Planter Banter. 9 Reasons Why Living with Plants is Kind of the Best.

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

9 reasons why living with plants is kind of the best

You may already know this about me, but just in case you can’t tell…I’m a huge flower fiend. As in fresh flowers in the house as much as possible. But if I’m being real, plants are about a thousand times more practical because they are inexpensive and last WAY longer than fresh cut flowers. Plus, there are tons of benefits to having them in your home.

So, I thought I would focus this week’s Interior Obsessions post on the reasons why living with plants is kind of the best. And I’d love for to chime in with your reasons too!

Here we go…

1. Plants are a perfect stand-in to a sculpture, especially if it’s a tree with great leaves. Like this fiddle fig, above. (via J Chong Studio)

Hanging Wall Plants in the Dining Room

2. They’re not only fun, but also functional. Especially if you have a wall of hanging herbs by the dining room table, for garnishing meals. (via SF Girl by Bay)

Single plant by the window

3. Plants make great decor pieces. Like that lone plant by the window. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Hanging vines soften hard lines.

4. Hanging vines soften hard lines. That rhythms!  (via Practising Simplicity)

Cool spa vibe in this bathroom

5. Plants can give off a spa vibe, when used in smaller spaces like bathrooms. (via The Design Files)

Vertical Garden + Decorative Wall Art

6. They can act as decorative wall art. (via Homemade Modern. found via designlovefest)

Reason #7: Plants Purify the Air.

7. Plants purify the air. Which is probably the coolest reason of all. (via Smitten Studio)

Hanging plants make a statement.

8. They can make a statement, like this hanging plant. (via The Design Files)

Planter Banter // 9 reasons why living with plants is the greatest

9. Plants make a house feel like a home. Like this space. (via The Design Files)

What are your reasons for keeping plants in your home? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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i love plants too, and I am a “green hand” person as we say. But I have read recently that it is not recommended to keep plants in the bedroom. While the plants purify the air during the day, in the night they release carbon dioxide.


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I love this post.

Now I want to fill my space with a LOT of plants!


So many clever ideas for greening a living space. Great post!


I love plants so much, but they always die with me ;( I feel like a killer everytime I go and buy a new plant!

The Queen of Dreaming

I have bought 3 cacti, an aloe plant, and 3 others that are low light and don’t require a lot of care. I put them in my 2nd grade classroom. Makes it look homier and helps purify the air!


I love plants in the house, and even though a lot of them die, there’s always some that live. Right now I have 11 live plants in my office, and 4 that are never coming back (sniff). For some reason I can’t keep rosemary or ferns alive, but I keep trying. The cat ate my only geranium, and he’s fine so I guess it was edible.

Sandi P

I’ve been growing plants this summer and it is so satisfying to watch them grow!!

Sarah Lagen

Love this post! Plants are such a statement in the room and bring so much vibrancy. Such beautiful images Brittini! Love your blog 🙂

Minimal Therapy

I looove plants! I’m stocking up on indoor plants now so that when winter rolls around, my house will feel like a little greenhouse!
I think the hardest part is finding good plant stands – I love the one in the first picture. It’s so simple but effective… never considered trying to DIY one until now!
P.S. fiddle figs are just so cool looking aren’t they?!


I love plants! I love the looks, colour, the way they add life to your house. But I can not, for the life of me, keep any alive…. It’s like a graveyard…
The Accidental Mama


I love your outlook on greenery representing life, Kelsey. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re so right. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


Couldn’t agree more. I can’t keep flowering plants alive to save my life, but man, I’ve lucked out when it comes to keeping plain, good ol’ green plants alive.

We have two fiddle leaf figs (a HUGE on in the kitchen/dining area and a baby on top of the TV stand), along with a great monstera, and a pretty big snake plant. Of course, there’s a BUNCH of small cacti and succulents and other green plants along the way.

I keep them around because to me green has always been a color that’s symbolizes LIFE, and I can’t imagine not living in a space that hosts life. They’re such a (relatively) simple and cheap decor go-to, they clean the air, they’re conversation starters, they’re gorgeous, they’re great tools for teaching my two young toddlers about an array of things from life to shapes + colors (using leaves of different plants as a starting point) to manners + responsibility.

Kelsey, Esp.

Hi Amber. There are tons of plants out there that are easy to keep alive. Maybe this article would be helpful for you
Hope you find the perfect plant.


I want a plant to help purify the air in our home; now it’s just finding the perfect plant that my black thumb won’t kill!


There are some low-light plants that could work for you in the mean time, Biene. One that I like is the Madagascar Dragon Tree, but I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll find lots more. Good luck!


I’ll move to much lighter home soon, so i may finally get some plants that won’t immediately wither because it’s too dark.

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