Cool Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

Cool gifts for parents and in-laws!

Images of gift ideas for parents and in-laws

Gifts for parents and in-laws is probably the toughest gift guide to create. Because your (or at least my) parents and in-laws often say they ‘don’t need or want anything’. How are you supposed to buy something special for someone like that?

Well, I came up with the best ideas I could think of and included some presents that I’ve actually bought for either my parents or in-laws before. Hope this list will be helpful for you.

I kept the majority of the gift ideas under $100 and separated the lists out into his and hers. BUT a bunch of the gifts could be great as a joint gift for both parents or in-laws together, if that’s an option in your family.

Images of gift ideas for parents and in-laws (hers edition)

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (Hers)

1. Amorie throw from McGee and Co $75

Okay, I have to admit that A LOT of  these gifts are things that I would also love. And I’m a parent too, so I think it’s fine. This blanket is one of those things.

2. Mara nesting bowls from Horne $65

Heart eyes for these bowls.

3. Photo gallery frames from Artifact Uprising $69 and up

What parent  or in-law wouldn’t appreciate a sentimental framed photo as a gift?

4. Freda Savador James shearling-lined slippers from Anthropologie $150

Slippers are the best gift this year, imo!

5. Maison Louis Marie No.2 candle from Amber Interiors $34

Maison Louis Marie candles smell amazing.

6. Handmade brown pitcher from Bloomist $35

Oh! I would happily take one of these pitchers. But I like so many gardening and decor-loving moms and  grandmas would appreciate this. Also, p good price point, right?

7. Cashmere socks from Jenni Kayne $65

I have to imagine these socks are incredibly soft!

8. Studio McGee limestone knot figurine from Target $20

The coveted Studio McGee knot that was sold out for forever is back!

9. Paper mâché bowl from Amber Interiors $24

An affordable decor piece for that  parent or in-law  who loves to decorate and re-decorate their home. This bowls cool, imo, because it will  look good in ANY style of home.

10. Gray Malin Italy 500 Pieces from Amazon $27

Any puzzle will  do, but this one (on a year when so  many of us are dreaming of travel) seemed especially appropriate.

Images of gift ideas for parents and in-laws (his edition)

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (Him)

1. Mens ‘wicked good slippers’ from L.L. Bean $89

These slippers look  so much like something my grandpa would love. So cozy and a great color.

2. Moore & Giles leather money clip from Anthropologie $100

For the Dad, father-in-law, or grandpa that keeps thing simple, but needs a money clip upgrade.

3. Apple TV from Amazon $179

I think we’ve purchased apple tvs for each of my parents separately and my in-laws too. Why?! Because it’s a really good gift! Gets used ALL the time by everybody.

4. Laguiole Ivory Knives (set of 6) from Burke Decor $84

I want these knives for myself, but I was thinking this would be a cool gift for anyone who really likes cooking. Maybe even in conjunction with another gift – like a cookbook.

5. Soft pretzel baking kit from Terrain $24

For anyone who likes baking…and eating! Me, me, me!

6. Finex 10″ cast iron skillet with lid from Crate & Barrel $225

This skillet is gorgeous and I’ve heard good things about how it cooks as well.

7. The perfect mug from East Fork $38 (and this color is ready to ship)

I will forever recommend East fork mugs! They are really good quality and have a timeless style / vibe.

8. Grill planks sampler pack set from Food 52 $20

For the grillers!

9. Stagg pour-over kettle from Fellow $79

This is nice gift for pour-over coffee lovers AND tea lovers too. Such a pretty kettle.

10. Fire side gloves from Snow Peak $59.95

If your loved one is the adventurous / camping / by the fire kind of guy.

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That’s it for this one! If you have any there gift ideas for parents or in-laws, let me know. I’d love to hear you suggestions.

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