Behind the Scenes: Fruit Stacks, Dirt Spills, Breakfast Tacos, and a Cat Named Hopper

By Brittni • posted on 08/16/2016

Alphabet fruit

I’ve been doing a less than stellar job lately sharing behind the scenes on Snapchat and IG Stories…which may have something to do with the fact that I am suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to juggle another social media thing. BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t been documenting the behind the scenes stuff. It just hasn’t involved my phone much.

So, today I’m sharing all the photos that I should have shared on social, but for one reason or another never got around to it.

Planting succulents in tiny, pastel containers

Bright colors and stacks of books

Here we go…

Painting pink

I hesitate to share a random picture of me in workout clothes. But it’s true! I don’t paint entire walls while dripping in pearls and wearing high heels. Gasp! 🙂

Pastels mixed with bright colors

All the colors happening upstairs at the moment!

Avocado toast

Adding hot sauce to fried egg and avocado toast with a precision tip squirt bottle….which is one of my favorite things to have on hand during food shoots.

A cat named Hopper

This is Hopper. He is one of two (very awesome) cats that ‘came with’ the house we stayed at in London. We woke up every morning to him and Ada cuddled up next to us and it was honestly one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was strangely comforting to have cats around, so far from home.

Side note… I still haven’t shared my London photos, but I hope to soon. It’s on my list!

Cantaloupe + pineapple

…Leftovers from the alphabet fruit salad recipe. I think I can confidently say that, at this point, I may never get tired of fruit related DIYs.

A geometric glass building in Paris

Spotted this crazy cool geometric building in Paris when we were shopping one day.

Breakfast tacos

Amelia made some breakfast tacos for the fruit and veggie summer party, but they didn’t make it into the post. So here they are!

Styling stacks of lip gloss
So glossy!

Trying to clean up my mess while testing how to best write messages with lip gloss on the table. Naturally.


Making weird faces after I picked up a huge bouquet of flowers at the market in Amsterdam.

Color blocked

It’s a mess at the studio six days out of seven. BUT it’s generally a color blocked mess. So it’s not a total loss.

Tiny DIY Planters

And finally… The dirty mess that was going down when planting all the DIY mini planters with cactus and succulents.

What kind of behind the scenes have you been getting into lately?

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I always love seeing behind the scenes looks! It’s not always pretty and glamourous, but there’s so much magic in the blogging process. From idea to seeing it reality!

Andrea Handojo

It’s always inspirational to see some behind the scenes moments from other bloggers! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Jessica! Isn’t Hopper the cutest! Both of the kitties were so incredibly sweet during our stay.


Love all your shots…and how cute is Hopper! 😉

Jessica Rose

Same here, Kathleen! I think everyone is still getting used to it. And at first I felt like I was doing an okay job balancing the two, but at some point it became overwhelming all together. So, I’m trying to develop more of a system. In any case, glad I could share some behind the scenes photos today for fun. It’s always nice to share the realness behind the camera. 🙂


Thanks for the behind the scenes look, Brittni! I’ve been noticing that since Instagram stories started, the people I follow have been posting less on Snapchat but also not necessarily more on Instagram Stories, so I feel like I’ve been seeing less BTS stuff lately. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out!

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