Holiday Hustle: DIY Ornaments in Under an Hour

By Brittni • Updated on 08/30/2023

DIY Holiday Ornaments in Under an Hour

Remember that DIY Easter eggs project I did earlier this year, with permanent markers?

Well, I happen to have a few extra ornaments lying around this year, so I thought I’d turn them into a Christmas version of the Easter eggs, for fun.

These DIY ornaments would be a great weekend project, since they’re so quick and easy. And they’d also be a cute last minute gift for friends, if you’re headed out to any holiday parties this weekend. Here’s how you can make your own batch in less than an hour…

DIY Holiday Ornaments in Under an Hour


round ornaments // flat finish spray paint // styrofoam // popsicles sticks // permanent marker

How To:

Grab some basic round ornaments and your favorite (flat finish) spray paint, then head outside to spray paint these puppies up. Before you spray paint, be sure to remove the metal hooks from each one, popped a popsicle stick in each one, then turned ’em upside down and stuck the popsicles sticks into the styrofoam to keep them semi-still while spray painting.

Once painted, give them a good amount of time to dry to the touch. If they’re drying in the sun it really shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes for them to be completely dry. Then, grab a black permanent marker and draw little designs on each one: gemstones, triangles, hatch marks, squiggles, etc. Pop the metal hooks back on, add a string, and they’re ready to hang.

DIY Holiday Ornaments in Under an Hour

DIY Holiday Ornaments in Under an Hour

 Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff // Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski

Have any plans for last minute holiday DIYs before Christmas rolls around next week?

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Wow I love it, so pretty! (and good thinking with reworking the easter egg DIY) xx


Great idea! 🙂

Monique | WritingMonique

These are so cute!! Thank you for sharing! x


Oh I love these Brittni!

Since my brother is turning 18 and moving out of the house and I’ll be on my way to sunny California soon, my mother has decided this is the year we’re divvying up our Christmas ornaments. Most of them are from our childhood, and the ones our grandparents give us every year.

I think I’ll have to take this DIY and supplement the ornaments I get to take with me.

Thanks for sharing!

Liza N.

These projects are always some of my faves of yours! Loved the eggs, love these! So simple and perfect for getting done this weekend. I want a gem one!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Momo. 🙂


Great idea! very pretty.



Aw, thanks Kimberly!


You are a wellspring of creativity, girl! Love these…and the idea of Christmas ornaments in a nice pastel hue.

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