Homebodies Unite: Cool Decor Essentials for Winter and How To Style Them

By Casey Harper • Updated on 02/15/2024

When winter is keeping you indoors, but you still want cute stuff. 

It was so incredibly cold this weekend that I could barely be convinced to go outside at all, minus one very chilly park trip with a toddler who desperately needed to get out of the house.

If you need me, I’ll be bundled up indoors for the foreseeable future…or at least until it gets warm again. Which means, I may need a handful of winter essentials to get me through.

So, I’ve rounded up the coolest (haha) winter decor essentials I could find and am sharing them all today. Along with tips for what to look for and how to style them in your home. SO much good stuff crammed into this winter essentials post.

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Essentials

These aren’t exactly the winter essentials you’re going to find in a first aid kit. More like the winter decor essentials that will get you through the cold months in style.

It’s my faves list of cozy blankets and pillows, cute coffee mugs, great smelling candles, and pretty decor books to cuddle up with. All in the name of staying indoors this winter. Homebodies unite!

Winter Essentials #1: A cozy blanket

A cozy winter blanket is kind of a must for all this chilly weather. Especially a CUTE cozy blanket that can be used anywhere in the house. Am I the only one that carries my blankets from room to room?

If you’re into a little bit of a project, try this DIY blanket idea that you can whip up in an afternoon. Or if you’d rather buy something, check out the list of my faves below. Numbers 3 and 4 are at the very top of my winter wish list right now.

How to style a cozy blanket in any room

In the living room, when a cozy blanket isn’t wrapped around your shoulders, toss it over the back of your sofa for a casual and easy styled look. Blankets can also live in a woven basket, or rolled up neatly and tucked away in a built in book shelf.

In a bedroom, blankets live nicely on the end of the bed for a layered look. This also comes in handy in the winter months when you need to layer up on blankets in the middle of the night.

If you have too many blankets you know what to do with, use them as stuffing! A great way to store soft textiles is to fold them up and store them inside a pouf (like a leather moroccan pouf or a square kilim pouf). It’s super functional and easily adds some cozy to your space.

What to look for when searching for a cozy blanket

A blanket has to be soft to the touch. Like so soft you want to rub your face on it. Stay away from anything too scratchy or rough regardless of how cute it is. It’ll probably look good thrown over your sofa, but it won’t be so great when you’re cold and looking for something soft to snuggle up to.

Another thing to look for is the right colored blanket. Look for something neutral or with a color that you use throughout your house. That way, you can use it in any space. Ivory and white tones are always a good call when it comes to winter weather blankets.

8 Cozy Winter Blankets for Winter

1. Textured Kadin Throw Blanket from Anthropologie ($88)

Can you imagine being wrapped up in this bundle of soft wool? I don’t think I’d ever let it leave my shoulders. This blanket is super neutral, can be used anywhere in the house, and will always be in style. A classic and cozy purchase.

2. Alpaca Basketweave Throw from Jenni Kayne ($295)

Alpaca and wool make for the best winter blanket combination. This blanket comes in a few different colors too (all neutrals) that will compliment any space. Hard to go wrong with something from Jenni Kayne.

3. Water Lilies Wool Blanket from Fine Little Day ($132)

I absolutely love this lily print from Fine Little Day. It makes for the perfect ode to the upcoming spring weather, while staying warm in the colder months. The print is so playful too, this could make a super cute throw for over a baby crib or in a child’s room.

4. Toluca Throw from Lula and Georgia ($149)

So this is a more light weight blanket and would probably be best at the foot of a bed in the winter months to achieve a cool layered look.

Make your bed with a big comforter, a folded quilt at the foot of the bed, and toss this blanket over that for some added texture and color. Complimentary throw pillows will finish the look off, transforming your bed into a layered winter weather escape.

5. Abstract Throw from Minna ($350)

I love how playful this throw is but it’s still really neutral. Plus, this blanket looks soft as heck and is definitely one I’d be toting around the house from room to room.

6. Woven Bella Throw Blanket from Anthropologie ($78)

A pop of color! Winter can be so neutral and plain, that it would be nice to throw in some splash of gold with this blanket. It looks really warm and cozy too, and has a great price.

7. Kaya Boho Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters ($69)

This blanket is super minimal and neutral making it a great option for any space. It also has a ton of texture and would bring a lot of winter feels to a space.

8. Alpaca Featherweight Throw from Jenni Kayne ($250)

While this blanket is on the lighter side, it will definitely keep you warm. Its made from alpaca (which means super soft and super warm) and had 2 sides (one white, one grey) so you get 2 blankets for the price of one!

Winter Essentials #2: The perfect mug

There’s nothing like your favorite mug. You know the one that has never seen the back of the cabinet because you’re always using it. Or maybe it never even makes it into the cabinet because you’re always snagging it out of the dishwasher. Guilty!

Hot chocolate recipes to sip on

Before we get to the mug stuff, I thought I’d include some hot chocolate recipes. Because I don’t know if there is anything better than hot chocolate on a cold day. Except maybe, spiked hot chocolate?! Here are my favorite go to hot chocolate recipes:

1. Matcha Hot Chocolate – Matcha fans, raise your hands! This unconventional hot chocolate recipe is so tasty. And it’s perfect for an end-of-season St Patrick’s Day drink (since it’s green and all).

2. Red Wine Hot ChocolatePictured above. This red wine hot chocolate is exactly what you need to cure a post-holiday hangover… that, or some french fries. But this option is far more festive.

3. White Hot Chocolate with Chai – This hot chocolate recipe will get (pretty much) anyone out of bed in the morning… white chai hot chocolate!

4. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – Turn your salty mood sweet with a salted caramel hot chocolate recipe! This post also includes a DELICIOUS salted caramel marshmallow recipe to top things off nicely. Yum!

What to look for when searching for the perfect mug

In a world of endless mug possibilities, it may seem hard to find the perfect one. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect mug…

Firstly, it has to be pretty. I love ceramic mugs because they have a very natural look to them. Especially when some of the raw clay is showing.

Secondly, it has to be functional. I love a big handle to be able to slip my hand in and tote my mug around the house. It also has to be the right size – big enough for a good portion of coffee but not TOO big that it goes cold too fast.

Lastly, it has to fit in with my other ceramics. Color wise, look wise, all of it. I have a lot of organic looking dinnerware so finding the right mug isn’t that tough, but the colors have to feel good together. Especially if you have open shelving and all your ceramics live together on a shelf.

8 Cool Mugs for Winter

1. 11 oz Mug in Natural from Need Supply Co. ($24) – I love the organic feel of this mug. And the handle shape is really unique and cool.

2. Easy to Breathe Moon Mug from Garmentory ($56) – This mug is so beautiful. I love the exposed unfinished moon shapes in this mug (if you know me, you know I kind of have a thing with the moon). And each mug is hand made and unique which makes it extra special.

3. Hea Ceramics Lady Mug from West Elm ($52) – These handmade mugs are so pretty and I love the figures painted on each one. The pop of that indigo blue is really nice too. Definitely morning coffee worthy.

4. The Mug from East Fork ($36) – Funny story… I actually bought this mug for a family Secret Santa exchange, and wound up keeping it for myself. I just loved it that much, and have a feeling you all might too. It comes in a lot of fun colors which might make it harder or easier to pick one, I don’t know. My best suggestion? Get them all 😉

5. Easy to Breathe Arch Mug from Garementory ($60) – The arch shape of this mug’s handle is so cool. And this one is another that is unique and hand glazed so every piece is different. So cool.

6. Modern Espresso Cup from Etsy ($15) – So this isn’t technically a mug, but is a cup for a new hot beverage. Any espresso fanatics out there? These porcelain cups are made to order and come in a ton of different colors.

7. Enamel Mug from Need Supply Co. ($15) – This is the perfect mug for those of you that like a good camping trip. Me? Not so much, but I’d gladly use this to sip on some tea from the comfort of my own living room 🙂

8. Two-Tone Stoneware Mug from Zara Home ($13) – I love how this mug has a mudcloth vibe to it. The line pattern is really minimal and pretty, and I love how the stoneware is so organic looking.

Winter Essentials #3: Soft pillows

Time to change out the throw pillows for some that are a little more winter weather friendly. There’s nothing like snuggling up on the sofa to take a nap and resting your head on a super soft pillow. Like this super cozy faux fur DIY pillow project (pictured above).

How to style soft pillows in any room

In your living room, try switching out your regular sofa throw pillows to some textured and chunky winter-weather pillows. This immediately makes your space feel a bit more cozy. And it makes for the perfect winter nap.

In the bedroom, go for a more layered look with a few different textures in a winter color pallet. Winter is all about piling up on the layers, so don’t be afraid to go big.

If you have a settee or a built in bench at a breakfast table, try adding a few soft pillows in the mix to maximize the coziness this winter.

What to look for when searching for soft pillows

When looking for soft pillows, the one thing to look for is texture. There are lots of different types of winter weather pillows to choose from:

First, you’ve got your faux fur pillows. These pillows are oh SO soft and bring a lot of earthy tones to your space. They’re perfect to cuddle up to on the sofa or in bed.

Next up, you’ve got woven wool pillows. Woven pillows come in a wide variety, but for winter you should focus on looking for chunky knit pillows. Talk about texture! They come in a lot of different colors to fit into any space.

Velvet is another amazing option for a cold weather pillow update. It comes in a ton of different colors and can work anywhere in your house. Try and look for a plush velvet to get the most texture out of your pillows.

8 Soft Throw Pillows for Winter

1. Dalia Faux Fur Pillow from Anthropologie ($78) – A fun spin on the typical fur pillow. I’m all about this unconventional leopard print.

2. Monte Pom Pom Cushion from Pampa ($135) – I’ve seen this pillow everywhere and I’m still pretty obsessed with it (peek at it in the first photo on my post about the interior arch trend).

3. Antigua Shag Pillow from Need Supply Co. ($180) – A shag pillow is perfect for winter. Why? Because it’s so cozy to snuggle up to. And it adds a ton of texture to a space.

4. Alina Kuddfordral Pillow from Fine Little Day ($58) – This is such a fun print for a pillow. While the texture and pattern  don’t scream winter, the colors are neutral and soft making it the perfect addition to your winter refresh.

5. Arches Pillow from Lula and Georgia ($128) – Another pillow that I’m obsessed with. I think you can tell that I’m still really into the arch trend, and seeing it pop up on home goods makes me so happy.

Plus, the texture of this pillow is great for the cold winter nights. So soft and cuddly!

6. Stella Round Velvet Throw Pillow from Urban Outfitters ($39) – Like I said before, velvet is an awesome textile for winter weather pillows. It can easily be paired with lighter textiles and can float around to any space in your house.

I love the round shape of this pillow too. It makes it really modern but the fabric is so classic!

7. Lola Shag Throw Pillow from Urban Outfitters ($69) – Another shag pillow (that can be paired with the first if needed). I love the muted tones of this pillow. Perfect winter whites with a pop of pretty pink!

8. Moroccan Flatweave Lumbar Pillow from Lula and Georgia ($88) – Sot his pillow, to me, is a classic. Another winter white that can be used any time of the year. But I think the chunky weave makes it perfect for your sofa or bed.

Winter Essentials #4: A good smelling (good looking) candle

I’m one of those people that love a good candle in an even better container. It’s like a multi-functional piece of art that can really go anywhere – a coffee table, a nightstand, the dining room table, or even in the bathroom. Whether you make your own candles or buy ’em and reuse the containers after.

What to look for when searching for candles

The wax of a candle really matters. Why? Because different waxes put different things into the air. Paraffin wax is the most popular wax used in candles, but can cause a lot of indoor air pollution. To keep your home pollutant free, look for beeswax based or soy candles.

Another thing to look for is how a candle is scented. A lot of candles have synthetic fragrances which aren’t that great for you. Look for candles scented with all-natural essential oils.

Purely decorative and scentless candle options

So maybe you’re not into smelly candles. I get it! Not all candle scents are for everyone. But there are still ways you can achieve the coziness that a candle brings to a space.

Tapered candles and candle holders, when lit, can add a lot of warmth to a space. But unless you want wax drippings all over the place, make sure to buy dripless candles like these from Urban Outfitters.

Another scentless option is a tea light. They can be put into any type of votive making it a versatile way to bring warmth into a space. The downside is that they burn quickly and will have to be replaced often. But if you’re okay with a quick burn, then tea lights are the way to go!

8 Winter Weather Candles for Winter

1. P.F. Candle Co. Sunset Candle from Urban Outfitters ($25) – Bring all the feeling of Cali in the 70s to your space with these cute sunset candles. I love the color combos of each of these! Also, these candles are made from soy wax which is much better for the air in your space.

2. Patchouli Candle from H&M ($6) – Patchouli is a really refreshing smell and this sweet little candle is nice and minimal making it the perfect accessory in your winterized space.

3. Pomelo Massage Candle from Need Supply Co. ($68) – So not only does this candle give off the sweet smells of Burgemont and Currant, it’s also made with CBD giving off all sorts of aromatherapeutic goodness with every burn.

4. P.F. Candle Co Terra Candle from Anthropologie ($30) – This candle is made with plant-derived fragrance oils AND the container can be emptied and used as a terracotta planter. What a great way to welcome the spring season!

5. Castillo Soy Candle from Need Supply Co. ($38) – This candle has an earthy smell to it with notes of cypress, salt, and smoke and the amber glass can be reused after burning through the candle.

6. Coconut Wax Candle from Need Supply Co. ($26) – The perfect accessory to your coffee table. This small and simple candle comes in a ton of different scents so you can easy find a smell that suites your fancy.

7. Small Totem Candle from Zara Home ($10) – If you’re not into the smells of a scented candle, this is a good option. I love the shape and color of this candle.

8. Bamboo Candle from H&M ($18) – If you’re not buying this for the scent, buy it for the container. I love the dappled look of this container and think it would make a really cool planter or even a little toothbrush holder in the bathroom.

Winter Essentials #5: A good book

When I say a good book, I don’t mean a non-fiction thriller. I’m talking about all the pretty books that you can snuggle up on the couch and flip through on a cold night (with your perfect mug in hand). Not only are they fun to look through, but they add a little visual interest on your coffee table and are a fun way to bring in some color in a typically colorless season.

How to style a books in any space

Books aren’t just for book shelves. They are extremely versatile when it comes to decor. You can really use them anywhere to add a little visual interest in any space.

Take small stacks of coffee table books and use them for height on flat surfaces. The obvious place for these stacks is the coffee table, but you can also use them on a dining table, a credenza, a bar cart, or really any flat surface you need a little extra color and height on.

Use a book as art. If you have photo ledges and really love the cover of one of your books, give it some face time! This is what we do in Hayes’s room with all of his books, and I really love how cheery and playful it makes his room look.

What to look for when searching for books

I know it may be bad to say it, but I usually judge a book by it’s cover. Especially when it comes to children’s books. Mostly because the books in Hayes’s room act as art so I always tend to lean towards beautiful illustrations. (I actually wrote a whole post about some of my favorite children’s books that Hayes has and you can read it here)

It’s not just the cover that makes or breaks a book though. The content has to be interesting or equally beautiful. Most of the books I have around the house have to do with interiors (check out some of them here), but we also have a lot of art and photography books that I often flip through for inspiration. A good book is one you’ll want to read or look at over and over again.

8 Good Books to Read Through the Winter

1. Simple Matters: A Scandinavian’s Approach to Work, Home, and Style by Jenny Mustard ($21)

Not only is this book filled with beautiful photography, it’s a good read that you’ll want to cozy up by a fire with a cup of tea and flip through all winter long.

2. Down to Earth: Laid Back Interiors for Modern Living by Lauren Liess ($27)

This book is a little more rustic feeling than what I typically lean towards in my own interior styling, but it’s all still beautiful and inspiring. Lots of earthy spaces with a ton of neutral tones and organic textiles. I’m into it.

3. Abode: Thoughtful Living with Less by Serena Mitnik-Miller ($21)

I have a thing for Cali interiors. Especially minimal and monochromatic ones. This book is super inspiring with a ton of photos and ideas for renovation, simplifying, and intentional design.

4. Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life by Christina Coop and Aimee Lagos ($17) 

This book is amazing for those looking for better ways to decorate their homes. It speaks to a lot of different decorating elements and how to incorporate them in your space. Plus, the photography is stunning and there is a ton of inspiration in these pages.

5. Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White by Hilary Robertson ($19) – Black and white will always be classic, and this book proves it. It’s full of amazing interior photographs that inspire a cleaner color pallet in design and lots of beautiful modern spaces.

6. Wabi-Sabi Welcome: Learning to Embrace the Imperfect and Entertain with Thoughtfulness and Ease by Julie Pointer Adams ($18)

This book is full of beautiful photography (like all the other books on this list) and has a ton of great ideas and recipes for entertaining in an intentional and thoughtful way.

7. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Morning by Nathan Williams ($25)

This book is all about slowing down. And I think that’s what winter is about too. The photography in this book is stunning and each home featured in this book is truly inspiring. This is one of my go-to books on rainy days.

8. This is Home: The Art of Simple Living by Natalie Walton ($28)

The imagery in this book is beautiful and the pages are full of amazing design ideas from super moody rooms to bright and airy spaces. A lot of amazing minimal spaces!

So there it is. I don’t think I could make it through the rest of the winter season without these essentials. What are your winter essentials? Am I missing out on a cold weather home accessory I need to have this season? Let me know!

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