Before and After: The Studio Living Room is Finally Done (I Think)

By Brittni • Updated on 07/13/2017

An eclectic mid-century loft with pops of color.

Aside from the kitchen stuff I’ve been playing around with lately, I’ve also been working on a more permanent solution for the studio seating area. I’ve been working on it off and on for a while now, but never quite landed on a solution that felt like it would stick.

I think I finally have it together now though (yay) and wanted to share the before and after, in partnership with a site that I am v obsessed with right now – Everything But The House (EBTH).

A loft space gets an upgrade. Click through for the before and after room makeover.

If you’re not familiar with EBTH already, you’re probably going to want to head over and check it out asap. I’ll wait. 🙂 It’s an online estate sale company where you can shop collections from homes all over the country and I am 100% addicted. Especially since I’ve kind of exhausted the thrift and antique stores around Atlanta lately. It’s one of the best online resources I’ve found for cool, vintage pieces. And they’re always adding new stuff. EBTH has thousands of new items every day, so if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for today, you might find it tomorrow, and all bids start at $1 (no reserves).

I got SUCH good deals on the pieces I picked up for the studio. Like that hand-knotted antique Persian rug in the after photos… my final winning bid was $326. Shop Persian rugs on EBTH hereI also picked up this set of vintage rattan and rope stools for $95, a seagrass beehive basket for $35 that I’m madly in love with, a Persian wool dog bed for $160, and a striped pink handwoven throw for $2!!!

Here’s a quick refresher for what it looked like before. I took the first photo right before I started moving everything around. And yes, for some reason I had every pillow and blanket I own stacked on the sofa before redecorating. I am a true hoarder at this point. No question.

A loft space before and after living room makeover. Click through for more photos.

A loft space before and after living room makeover. Click through for more photos.

The couch, chairs, coffee table, paintings, pillows, and that little white light fixture were the pieces I already had at home and around the studio. And then I added all of the EBTH items and a bunch of new plants to round things out.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out. There may be a couple of tweaks still to make (I never feel like anything is completely done), but it feels much more lived in and cozy now, for sure.

An eclectic loft space with pops of color.

Persian rug and pillow combo,

Monstera plant clippings

A sneak peek at the Paper & Stitch studio loft.

Woven beehive basket as a DIY planter

An eclectic mid-century loft with pops of color.

What’s your style when it comes to interiors? Do you like to go all one style in a room? Or a more eclectic mix?

This post is in partnership with Everything But The House. All opinions are my won. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Hi Allie. This is the sofa: (in the grey color). It’s from Article and it comes in a couple of other colors as well. I don’t have it anymore (sold it when I moved out of my studio space) but it held up well during the time I had.


Nice room! Can you tell me what sofa that is, and the fabric if you know it? Looking for something similar.


Love this studio room! A question: Can you tell me which sofa you have there, and the sofa fabric? I like decorating with bright colors also and have been struggling to select a neutral fabric that is not too light (don’t want white or cream!) but that looks good with bright colors. Some of the beige shades just don’t do well with this.

Any info would be much appreciated!



Hi Nomi.
The pillow is Ferm Living. You can find it here:


Where is the black & white triangle pillow from?? Love it.


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Thanks so much Holly and Grace for the kind words. 🙂


This is gorgeous! I love it. I struggle so much with using color in my home and your use of reds and greens in this is giving me some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

-Grace |


It look so great, it is amazing what a huge effect a few simple touches can have! I love that rug so much, it looks stunning 🙂

Holly from


Agreed Kim – the rug definitely pulls it all together.


That fab rug is the main thing that made the difference. Kudos for swapping out the pale one for these rich colors that ground the space, and tie in with the colors on the pillows.


Thanks Pink Pineapple and Blonde Pow.


I love post

The Pink Pineapple
New post:

The pink pineapple

So cute

New post:

blonde pow

Thanks Michelle. It feels like a jungle in that room now, but I love it.


It looks so utterly cozy that I want to take a nap on that couch right now! I love the colours you used and all those plants!


Thanks Rena! I appreciate that.


It looks so comfy and beautiful!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Thanks Courtney.


It looks so awesome! I love the bohemian vibes.

Courtney Hardy
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