Interior Obsessions: I Spy 7 Decor Trends You Can Totally DIY

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

Love this minimal framed art piece. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #diy #soart #idea #atelier #minimalart #wallart

I guess it just comes with the territory at this point, but whenever I go out anywhere and spot something that falls into the ‘DIY inspiration’ category, I take a picture and email myself. It’s something I picked up from a friend a long time ago, and it’s really stuck with me – especially when traveling.

But when I’m not headed some place new for inspiration, I’m still spotting decor trends that can and should be DIYed. Only I’m finding them online. So, I rounded up seven of my recent favorites and am sharing them today for another installment of I Spy.

1. This seating area in Jesse Kamm’s LA Office features a super easy DIY curtain rod ideal for light and bright spaces. Just some tacked up leather and a wooden dowel (see it in the left corner). And a minimal sofa, similar in shape to a DIY sofa I recently spotted from A House in the Hills. (Image via Domino)

DIY your own terrazzo wall mural. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #diy #terrazzo #wallpaper #contactpaper #ideas #wallcovering #mural

2. Terrazzo patterns are still popping up in decor and this wallpaper from MuralsWallpaper is something I’d be interested in trying out, especially if I could remove it once the trend dies down.

It could be neat to make your own version using 3-4 colors or textures of removable contact paper cut into organic shapes and applied in a similar pattern to traditional terrazzo. (Image via MuralsWallpaper)

Love this minimal framed art piece. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #diy #soart #idea #atelier #minimalart #wallart

3. I’m always on the hunt for good art (and good art never goes out of style), and this piece from Atelier CPH is something I’d love to have hanging up on my dining room wall. While I’m definitely all for supporting artists, I can’t help but re-envision how I could DIY a similar style. But I also might have to add this piece to my ever-growing online shopping cart…

For this type of art you could cut out pieces of chip board and glue it on white paper, or use canvas in two neutral colors. Or add some pops of color for a fun addition to your kid’s room. (Image via Atelier CPH)

DIY wall hanging idea. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #diy #wallhanging #moons #circles #urbanoutfitters #interiors #wallart

4. Wall hangings are still trending and this wall art seen on Urban Outfitters could be the perfect DIY to try.

Round up a piece for copper pipe, a wooden ring, modeling clay, string, and cookie cutter from the craft store, and get started. You can roll out the modeling clay, cut into semi circles (or any other shape, really), poke holes for hanging, and let dry before attaching to the rest of your craft. You could also incorporate some other textures and colors by using woven or leather drink coasters in place of the metallic and pieces. (Image via Urban Outfitters)

Statement lighting idea you could DIY. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #diy #basket #lighting #kitchen

5. I don’t see “California Cool” going anywhere anytime soon, and that means those beachy, woven pendant lights are here to stay for a while. This oversized lighting from this Lisette Voute beach house design is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

To make your own you could add a large basket or open weave hamper to an existing pendant by cutting the bottom of the basket, fitting over the light fixture or bulb, and “weaving” back together with a similar material or neutral rope. Hot glue could also do the trick! (Image via Lisette Voute)


6. This custom designed sofa from Daphne Javitch’s NYC space is pretty dreamy, and while it would be a pretty big undertaking, it can totally be DIYed.

You could start with layering 5-6 pieces of stained wood, one of which is covered in canvas or other durable fabric and studded, and top it off with some custom bolster square cushions and pillows for back support. Could make for a great daybed, too. (Image by Sarah Elliot for Camille Styles)

Minimal baby modbile idea you can easily DIY. Check out the latest "I Spy DIYs" for more inspiration. #baby #nursery #mobile #minimal #wood mobile #shapes

7. This minimal baby mobile idea was too cool not to share. You could easily replicate this hanging mobile with a handful of wooden dowels and wooden blocks from the craft store. And actually, the process would be pretty similar to our DIY Eames Molecule project with a tweak or two…

Just drill holes to match the diameter of the dowels, wood glue together, drill a hole in each dowel, and string up with sturdy fishing line. Probably want to make sure it’s really secure and hung high enough that baby can’t have too much fun with it though. (Image via Jenni Kayne)

What’s been inspiring your DIYs lately?

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Please don’t encourage people to “diy” artwork, it’s called plagiarism.


Love these ideas! What are your thoughts on “3d” wallpaper? Super intrigued by the idea and am starting to incorporate it into projects.


I love everything! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Megan Jenson

Thanks Pink Pineapple. Happy weekend!


Amazing decor is so beautiful

The pink pineapple

I love that you made the wall hanging Paige. DIY decorative pieces are the best!


Wall hangings are my favorite right now! We have one in my daughter’s room that I made, and it’s easily my favorite in our house!


Paige Cassandra Flamm

Completely agree, Sophia – a big DIY project but so worth it in the end!


#6 and that couch looks like it would be so comfortable! Yes, a big DIY, but so so worth it once it’s completed!

x Sofia

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