New Series: 12 Months of Small Changes

By Brittni • posted on 08/31/2023

small changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year, and what’s come up over and over again in my mind is the desire to slow down and work on small things. This sentiment flows into nearly every area of my life (business, home, personal wellbeing, the wellbeing of this planet). ALL OF IT!

So, 2020’s year long series is based on exactly that. And it’s called 12 Months of Small Changes.

The idea is that through a series of small changes, BIG things will happen. AND will ultimately be more sustainable long term than immediately tackling something huge and getting burnt out.

Throughout the year, I’ll be sharing small, attainable changes, that all of us can work on (not just me) that will eventually add up to much more than something small. I’m really excited about the possibilities, but ultimately, this series will not be a success without you!

Read on to see what I mean…

Here’s the Backstory

The small stuff is what will move the needle. I’ve been saying this for months when it comes to my business, but also for many other things in my life.

It’s great to have huge goals, desires, and grandiose plans, but for me, that stuff often just doesn’t work longterm. Last year, I set some huge goals for my business, and ultimately didn’t end up hitting most of those. The same goes for my personal life and wellness.

For me, those ‘huge’ goals felt more and more unattainable as time went on.

So, I decided to start over. What were the things that actually DID work for me last year?

And that’s when I realized what works best for me is focusing on the small stuff. Maybe that’s what will work for you too!

Here’s an example… Last year, I wanted to cut down on my use of single use plastics and paper towels. Instead of doing away with all paper goods, and plastics at once, I committed to switching from paper towels to reusable cloths. Six months later, I’m still doing it!

Once I got that down, I decided to tackle switching to reusable bags for food (I use these), instead of relying on single use plastic zipper bags. And I’m still pretty easily keeping up with that one too. See where I’m going with this?

Those small changes are the things I’ve most easily been able to stick to and keep up with it, because of how I approached them. As tiny nibbles at a bigger piece of cheese, NOT a huge block that I can’t choke down without a fight.

I think ALL of us could better stick to things that matter in the long haul if we start small! 

Small changes

This is where you come in

So, this year, I am challenging myself AND you to try some small changes with me.

Throughout the entire year, I’ll be talking about small changes that we can all make for a larger impact over time. Each month, I’ll have a different theme to tackle – to jump start / inspire you to work on that area (if it’s something that interests you).

Here are some of the things I plan to talk about through this series: more eco friendly choices and small changes towards waste reduction (two big things that people have repeatedly asked me to talk about more), small changes for self improvement and wellness / mental health, small changes that you can do for your home to make your place feel cute and cool, etc, etc.

There are so many things to talk about. But the plan isn’t to just talk about these things with you, it’s to actually do them together! So, I’ve created a hashtag that I hope you’ll use throughout the year and beyond to share the small changes you’re making for yourself, your family, your home, etc.

Not for the purposes of throwing yet another meaningless hashtag into the world. But to actually (hopefully) help all of us move toward those things that we not only want to do for ourselves, but for others and the planet too.


Hope you’ll use this hashtag on IG stories and your feed, so I can follow along and share the small changes you’re working towards too.

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What a great day, I think this resonates with me that going all out with most things!!! Plus this kind of thinking does prevent proscrastinating as I think you can tackle smaller tasks realistically than larger ones, right!!

Julia Oberhardt

I’d like to join, but how do I do that? (Already set a goal of losing 0.3 kg a week this year)


Already love this series. What a good idea and I’m excited to read about it here and get inspired by it.


Yay! I’m in for sure!!


I agree with you! Small changes pile up! I have my own bags, repurpose my clothes, and want to do what you do about the plastic!
Oh! No more sparkle
😘 💋🇨🇦

Debi Livsey

My one thing I want to get done is to organize our tool dreamer and only have the things we use regularly.

Carla Soper
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