Three Simple Tips for Success on Etsy

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

Today, we have a guest post from Celeste of Crickets Creations, who runs a very successful handmade accessories shop, with over two thousands sales in two years. Celeste is here to share some simple tips. So, here are three big ‘what worked for me’ success tips to inspire newbies straight from Celeste:

1) Have confidence in my own creativity. Ignore any doubts. Be willing to take reasonable risks (i.e. spend or risk a little to make a lot). That means accepting custom orders, personal checks, paying craft fair booth fees, renewing as often as is productive for me (I experiment & pay attention) & making my shop welcoming to international customers. Read more here.

2) Feel & express gratitude, humility & helpfulness always. This is a symbiotic relationship: I provide excellent product, excellent customer service & a piece of art, my customers provide word of mouth marketing, good feelings & revenue.

3) Diversify my market and venues. I sell via wholesale & consignment in boutiques. I sell at fairs & expos. And online. And to individuals who know me or have heard of my work. I offer over 100 different scarves in various styles/colors/weights to cast a wide net and grow my target market. I cater internationally to women, men, youth, seniors, belly dancers, country club types, goth/emo types, anyone with sensitive skin, people of different ethnicities & cultures, vegans & other animal-friendly types, etc. For me, the key has been to have diffused focus. In other words, only a couple of different products, but lots of different types of those particular products.


Image Credit: No. 3 from Lack Luster Co.

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Thanks for the advice. Simple, but important tips indeed.
I especially like tip #2.

Silvia Macias

Thank you so much for these tips!


[…] 3 Simple Tips for Success on Etsy […]

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Thanks for the advice. The 3 points make it simple enough to take in. Sometimes reading articles like this I feel that it only applies to the author’s products, or that there’s just too much info to digest! Thanks again.


Point 2 is fantastic! I had never thought about it that way. It’s brillant!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Yay! Brittni, thanks so much for posting these three tips that reveal my business philosophy! I am thrilled that people are finding them helpful. 🙂
Hugs and appreciation,
Celeste (Crickets)

Celeste (Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves)

Oh, and congratulations Rindefield on the opening of your jewelry shop. I just took a look, and the products and product shots are really lovely!


Absolutely Ginger. Casting a wide net can be very important in growing and expanding your business. After all, if you are able to appeal to a larger group of people, you have more potential for sales.


Wonderful article with a lot of helpful advice. “I offer over 100 different scarves in various styles/colors/weights to cast a wide net and grow my target market.” I think this statement is the key to success. A wide net is what all of us who sell our handcrafted items online need. It takes time but has obviously paid off for Celeste!


I opened my shop today, so these tips are very welcome. Thank you for them. (:


Thanks Christina. Glad you like the article.


Really wonderful advice. Simple, but specific and tangible advice- great article!

Christina Lovering
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