27 Drool-Worthy Recipes for Thanksgiving

By Brittni • posted on 11/21/2023

Thanksgiving recipes - desserts, cocktails, and sides

Thanksgiving is soooo close! And I can’t stop thinking about all the sweet treats I want to make before November 23rd (and the rest of fall).

So, I thought I would roundup a handful of favorites before things get too busy. I separated recipes out into different categories to make it easy to browse (Thanksgiving breakfast, appetizers, dinner, desserts, and cocktails).

Here are 27 drool-worthy fall foods for Thanksgiving and beyond… 

Thanksgiving Breakfast Recipes

Admittedly, breakfast isn’t the first thing I think about when it comes to Thanksgiving. BUT we all need a little something in the morning to hold us over until the big feast.

SO! Here are a handful of breakfast recipes I love that – perfect for Thanksgiving morning (or any morning really).

cinnamon roll wreath

1. cinnamon roll wreath from The Kitchn

Does a cinnamon roll wreath count as breakfast? I think so! Especially during the holidays.

This one would be great for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.


2. matcha waffles 

There’s something about the earthiness of matcha that feels like a solid pairing with Thanksgiving.

Definitely off the beaten path of what you would think of for Thanksgiving morning, but idk, I kinda love the idea.

3. how to make french toast in toaster oven

Something that feels a bit more ‘traditional’ for this time of year… french toast, but with a twist.

This one has grilled apples, which really takes french toast to the next level.


4. pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin muffins are a superior muffin, imo. So these felt like appropriate for the day.

I like muffins for breakfast on busy days too. They’re easy and on-the-go-able.

5. peanut butter and jelly waffles 

The peanut butter part comes from the glaze / syrup and the waffles have the ‘jelly’ component. So it’s not as weird as it seems. They’re actually yummy. BUT I could see how this waffle recipe would be the most exciting for kids. 

You could even use one of those holiday waffle presses (they have Thanksgiving ones and Christmas themes too) to make it extra special.

6. insanely easy smoothie bowl

Sometimes you just want to have something light and easy for breakfast…to balance out the rest of the day. 

This smoothies recipe is EASY, limited ingredient, and delicious.

Thanksgiving Appetizers

7. long charcuterie board runner (and other Thanksgiving entertaining ideas)

Instead of spending a ton of time decorating the dinner table for turkey day, skip the centerpieces and do a super long charcuterie board runner instead.

It will give everyone something to munch on before dinner and looks cool too. Like an edible centerpiece!

8. fig and honey goat cheese crostinis

I feel pretty strongly that the combo of figs, honey, and goat cheese is one of the BEST flavor combos out there for special occasions.

It screams holiday to me for some reason. And tastes so good.

organic pumpkin spice cream cheese recipe

9. organic pumpkin spice cream cheese recipe

This pumpkin spice spread would work for breakfast, appetizers, lunch, or a quick snack. Lots of options.

It’s great for bagels, apples, graham crackers, bananas, even muffins. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

10. healthy(ish) coconut oil cornbread from Brewing Happiness

I love cornbread on Thanksgiving, what about you?

11. autumn harvest honey crisp apple and feta salad from Half Baked Harvest 

I made a version of this for a potluck recently and it was delicious! Will definitely be making it again.

12. hasselback butternut squash recipe from My Kitchen Love

What a beautiful looking side dish! The color alone is enough to make me want to make this one.

13. easy stuffing recipe from Sugar and Charm

Stuffing is one of my must-have sides on Thanksgiving. I never go without it.

And this recipe from Eden and Sugar and Charm looks amazing!

Thanksgiving Dessert

pumpkin panna cotta tart

14. pumpkin panna cotta tart from Sweet Treats Baking

Doesn’t this panna cotta look amazing? And I bet it tastes delicious too.

15. pumpkin candy recipe

These festive candies are delicious! They’re a perfect dessert / snack to leave out in bowls on the coffee table, kitchen counter, etc.

They’d also make a great hostess gift, if you’re headed to someone else’s home for T-Day dinner this year.

apple layer cake

16. apple layer cake

Look how cute (and moist) this cake looks. Yum!

gingersnap pumpkin pie recipe

17. gingersnap pumpkin pie recipe from Fork Knife Swoon

I’m a big pumpkin pie fan and typically just want to stick to the classic version. But this gingersnap pumpkin pie has me very curious to try.

vanilla cream filled donuts

18. vanilla cream filled donuts from Brown Eyed Baker

I can almost taste these cream filled donuts through the screen. They look amazing.

cider poached pears with apple cider caramel and toasted pecans

19. cider poached pears with apple cider caramel from The Pig and Quill

Have you ever had poached pears before? They’re delicious. Especially when you mix them with something crunch, like candies pecans.

pear and apple crumb tart

20. pear and apple crumb tart from Waiting on Martha

Look at the crumble on this tart. Definitely worth trying, imo.

baked cinnamon sugar mini donuts

21. baked cinnamon sugar mini donuts from Baker Bettie

Ummm….more donuts?! YEP! More donuts.

easy Nutella fudge recipe

22. easy Nutella fudge recipe

For all the Nutella lovers out there, this fudge recipe doesn’t disappoint.

easy bake pumpkin cheesecake recipe

23. easy bake pumpkin cheesecake recipe from She Wears Many Hats

I love that these are served in individual glasses. Keeps things easy and allows guests to sit down somewhere comfy (like the sofa) to have their dessert, if they want to.

glazed donut pumpkin seeds recipe

24. glazed donut pumpkin seeds recipe

Reuse those seeds from Halloween to make utterly delicious glazed donut pumpkin seeds. You won’t regret it!

bourbon pecan pie

25. bourbon pecan pie from Food and Wine

Some people swear by pecan pie as THE best pie for Thanksgiving. And this one has bourbon too? Sounds like a win-win.

26. pumpkin chia nice cream

If you love pumpkin, but don’t want pie, try this nice cream. It’s light and yummy.

27. spiked apple cider recipe

I can’t leave all the Thanksgiving talk without a cocktail. And this spiked apple cider is my favorite boozy fall drink!

It’s pretty and delicious.

Which one of these fall foods is your fave?

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