Play Kitchens for Every Budget

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

21 play kitchens for every budget!

wooden play kitchen in kids room with wood kitchen accessories and baskets

When it’s summertime, I’m constantly trying to think of ways to keep my kid entertained. And one of the things that works pretty well (that we use almost daily) is his play kitchen. 

So, I spent hours rounding up every cute play kitchen I could find, so you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes.

And I made sure to touch on every budget as well. One of my favorite kitchens on the list is only $51.99! So there’s something for everyone.

roundup image of various cute, wooden play kitchens

Kids Play Kitchens for Every Budget

Other than the obvious imaginative play that kids get from kitchen play, which I think is great, there is another more practical reason I love them so much. Storage! Almost all of the play kitchens I found have some kind of closed storage.

With a small room and lots of toys, anything that makes the clutter less visible is cool with me. We hide extra toys and books and all of that inside, whenever we need to. Which makes cleaning up much faster and easier.

Anyway! On to the list…

lined up images of play kitchens in kids rooms

Under $100

1. Mini Wooden Play Kitchen $51.99 (on sale rn)

If I would have seen this wooden play kitchen when I was buying one for Hayes, I probably would have bought this one (or number 3 on the list). It’s a really good price, imo, and super cute.
Plus it has some good DIY potential, if you wanted to add onto it. Seems like it would be very easy to back and side walls with some wood panels, if you want it to be less open air.

2. Classic Kitchen Set $60.99

I like the shape of this one, with the triangle room / shelf. And it seems like another really good option for DIYing. You could repaint it in colors that match your child’s room.
But the best part about this one is that it also comes with a 12 piece set of  kitchen accessories (teapot, frying pan, rice cooker, etc). Which is crazy for the price – good deal! 

3. Toy Oven $69.90

Okay, this one isn’t a full kitchen. It’s just a play oven. BUT it’s so cute, I had to include it.

4. Tiny Land Kitchen Set $99.99

I LOVE this one! Great colors and cute shape. No notes.
This would have been another top contender for Hayes if I had seen it when we bought his years ago. *This one also comes with kitchen accessories (cooking tools and cutting food set).

5. Little Tikes First Prep Kitchen $99.99

This has to be one of the cutest plastic play kitchens I’ve seen. And it’s the only plastic one on the list. Comes with 25 accessories too.

6. Tiny land Wooden Stove $69.99

This one isn’t a full kitchen, but it’s great for small spaces. You can rest it on a tabletop, kids can play with it on the floor, or bring it from room to room.
Comes with all the accessories and everything is made of wood.

7. Ikea Play Kitchen (DUKTIG) $99.99

It wouldn’t be a kids kitchen roundup if I didn’t add the classic (and much DIYed) Ikea kid kitchen.
It’s cute on its own, but if you want to customize it, there are tons of Ikea hacks out there for the play kitchen. A few of my favorites: 

8. Robud Pretend Play Kitchen Set $95.99

Green and cane make a cute combo on this kitchen…and it even has an ‘ice maker’.
images of play kitchens at various price points


9. White + Natural Kids Kitchen $129.99

This one is nice and sleek, simple design goes with almost any style. It kind of reminds me of a credenza I had a long time ago from West Elm.

10. Zara Toy Kitchen $112

The Zara kitchen is such a good one! I love the backsplash pattern and all of the colors. Unfortunately, it’s not available in the USA (United Kingdom only, I think).
BUT I also found someone selling one on Etsy (being sold for a lot more – but I just wanted to include the link, in case you fall in love with it). And as one more option, this Amazon one has a similar vibe and is $109. 

11. Kid’s Concept Bistro Wooden Kitchen $166

Not much closed toy storage on this one, but still very cute.

12. Little Chef Modern Delight Kids Kitchen $131.81

This one is the most complete kitchen set I’ve seen and is a good price, especially considering everything you get.
Comes with the oven / dishwasher / sink piece AND the freezer / fridge combo.

13. Toro Play Kitchen from Ferm Living $284.75

This is the best price I could find on it. Ferm Living can do no wrong in my eyes. I love this one.

14. Hand Braided Play Basket Kitchen Set $179

This is just an oven / stove combo, but it’s probably the most unique play kitchen I’ve seen.

It’s a 100% handcrafted textile kitchen and comes with a small pot in braided rug-cycled cord and a quilted oven glove.


15. Tender Leaf Mini Chef Kitchen $179.99

Love the color combo on this one and it comes with all the accessories.
images of children's play kitchens in different colors and designs

Luxe $300+

16. Child Universe Wooden Play Kitchen$409

Another cool one – I like the chalkboard and extra drawers for storage.

17. Milton and Goose Essential Kitchen$729

This is the exact one we have. And it’s kind of the Rolls Royce of kids kitchens, if that were a thing?
Full disclosure, I found ours on mega sale during all the Black Friday deals two years ago. So I paid a lot less than this. But it is a really good quality play kitchen and we’ve personally gotten a ton of use out of it so far.
Hayes started using it when he was two and still uses it now that he’s almost five! So it’s one of those pieces that you can keep for a long time.
Another plus for this one is that you could likely resell it when your child is no longer using it for closer to the retail price than any of the others. *Comes in other colorsand there is a fridge option too.

18. MidMini Wooden Play Kitchen$484.62

This one comes in a bunch of colors (seeall the colors here).

19. Handmade Kids Kitchenon Etsy $449

This one is handmade and is made of birch plywood.
There’s a fridge option (sold separately) for this one too, that even has fridge shelves on the interior of the door, for eggs and stuff. You have to see it – it’s so cute!

20. Classic Wooden Kitchen $399

Just like the title describes, this one has a classic vibe to it – has an heirloom quality to it.
Like a cool vintage piece that was passed down amongst the family, only its brand new.

21. Penny Play Kitchen$499

This play kitchen has a very prim and proper vibe to it. The scallop detail is pretty and looks like a nice piece of furniture.
Lots of great play kitchens on this list, right? If I missed any good ones that you love, let me know! And if you’re looking for more kid-related content. Here are a handful of my most popular kid posts…
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