it anywhere else? Or one similar?



Where can i buy the black shelves you used to display the books ?
so beautiful!

Thanks !

thaisa cuypers

Lovely, serene, peaceful, yet so chic and nicely designed. Everything a fancy baby’s nursery should be. Well done, kudos to the work you’ve put in. Definitely worth it.

KMP Furniture Blog


Love the nursery! I am dying to know where you found those picture frame ledges? Love the look for a bookshelf.

Please let me know!



You inspired me to order similar shades for our nursery – did you do a valence or is it just the exposed roller – hard to tell from photos… and thanks!


Hi Ali. It doesn’t have any drawers…just shelves. So I have a bunch of soft baskets that I put all of his clothes and diapers in and those go inside the credenza. They’re easy to pull out and garb stuff from super quick…but a little less convenient than having actual drawers. 🙂 Hope that helps!



I have a question about the credenza, what’s the inside like? Is it drawers or when you open the doors its shelves inside? I’m in love with the style of it but want to know if it’s good for storing baby’s clothes and things


Hi Stacy. The wooden face is from Moon Picnic. Here’s the link: https://moonpicnic.com/product/make-a-face/


Hi. Lovely room. Where is that round wooden face from? It’s on the bottom bookshelf by the lion toy. It’s so cute!


Hi Amanda. The black bookshelves are from Ikea and the painted half circle shelves are a DIY. Everything should be linked up in the post as well. Hope that helps!


Beautiful and serene space! Where did you get the bookshelves/art ledges?


Hi Anne-Lise. Thank you! I’m actually working on a big book post for kids because I spent a lot of time searching for books and wanted to share what I’ve found. But in answer to your question, the book about the museum is called My Museum. Here’s the Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2DAclXd


Oh my gosh I’m so in love with all of this. And the reminder that Fine Little Day is so good! Can you provide list of the books on your shelf? So far they seem totally in line with what we have at home. I’m particularly interested in the half hidden one of people at the museum with Matisses. (The others I’ve found online from the titles!!). Thank you!!


Thanks so much Ashwini, Michelle, and Cyd. Really appreciate the kind words.


This is the perfect space! It feels so you, too. What a lucky boy!


What a beautiful nursery, you did a great job! I love the neutral shades!


I really love it, everything including the colors and atmosphere.


Hi Laurel. Yes, the blackout roller shade is an awesome solution! It’s super sleek when rolled all the way up and when rolled all the way down blocks out SO much light! It’s really great!


That gold mobile is so gorgeous!! I just finished my son’s nursery (he’s 9 months, ha…) and these blinds sound great. I really didn’t want a blackout curtain and was thinking of doing a window film, I love this roller idea instead.
Congrats again!!


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Thanks Ash! Blackout shade have definitely been a game changer for us in trying to get Hayes to distinguish his days from his nights, etc. Love ’em!


I love it so so much!! And black out curtains are a must with babes!

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