Bead It, Just Bead It: A (Beaded) Monogram Place Setting DIY for Dinner Parties

By Brittni • posted on 02/22/2017

Try this unique place setting DIY with some wire and painted pastel beads.

I think enough time has finally passed from the craziness of Thanksgiving and Christmas (yes, I needed multiple months to recover apparently) to share some entertaining and hosting ideas again, starting with this one for a DIY beaded monogram place setting because why the hell not. Amiright?

It’s true that place settings at small(ish) dinner parties are by all accounts pointless BUT they are a nice touch for guests and something like this will make them feel special. So I say, roll with it. You in? Let’s do this…

Try this unique place setting DIY with some wire and painted pastel beads.


  • wooden beads (like these from Amazon)
  • wire
  • acrylic paint (if desired)
  • scissors


Start by painting the wooden beads in your desired color palette. I went with pastels, but if I were to do this one over again, I’d love to paint all the beads a dark charcoal color or maybe even in different colors of green for St Patricks Day, etc.  Let the beads dry completely.

While the bead are drying, start bending wire into the basic shape of the letters you want to create.

Then, add the beads a few at a time to one end of the wire and start being / shaping the wire to form the letter as you go. Once you have all of the beads on, you can snip off any excess wire and knot each end to keep the beads from falling out. And thats it.

This unique place setting DIY uses wooden beads and a little bit of wire.

Unique Place Setting DIY Idea

Unique Place Setting DIY Using Wooden Beads

Do you have any dinner parties coming up? And more importantly, are you ready to entertain again after the holidays?

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Wow, Brittni, this is so unique and beautiful! I love this! And I’d love to start entertaining again but our place has been a wreck due to a mini reno that is taking forever. Hopefully someday we’ll have our apartment back! lol

Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

You are so clever! I love this idea so much, including the color combo that you used. (I have those colors, minus the pink, going on in my living room.) I’ve been wanting to throw a little dinner party, and this would be the perfect touch!


Aah! This is such a cute idea! Also, I adore the colors you used!

Monique | WritingMonique

If you make simple long straight strands, with fairly malleable wire (copper), you can reuse to make different letters, for at least a few times, before the wire breaks down. (If you’re lucky, that will happen right about the time you decide you are over this idea, and are on to the next great one.)


Thanks Emily, Michelle, and Rachael. Glad to hear you like it.


This looks great, I love this idea!

Rachael xx.


Wow, what an extraordinary idea, and it looks fantastic!


what a cute idea!

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