Painted and Fainted: 8 Painted Interiors Ideas That Are So Good, You Might Pass Out

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

That pink mixed with a striped ceiling. So good!

When I get around to painting the studio, I imagine the bulk of it will be white (floors, ceiling, most walls). BUT I also plan to add pops of color in various places just to change it up and add some personality. Kind of like what I did with my workspace makeover from earlier in the year.

To get some inspiration, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorites that you might just faint over. Okay, okay. It’s possible that I could be exaggerating just a tiny bit. But trust me, these paint options are good! Are they ‘pass out’ good? Maybe. Let’s see…

1. (above) That pink mixed with a striped ceiling. So good! via SF Girl by Bay

A painted half wall with a geometric end cap

2. A painted half wall with a geometric end cap.

Pink walls and fuchsia couch

3. Pink walls and fuchsia couch. via Joanna Henderson

Pink triangle headboard

4. Pink triangle headboard. via Ikea (found via SF Girl by Bay)

Mint kitchen cabinets

5. Seriously considering mint kitchen cabinets like these. Yay or nay? via My Scandinavian Home

Geo painted stripes

6. Geo painted stripes. via The Glitter Guide

Painted teal diamond pattern

7. Painted teal diamond pattern. via Ikea (found via SF Girl by Bay)

Blue desk drawers

8. Blue desk drawers. via Boligliv

Which option is your favorite? I’m curious to know if you have any particular picks that you’d like to see in the new studio?

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I I wish I could say I loved everything I have seen….that it inspires me….but it instead leaves me wanting more. Pale colors…….almost no color…and insignificant pieces that seem rather lifeless. I guess its a minimilist type of decor…. and some may call it upscale but not for me. Aleta

Aleta Volante



YES! YES to color! My bedroom is painted SIX different colors and everyone thought it was crazy… until they saw the finished product, that is! Thanks for sharing!


I’ve been looking for some new painting ideas for my walls. I love the rooms you’ve found here. Thanks for sharing! The pink faux headboard is such a great idea. 🙂


Great suggestions!! (a DIY blog, from Portugal)


I love that bright blue medal table in the last picture!



Loving the pink and blue combo — and that gingham top!

x Sarah


That. First. Room. HOLY MOLY! If you do anything like THAT in your studio, I’m moving in too. 😉

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Those painted geometric embellishments like the diamond pattern, the stripes or the headboard are definitely my thing. I will keep this in mind for the next time I repaint a room in my apartment!

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