6 DIYs You Can Recreate with Cotton Piping

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

DIY Ways to Use Affordable Cotton Piping as a DIY Supply

Cotton piping is one of my favorite supplies to use for projects because there are SO many things you can do with it. You can make jewelry, create a giant wall weaving, even a rug! Like I said, so many things! Plus, it’s an easily accessible and inexpensive material! Available at pretty much any craft store (usually in the upholstery section) and online on Amazon.

So, I rounded up my absolute favorite cotton piping projects for today’s post to give you some inspiration for upcoming DIYs.

DIY net produce bag from Say Yes
giant DIY weaving made from cotton piping
large scale DIY rug from scratch
hanging cotton planter DIY from The Lovely Drawer
no-sew DIY hot pad / trivet
DIY small rope basket from Homey Oh My

Have you used cotton piping for DIY projects before? What did you make?

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Really great ideas. Personally, I would like to see how this would look if parts of it were dipped into dyes of different colors. Or perhaps fabric paint could be used on top for colored or metallic accents. I crochet and it’s possible to put two threads together for different effects. So metallic thread could be added to your pieces of cording to add a little color. Perhaps I will try this on a small scale. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Olivia Russo

Thanks for your comment Nikita. Glad you like these ideas. On Amazon the material that I’m talking about is actually called cotton piping (not cording as you’re suggesting). Here’s the link to what I’m referring to: http://rstyle.me/n/cn4xt9mvmw . I also checked my local JoAnn’s Fabric when I was there yesterday and the exact same brand that I used was labeled as cotton piping. Hope that helps clarify.


These are VERY cute ideas, but what you’re using is actually cotton cording – not piping. Piping is cord that’s covered in fabric and has a flange for sewing it into a seam. You’ll get the wrong thing if you order online or head into a sewing store and ask for piping.


The bag is a wonderful idea! What a versatile material!


Awesome Courtney. I could def use a market bag for the trip I’m on right now. I think I’ll try that when I get back.


I love cotton piping projects! I’ve made a market bag with leather straps from cotton piping that is perfect for the beach and farmers market!

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