Chocolate Dreams and Color Palette Schemes (Behind the Scenes Lately)

Behind the scenes of blogging (on Paper & Stitch). Smoothie setup with marble slab and foam core backdrop. #behindthescenes #blogging #bts
It’s been a verrrrrry long while since my last behind the scenes post. And I have a whole lot to catch you up on, from how I get those syrup pouring shots on pancakes, waffles, etc to photo bombing kitties and more. So let’s just jump right in…

(above) I wish I had a photo more zoomed out from this one because I had so many things stacked on top of each other to get this setup that it looked like I should receive some kind of medal from the circus for it. But this is what I have, so here we go.

This is a bts pic from the healthy creamsicle smoothie recipe. If you’re curious about the setup for some of my small food shoots, this is pretty much it. I used a big piece of foam core for the backdrop, a marble slab for the ground, and scooted it as close to the window as I possibly could.

Photo bombing cat behind the scenes at an interiors shoot.

Who doesn’t love a good photo bomb…especially when it involves a cat. I photographed some bedroom content at Jess’ house a while back and her cat Flynn couldn’t resist getting involved. Fun fact… I have a big soft spot for orange cats because all of the cats we had growing up were orange (we had 2 persian cats and a himalayan kitty growing up – all orange).

A spring color palette from Paper and Stitch. #behindthescenes #painting #colorpalette #spring

I started working on some color scheme ideas for spring and this one was really cheerful…probably brighter than I had hoped for, but definitely feels like spring / summer.

Behind the scenes of blogging - styling a food shoot with Paper and Stitch. #behindthescenes #bts #food #chipsandsalsa #blogging

Styling a chips and salsa recipe (which will be live next week). All the small tabletop stuff happens on our big DIY tabletop nearest to the window, if not on that other setup I showed with the smoothies.

Painting, behind the scenes.

Cori and I painted some larger pieces right before she moved back to LA. She added her signature line drawings to each one (a portrait of me and a portrait of Jeff) and then I added to it to make it a collaborative thing. I never shared the results (I’ve been meaning to), but you might have seen one of the finished pieces make their way into the first 12 rooms in 12 months makeover.

Behind the scenes of a DIY blogger. #behindthescenes #bts #blogging #blogger #diyblog

Emma was the foot model for all 3 embroidered shoe makeovers for spring. And she is up for pretty much anything (love that). So, I had her climb on top of the table (the same one that I did the chips and salsa styling on – this sounds totally sanitary, right?!) to get the best light.

Velvet scraps for a cheerful spring color palette.

A spring color scheme with some velvet ribbon scraps. I still love velvet!

Behind the scenes of blogging #foodblogging #behindthescenes

And finally…To get the perfect chocolate syrup drips for the hot chocolate pancakes recipe, I had Cori very slowly pour chocolate syrup onto the pancakes from behind the backdrop (which is just a giant canvas that I painted to provide some texture). Works really well to have someone directly behind the backdrop whenever you have a pouring shot.

And that’s it for this round. Do you still enjoy these behind the scenes posts? Let me know in the comments below.

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Omigolly, this is AWESOME.


Aw thanks Michelle. Glad to hear that. 🙂


I always love your behind the scenes posts, as a blogger I can see how you work this way!


Oh cool! Thanks Pink Pineapple. 🙂


Great post,I love new palette for spring

The pink pineapple

Glad to hear that Courtney! Thanks so much.


It’s cool knowing the behind the scenes.

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