What Are Your Thoughts on Painted Ceilings?

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

SFGirlByBay shows off a bright space with striped painted ceilings. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

The painted ceiling trend is popping up all over the place lately and while it’s not always the most practical use of color, it sure makes a bold statement. What do you think of this interiors trend?! Are you a fan or are you wondering how this one even got started?!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the south and always noticed the coastal trend of blue painted porch ceilings. Come to find out, the paint has a specific name, Haint Blue, that is said to ward off “evil haints.” I know, I know. It sounds a little crazy, but it is interesting to see the whole painted ceiling trend extending beyond strange Southern tradition, and beyond simple beachy blue hues (although there’s one of those amongst this list too).

Black ceilings are becoming more a thing – they can conceal unsightly ceilings, make a space feel cozier, or help draw attention to a specific area or view in the room. Then there’s the more colorful yellow and green hues that are simply there to add interest. Not to mention there is a whole slew of illusion techniques to help make a space feel juuuust right. Either way, I think there’s a time and place for it. But I’m really curious to know YOUR thoughts! So after your look through these 11 space, let me know what you think (yay or nay) in the comments below.

1. (image above) Let’s start with the most pop-y inspired example I found – a striped painted ceiling! Honestly, I love it. But I know this look isn’t for everyone. One thing that really helps make this work is that the furniture and accessories in the room in very minimal, which balances things out. Otherwise, it could quickly skew as wacky, in a bad way. (Image via SFGirlByBay)

The mustard painted ceilings at the Finn Juhl House Copenhagen are a great way to warm up a space. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

2. The Finn Juhl House in Copenhagen gives me all the warm feels. I can’t help but think the mustard yellow ceilings in this home were strategically placed to offset the cloudy Denmark weather. What do you think? (Image via Remodelista)

Sky blue painted ceilings found at the Dwell House Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

3. I snapped this powder blue ceiling on a girls trip to Chattanooga. We stayed at the The Dwell Hotel, which is filled with plenty of bold design-choices like this one. The color choice keeps the space feeling light and airy, but totally complements the playfulness of the rest of the decor. (Image by Paper & Stitch)

Check out the gray painted ceilings at the Casa Cook Rhodes Hotel in Greece. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

4. The Casa Cook Rhodes Hotel in Greece showcases quite the spread of light neutrals. The addition of dark gray ceilings helps add dimension and warmth against all the whites, and makes this space extra cozy. I may need to book a trip here so I can see if for myself. (Image via Booking.com)

What do you think of the painted ceiling trend? This circus-inspired paint job is super cute for a little kids room. #paintedceiling #kidsroom #coollkidsroon #interiors

5. If you have kids, this playful painted ceiling looks like a circus tent. (Image by Petit and Small)

Holly Williams' house showcases original vaulted ceilings painted black. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

6. Holly Williams’ Tennessee home has some unique original architectural details, like these vaulted kitchen ceilings. Her goal in painting the ceilings black was to help ground the tall, airy space. If it were me, I may have kept things white because I love all white spaces, BUT it does provide an interesting contrast, emphasizing the unique shape of the room. (Image by Annie Schlechter for Country Living)

Designlovefest's painted entryway features monochromatic painted ceilings. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

7. Next up… Bri from designlovefest designed her entryway with the help of Behr paint in “In The Moment” and created this monochromatic entryway with a fully painted ceiling that matches the walls. (Image by Tessa Neustadt for designlovefest)

What do you think of the painted ceiling trend? #paintedceiling #moderninteriors #interiors #neutrallivingroom

8. A nice dark paint can help camouflage busy ceilings or conceal an architectural detail you want to tone down (in this case the beams). It works great for industrial spaces too though – no more air vent, electrical or plumbing eye sores! (Image via Jessican Helgerson Interior Design)

This space by Gilles and Bossier features a brightly painted ceiling with beams. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

9. I love the pop of color for an otherwise monochromatic room by Gilles and Bossier. In this case the lighter, brighter color helps bring out the ceiling beam details. (Image by Matthieu Slavaing via My Domaine)

Accent architectural details with monochromatic green ceiling paint. Are you a fan of the painted ceiling trend? Join the debate! #ceilings #paintedceilings #trend #interiors

10. Sometimes high ceilings can feel a little too tall… This monochromatic green combo ceiling treatment both shows off the architectural details of the beams and paneling, while tying the ceiling to the rest of the room. Also, can we talk about how well this color combo pairs with the copper light fixture? The green is so pretty in combination with the copper. (Image via vtwonen)

What do you think of the painted ceiling trend? Love how the paint continues down onto the walls here too - mimics molding. #interiors #moderninterior #paintedceiling

11. The illusion of this space is a great example of how to do painted ceilings right. In this case, the paint actually extends down to the wall to create the illusion of molding. Clever! (Image by The Little Evic)

And that’s it! What do you think?! Are you yay or nay on painted ceilings in interiors? And if you are a fan, would you ever try this trend in your own home?















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Hi Sally. If you used a spray gun for painting or a paint roller specifically for textured walls, I think you’d be able to paint the ceiling without a problem.


Hi! Ok so I love the look of these soft and bold color ceilings – especially when rooms are otherwise white (which I also prefer). I do agree that the striped ceiling look is disorienting. Here’s my big question though: can this be pulled off with the sorta-strange “popcorn” ceilings? That’s what we’ve inherited in our house since we moved in and, although it’s fine when white as it’s pretty unnoticeable, I wonder if painting it a soft blue etc would look terrible with my textured ceilings? What say you all? Would I need to “resurface” the ceilings; making them smooth before doing the painted-ceiling thing?


I put blue, gray, and tan mosaic tile in my laundry room, and painted my ceiling to match the dark grayish-blue in the tile. I love it!


Photograph #11 is a fantastic way (in my opinion) to add some serious style to a room with low ceilings and not much else going for it. A simple molding where the ceiling and wall paint come together could be added, but not necessary. Very inexpensive and luxe-looking.


I sooooo want to paint our bedroom ceiling a light blue/green color. I haven’t worked up the nerve yet!!!


We like using colored ceiling in our projects. We actually used an orange on the ceiling in an “xbox” room of our of our recent jobs. Personally I’m not a fan of stripped ceilings. It looks too disorienting to me. Out of all the images above I like the orange ceiling room and the brown ceiling room the most. It seems really important that the rest of the furnishings coordinate otherwise everything looks disjointed.

A dark or medium dark ceiling + neutral walls and minimal furnishings work best imo. Check out this room we did (scroll down) where we did a dark green ceiling with neutral wallpaper for the Kips Bay Showhouse. I’d been interested to here your thoughts as well.



I LOVE painted ceilings! I have a friend that painted a white-walled room’s ceiling bubblegum pink and it adds such a cute pop of color without feeling overly-pink!


Jessica | Babes Never Die

I hear you Sue. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


I loved the grey ceilings, they were definitely my favourite as you said warm and cosy. I did also like the green ceiling with the copper lights. The rest I was not really sure about and not looks I would go for myself.

Sue Bateman

Agreed, Shannon…painting over natural wood is always a touchy subject. For me, I typically prefer painted over exposed wood UNLESS it’s raw wood or a really light stain (not a big fan of darker woods or stains personally). So, I guess it just depends on the scenario.


I like them! I think #8 looks really nice; however, I have mixed feelings about that. I love natural-wood exposed beams and in most cases I think it’s a shame to paint them!


Glad to hear that Felicia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I like how they bring a pop of color to a room and think they look especially good if the rest of the room is white. My favorite is the mustard ceiling, that is a fun pop of color!


Appreciate that Pink Pineapple.


I love all pics, this blog is wonderful, thanks for sharing this content

The pink pineapple

Glad to hear that, Michelle!


The grey ceilings look absolutely gorgeous, I never thought that they could be so stylish and not make the room seem tiny!


Thanks for weighing in Courtney. 🙂


I love painted ceilings, they look so good.

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