I Got 99 Problems, But a Cake Aint One: 17 Cakes That Will Make Your Monday

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Vanilla bean cake

I’ve been doing my best to make healthier choices behind the scenes this year, but sometimes, a girl just needs a little sugar in her life. You know what I mean?

So, today is devoted to one of my favorite food groups: cake! Why? Well, I’m not sure I have an actual answer to that. But do you really need a reason to celebrate the Rolls-Royce of desserts? I didn’t think so. 🙂

Whether you’re in it for the icing, the recipes, or the cool DIY cake decorating, there is a little something for everyone in this roundup. So let’s get to it.

Here are 17 cakes to try to make getting through your Monday a little bit better…

1. (above) Vanilla bean cake from Fork to Belly

Edible flowers cake

2. Edible flowers cake from Designlovefest

Too legit to quit!

3. Slang cake from Sugar & Cloth

Momofuku birthday cake

4. Momofuku birthday cake from Liv for Cake

Eat More Cake

5. Recycled calendar cake topper message DIY

Best places for cake in LA

6. Best cakes in LA from Studio DIY

YUM Cake Topper

7. DIY message cake topper idea

Amazing sugar flower cake

8. DIY sugar flower cake from Sugar & Cloth

Orange chocolate cake

9. Orange chocolate cake from Migalha Doce


Salted caramel sauce on top of blood orange cake

10. Salted caramel sauce for cakes

Mini naked cake

11. Layered mini naked cake

Watercolor cake

12. DIY abstract watercolor cake from Sugar & Cloth

Cereal bowl cake!

13. DIY cereal bowl cake from Studio DIY

Pineapple flowers on top of a sprinkle cake

14. Pineapple flower cake toppers sprinkle cake

Buttermilk cake with blood orange frosting

15. Buttermilk cake with blood orange frosting from The Vanilla Bean Blog

Semi homemade strawberries and cream cake

16. Semi homemade strawberries and cream cake

Fresh blueberry whipped cream angel food cake

17. Fresh blueberry whipped cream angel food cake

What’s your favorite dessert? Are you a cake fan? Or are you more of a donut, cookie, ice cream kind of lady?

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These all look so yummy I am going to have to give some a try for sure thanks for sharing x x

Lisa lambert

Thanks for including me, B! xoxox

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth

mmmmmmmmmm yummy!!!!!! Yes please 😉


Thanks so much for the link love among so many other fabulous cakes!!! xx

Courtney | Fork to Belly

Yay! So glad March and May. 🙂


Oh my, they definitively made my Monday!! They look amazing and so tasty. Now I just need someone to make some for me. 🙂

March and May

March and May

The sugar flower cake is pretty incredible, isn’t it Michelle? Love that one!


I cannot decide, they all look so terribly delicious. I really like the design of the sugar flower cake, and the pineapple cake toppers are so beautiful! And I bet the orange chocolate cake is super delicious!


Definitely agree that that one looks delicious, Kailani Lynn.


The Momofuko cake is incredible, thanks for sharing! xx

Kailani Lynn

Haha. Sorry about that Pippa. 🙂


I just ate breakfast but now I’m hungry again! That orange chocolate cake…thanks for sharing! I’ve saved a few of these 🙂

Pippa Vague

Yeah, that first one is pretty incredible, Jess. And Momofuko’s.


I am all about the cake you used as the main pic for this post!!! Momofuko’s cake is pretty tasty too 🙂


Jess | CityComfortsDC
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