42 Unique DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Try

By Brittni • Updated on 03/21/2024

DIY egg designs to try before Easter comes and goes.

blue and green dyed easter eggs sitting in a small bowl as part of a easter table setting

Easter is coming up quick and after sharing a DIY Easter basket, the coolest things to fill Easter baskets with, and an Easter entertaining post, I thought I better get around to sharing my fave Easter egg DIYs before it’s too late!

As far as Easter egg decorating goes, I think it’s something that almost everyone does last minute anyway, right? So, there’s still plenty of time before Easter rolls around. 

Here are 42 unique DIY Easter egg ideas to try…

1. Using blueberries to dye your Easter eggs? I’m so down for this. Found the Easter egg tutorial on Freutcake and can’t wait to try it.

2. Harris Farms has a really detailed guide for dyeing eggs naturally.

3. These modern color blocked Easter eggs from Oh So Beautiful Paper are cool and colorful. The way the layers look on top of each other is really neat, imo.

4. Shibori inspired Easter eggs are such a clever way of showcasing a cool dyeing technique. I really like the way Spoon Fork Bacon made there’s, using coffee filters. Very clever!

5. My jaw dropped a little when I saw these incredibly detailed, hand painted Easter eggs from My Modern Met. Like little works of art on an egg.

6. Got temporary tattoos laying around? If so, you’re gonna want to try this egg decorating idea from Monika Hibbs

pink crescent moon design easter eggs, mixed in with brown eggs

7. Feeling celestial? Try my moon Easter egg DIY. I love the crescent moon shapes, but you try all different kinds of shapes with this DIY egg decorating technique.

8. Polka dots are one of those patterns that never go out of style, imo. Martha Stewart seems to agree. 

9. Vegetable Easter Eggs?! These DIY eggs from Good Housekeeping might be my absolute favorite egg designs ever!

10. Gingham eggs! The Blondielocks shares a tutorial for how to get the gingham pattern – it’s easier than it looks!

11. Tissue paper Easter eggs from Good Housekeeping

12. Hamburger eggs over here making me hungry – from Studio DIY.

13. Flowery painters eggs from Decor 8

Unique DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Try

14. An Easter egg hack that will answer the question can you dye brown eggs.

15. Golden Easter eggs from She Knows

16. calligraphed egg DIY from Oh Happy Day

17. dyeing eggs with koolaid

18. Easter egg drawings of famous artists – probably one of my fave Easter egg designs

19. DIY alphabet eggs from Lovely Indeed

20. Pick up a paint brush and try your hand at being an Easter egg painter.

21. try these unique Easter eggs with an unlikely material that creates a polka dot look

woman painting Rothko inspired Easter eggs in cool colors of green and blue

22. Rothko inspired Easter egg DIY that uses nail polish and art supplies.

variety of easter egg decorating ideas in different styles and mediums

23. There is some about simple ombre Easter eggs that feels classic. These DIY eggs are from The Crafted Life.

24. Always gonna love brushstroke Easter eggs – these are from Idle Hands Wake.

25. Made these little doodle eggs with sharpie drawings for Easter one year last minute. Super fast to make!

26. Graffiti inspired Easter eggs

27. Palm frond Easter eggs from Best Friends for Frosting

28. Colorful marbled eggs from Alice and Lois

29. Probably the most unique egg decorating DIY I have tried would be my balloon dipped Easter eggs

30. Got some cabbage in your fridge right now? If so, these naturally speckled Easter eggs from Homey Oh My would be a good one to check out.

31. These watercolor eggs from Mer Mag are adorable!

32. Using masking fluid for Easter eggs? Alisa Burke shows you how.

33. Cactus eggs from Quartz and Leisure.

34. Simple line drawings can go a long way. Tutorial is over on Things of Sarah.

35. More painted eggs – this time from Alfa Sengupta.

36. Sunset nature paintings from Hailey Kinsey.

37. Decoupage Eggs via DIzzYmaiden’s Foodies & Crafters

38. Nameplate eggs

39. Bugs in nature eggs from Ambers Textiles

40. Strawberry eggs for the win. This DIY Easter egg idea is from Oh Happy Day.

41. Anything with flowers typically gets my attention and these dried flower Easter eggs from The House that Lars Built are so pretty. They have a dainty meets earthy vibe to them.

42. Indigo Easter eggs from Tuts Plus

When do you normally dye Easter eggs for the holiday? Way in advance, the day before, the day of?!

P.S. For more Easter DIYs to try, head over here: Easter projects you’ll love.

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Beautiful eggs,looks like a artwork

The pink pineapple

So many great options! The doodle eggs seem really fun and easy to make, will give them a try!

Sean Mahan

Love the collection of eggs! And thank you for sharing ours =)
xo, sara

sara albers

These are good ideas. I want to tie dye some eggs this year!


LOVE this collection! Your balloon dipped eggs are still one of my favorites. Thanks so much for including me! Xo -Marlene, Idle Hands Awake


The graffiti inspired eggs are so beautiful, and I also love the golden easter eggs!

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