Hello Summer: 24 Drool-Worthy Summer Recipes

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

acai bowl in a coconut with edible flowers

It’s CRAZY hot here in Atlanta right now, and although summer is still officially a week in counting away, the insane het that hits me like a ton of bricks every time I’ve stepped outside this week is leading me to believe that summer is definitely already here. And maybe in your city too?!

To kick off the sun season a teeny bit early, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, drool-worthy summer recipes, guaranteed to get you excited for the next few months. I can see the tacos, popsicles, and pool parties already. What about you?

Here are 24 summer recipes to make your mouth water…

1. (above) acai bowl in a coconut with edible flowers from Designlovefest

salted watermelon margarita popsicles

2. salted watermelon margarita popsicles from How Sweet Eats

grilled tropical shrimp kabob tacos

3. grilled tropical shrimp kabob tacos

grilled pineapple dessert

4. grilled pineapple dessert from Chatelaine

peach sweet tea granita recipe

5. peach sweet tea granita recipe (my favorite granita recipe ever!)

watermelon cilantro and cotija salad

6. watermelon cilantro and cotija salad from Freutcake

homemade froyo recipe

7. homemade froyo recipe (and waffle cones)

grilled lemon and herb corn on the cob

8. grilled lemon and herb corn on the cob

berry pizza recipe

9. berry pizza recipe from Ciao Florentina

fruit punch pops recipe

10. fruit punch pops recipe

easy watermelon and feta salad

11. easy watermelon and feta salad

cherry limeade granita recipe

12. cherry limeade granita recipe

strawberry goat cheese crostinis

13. strawberry goat cheese crostinis from Foodess

chicken (salad) and waffles sandwich

14. chicken (salad) and waffles sandwich

hawaiian chicken fajitas

15. hawaiian chicken fajitas from How Sweet Eats

gradient unicorn ice cream cones

16. gradient unicorn ice cream cones

grilled fruit and veggie kabobs

17. grilled fruit and veggie kabobs

strawberry mojito popsicles

18. strawberry mojito popsicles

steak tacos

19. steak tacos from Designlovefest

gin and juice slushies

20. gin and juice slushies

grapefruit vanilla thyme ice cream

21. grapefruit vanilla thyme ice cream

summer pasta recipe for entertaining

22. summer pasta recipe for entertaining

coconut freeze pops

23. coconut freeze pops from Sugar & Cloth

grilled peaches and cream

24. grilled peaches and cream

What are your favorite foods to eat during the summer months?

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Such a great and Special collection. Need to check them out step by step and look what I can try. Love the idea to grill fruits. I don’t do it really often. I have some recipes with baked banana but never tried out peaches. xoxo Janine


Grilled pineapple and icecream is one of my all time favourite desserts! So delicious!

Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts


Drool-worthy is right!
Also, I LOVE this photography. Stunning.

xx R @ the girl in polka dots


This is literally the perfect post for me, I’ve been looking for some new recipes to try for ages!

Anika | anikamay.co.uk

Anika May

Sounds yummy, Anne. I love celery and almonds in salads.


Love all your suggestions! My summer favorite: easy salad of lettuce, celery, tomatoes, almonds and either cheddar or mozzarella cheese with oil and vinegar dressing. http://anneritataylor.blogspot.com

Anne Rita Taylor

Don’t those look so amazing, Corina? Love those too. Next time I’m in LA I have to try ’em.


Everything is amazing, but the coconuts in the cover are the best things i’ve ever seen!

Corina Nika

Right Michelle? So many good recipes to get through this summer. Yum!


I am drooling right now!! Love the kabobs, the fajitas and those glorious tacos!

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